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Mo Frackle

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Jun 4, 2011
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Anybody have any alternate titles in mind for Muppet movies, episodes of the various Muppet TV shows, specials, etc? I got the idea for this thread after the announcement of the new Muppet movie being "The Muppets... Again". This is just sort of a way to get creative with (fitting) titles.

The Muppet Movie
The Muppets: In the Beginning
Kermit Vs. the Restaraunt Man
Kermit Saves His Legs
The Muppets: Gone Hollywood
The Muppets' First Adventure
Attack of the Col. Sanders Parody

The Great Muppet Caper
The Muppets go British
The Muppets and the Diamond
Kermit and Piggy
The Muppets Get Action-Packed

The Muppets Take Manhattan
The Muppets go to New York
The Muppets on Broadway
Kermit and Piggy 2
Kermit goes Philip
The Muppets: Time to Part

The Muppet Christmas Carol
Michael Cain meets the Muppets
The Muppet Christmas Movie

Muppet Treasure Island
The Muppet Pirates
Tim Curry Vs. The Muppets
The Muppets' Swashbuckling Adventure

Muppets from Space
Gonzo's Tale
The Muppets: A Box Office Bomb
The Muppets Save Gonzo
Gonzo: The True Story(?)
Alien in the Family

It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie
The Muppets Save the Theater
Kermit's Wonderful Life
Pepe and the Greedy Lady
The Muppets' Christmas Performance

The Muppets
The Return of the Muppets
The Muppets are Back
Whatever Happened to the Muppets?
Walter: A True Muppet
Jason Segel and the Muppets
Overused Joke Parodying a Sitcom Jason Segel Stars On

The Muppet Show 101: Juliet Prowse
The Muppy Show
Scooter's Dog
Simon Smith and his Amazing Dancing Dog

The Muppet Show 102: Connie Stevens
The Ball is in Your Court, Frog
Fozzie's Dilemna
The Bear and the Teddy
Gonzo's Teddy Bear


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Jul 12, 2012
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I've had a few ideas of alternate titles of Muppet Show episodes...........
Episode 511: Paul Simon
Gonzo, The Songwriter

Episode 502: Loretta Swit
Miss Piggy Gets Fired
Piggy Gets Fired (And Replaced By Loretta Swit)

Episode 506: Brooke Shields
Muppets in Wonderland
Brooke Shields and The Muppets in Wonderland (sort of)

Episode 417: The Stars of Star Wars
Muppet Star Wars
Muppets Go Star Wars
(*Yeah......that's all I got for this one)

Episode 505: James Coburn
Animal Meets His Match

Episode 414: Liza Minnelli
The Great Muppet Murder Mystery Episode

Episode 523: Linda Ronstadt
Kermit's Celebrity Crush
Miss Piggy vs. Linda Ronstadt

Episode 515: Carol Burnett
Gonzo's Dance Contest

Episode 419: Lynda Carter
They're Birds, They're Weirdos, They're Super Muppets!

Episode 418: Christopher Reeve
Miss Piggy Meets (And Falls In Love With) Superman

Episode 424: Diana Ross
We Love You, Diana!

Episode 404: Dyan Cannon
A Hard Dog's Night
It's A Dog Life
or, my favorite, Floyd vs. Foo Foo

Episode 420: Alan Arkin
Dr. Arkin and Mr. Hyde (even though he's not a doctor)

Episode 411: Lola Falana
Gonzo Goes Bollywood
Goodbye, Gonzo!
Farewell, My Weirdo!

Episode 406: Linda Lavin
Happy Birthday, Kermit!

Episode 321: Roger Miller
A Bad Case of Cluckitis
Cock-a-Doodle Don't

Episode 522: Buddy Rich
Lights Out!

Episode 407: Dudley Moore
The Electric Mayhem vs. A Machine
MAMA Don't Allow No Mayhem

Phew.......That was a lot....

Mo Frackle

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Jun 4, 2011
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The Jim Henson Hour

Science Fiction
Digit's Breakdown
Digit's Brain
Electric Mayhem (!)

Aquaitic Life
Swimmingly Fishy
Kermit and the Control Room Flood
Ted the Fish
Water Supply

Monster Telethon
Fozzie the Weather Bear
Comic Yesterday, Weather Bear Today (Get it? Today? Ahhh, wocka wocka!)
Kermit's Day Off
Sweet Vacation
When Muppets Take Over
There's a Monster in the Room

The Ratings Game
Sex and Violence (and Bean Bunny)
Save the Ratings!
Attack of the Ratings
MTV (MuppeTelevision)

Miss Piggy's Hollywood
The Pig Goes Hollywood
The Pig Goes Hog Wild

Health and Fitness
Canadian Snout Fever
Get Healthy
A Sick Control Room

Kermit and the Pre-Recorded Weirdo
Gonzo on Tape

I Don't Love Trash
A Trashy Day
What a Dump!
Kermit's Down in the Dumps

Secrets of the Muppets
The P Word
Henson: Behind the Scenes
The Muppets: Exposed

Hunger Strike
The Waldo Show

Mo Frackle

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Jun 4, 2011
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103 - Joel Grey
Jokes on Any Subject
Fozzie's New Act

104 - Ruth Buzzi
The Mechanical Wind-Up TV Show Host
Kermit the Toy
Kermit's All Wound Up

105 - Rita Morno
Fozzie and the Phone
Telephone Trouble
Bad Connection

106 - Jim Nabors
The New Guy
His Uncle Owns the Theater

107 - Florecne Henderson
Pig Problems
Knock it Off!

