Commercial rant time...


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May 11, 2004
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No, because the large insurance companies with the big advertising budgets cover car and life insurance. Health insurance is harder waters to navigate, because insurance varies from one state to another, and is government subsidized.

I will tell you this much about life insurance. Most companies try to sell you a whole life policy, because the agents get bigger commissions. They are an overpriced ripoff. You’re better off buying term insurance, which gives you more coverage and is so much cheaper.
They might try to sell you a cash value policy where you can earn money you can borrow against. This is another ripoff. The money grows at such a low rate, it could take years or decades before it grows to anything. Then if you ever want to take some of that money, you have to pay it back.
But here’s the difference. This is the insurance companies’ fault, not America’s.