108 - Paul Williams
The Ol' Telephone Pole
The Telephone Pole Bit
Fozzie the Telephone Pole

109 - Charles Aznavour
Gonzo's New Act
Gonzo Goes Girly
Scooter the Manager

110 - Harvey Kornman
Token Human

111 - Lena Horne
Piggy Gets Cut

112 - Peter Ustinov
We Love You, Peter!
Green With Envy

113 - Bruce Forsyth
Fozzie Handles the Critics


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Aug 17, 2012
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Not quite alternative titles but I always thought that A Muppet Christmas Carol and Muppets In Space rolled of the tongue better.
Also a Strangelove esque title: The Muppets Take Manhattan: or How Kermit Stopped Worrying and Learnt to Love the Pig.


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Mar 25, 2010
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119 - Vincent Price
Tom, Dick, and Harry
Three Heads is Better Than One
Theater of Terror
Vincent Price Becomes Jack Parnell (or Guy Lombardo in the UK)

120 - Valerie Harper
Attack of the African Berry Bush
The Old Man's Plant
Statler Goes Backstage
Fozzie's Revenge

121 - Twiggy
The Phantom of the Muppet Theater
The Dragon of the Opera
Killed by the Critics

207 - Edgar Bergen
Fozzie the Ventriloquist
A Stick of Wood That Talks
Charlie McCarthy, the New Muppet

213 - Rudolf Nureyev
Culture and Class
Sam the Eagle Runs the Show
Dance of the Muppets
The Muppets' Ballet
Swine Lake

301 - Kris Kristofferson & Rita Coolidge
At the Canteen
Food for Thought
Death of a Weirdo

307 - Alice Cooper
A Deal with the Devil (or his associate Alice Cooper)
Soul for Sale
Halloween Episode
Attack of the Effects Bill
421 - Doug Henning
Bunny Bonanza!
Fozzie the Magician
Hopping Mad

The Muppets' Wizard of Oz
The Muppets Take Oz
The Wizard of Frank Oz
Pepe Wants Moneys, Okay!
Ashanti to Stardom
How Ashanti Became Famous

Studio DC: Almost Live hosted by Dylan and Cole Sprouse
The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Gonzo
The Day Fozzie Was Absent
Disney Channel's The Muppet Show

Studio DC: Almost Live hosted by Selena Gomez
Fozzie's Mentor
Banana Montana
The Cheetah Pig
Miss Piggy and Zac Efron
Scooter Makes a Cameo


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Jul 18, 2012
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I have some.

The Muppets: A Celebration of Thirty Years
The Biggest Muppet Crossover Ever
Sesame Street Goes to The Muppets Anniversary Party
Kermit & the Big Muppet Party
Lew Zealand & The Bicycle Scene
That Was the Writer's Fault!

The Great Santa Claus Switch
Santa Claus Visits the Frackles
The Frackles Ruin Christmas
The First Muppet Christmas Special Ever Made
Gonzo's Debut

The Frog Prince
King Rupert the Second's Retirement
The Prog Frince
Melora the Princess
Goodnight, Sweetums

The Muppets Valentine Show
Mia Farrow Visits The Muppets
I Now Pronounce You, Janitor and Mop
I Like This Other Guy in This Bike!
Love is a Simple Thing

The Muppet Show: Sex & Violence
Statler & Waldorf's First Conversation
The Seven Deadly Sins Pageant
Bert's Cameo

The Muppets Celebrate Jim Henson
The History of Jim Henson
Goodbye, Jim
Kermit's New Voice
The Muppets Tribute Production Number for Jim Henson
One Big Loss for The Muppets


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Jan 27, 2012
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The Muppets Valentine Show
The Muppets: Mia Farrow
Mia Farrow and the Muppets: Love
The Muppet Pilot

Muppet Family Christmas
An Evening at Fozzie's Mom's
A Henson Christmas
A Many Muppet Christmas


Mo Frackle

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Jun 4, 2011
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TMS 114 - Sandy Dunan
The Banana Sketch
Gags Beasley
What is the Banana Sketch?
You've Never Heard of the Banana Sketch?

115 - Candice Bergen
Fozzie's Pranks
Wire for Kermit the Frog!

116 - Avery Schreiber
Piggy's Plot
The Pig and the Schreiber

117 - Ben Vereen
Fozzie and the Magic Cabinet
Crazy Harry
Fozzie Gets Stuck

118 - Phyllis Diller
Hilda's New Look
Hilda in her Prime
Hilda's Face Lift

119 - Vincent Price
Tom, Dick, and Harry
Three Heads Are Better Than None
Tea for Three

120 - Valerie Harper
African Berry Bush
The Clodhoppers
Statler's Plant
121 - Twiggy
The Phantom of the Muppet Show
Uncle Deadly

122 - Ethel Merman
Irving Bizarre
Fozzie's Agent
Ten Percnet

123 - Kaye Ballard
Strike Up the Band!
The Band on Strike
Fugue for Frog
The Anklin' Band

124 - Mumenschanz
Gonzo in Love
Gonzo and Piggy
The Pig and the Thing
Piggy's Admirer