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Apr 24, 2012
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AN: I wrote this on a spur of the moment kind of thing and posted it on tumblr a few days ago. Figured I should post it here too.
This ficlet features The Electric Mayhem in a polygamous relationship, besides Animal who is more like their weird but beloved son/pet thing.


The night was pleasantly cool for a desert night.

There was nowhere to stay for miles around. And there was no point in finding one when the band was already exhausted and hungry beyond belief. So, the band did what they always did and parked the bus on the side of the road, camping out for the night. The stars would be their roof.

Animal was unnaturally good at starting a fire, so long as Floyd was there to control it properly. Soon, pots and pans where brought out and Zoot was cooking up some mean veggie dishes, inspired by his Israeli background. Lips helped him out, but mainly enjoyed brushing his fingers along his as they passed ingredients or delighting in Zoot's occasional squeezing of his shoulder.

When they ate, they sang words of praises to the pair and even rewarded them with hugs and kisses, Dr. Teeth being the most eccentric as he like to dip them and give them smooches that could send a man into a coma. Animal just ignored the fives' laughs and touchy-feeliness, instead gnawing on a bone he randomly found.

After dinner, Dr. Teeth, Lips and Animal got out a tambourine, panpipes and a pair of drums and they played an upbeat, happy tune. Floyd got up and offered two of his partners a dance.

Soon, he was twirling Janice around. Even after all these years, he was still memorised by her flowing dresses, magic hair and the way her laughter sang like a songbird in the morning.

Zoot, in a rare moment of friskiness, grabbed Floyd and held him close. As they spun around in time to the music, he whispered sweet things in Floyd's ear that made him shiver in ecstasy.

Janice then joined in and the three where dancing in a circle, laughing, holding each other's shoulders and waists as their bare feet kicked up the sand. Dr Teeth and Lips shared a look. They might have shuffled closer together, bodies pressing together as their cheeks glowed a rosy pink.

Hours later, the five of them lay close together on a blanket. There was no sound save for their heartbeats, breathing and the cracking of the dying fire.

Floyd had snuggled up with Janice, one hand on his chest while the other held Dr. Teeth's hand. He stared up at the sky. With no city lights to block them out, the stars shone as brightly as they wanted, billions of them glowing and scattered across a deep blue canvas that not even Van Gogh could capture.

Yet Floyd did not feel so entranced by its beauty.

Floyd knew that for now, this was perfection. Zoot snored on top of Janice, clinging on to her like as of his existence depended on it. Lips lay on Dr. Teeth's other side, his head on his chest with his wild blonde hair likely tickling Doc's nose. Animal stayed separate from the group, splayed out like a dog and kicking in his sleep while grunting. He preferred it like that and that was fine. But Floyd knew that he would wake up in the morning to find Animal curled up at his feet.

And Floyd felt so blessed to be in the middle of them all. So content. So loved by each and every of them.

But he knew that as soon as they were back home, he couldn't be seen pecking Lips on the cheek. No one could know that he flirted shamelessly but quietly with Dr. Teeth all the time. His long and deeply meaningful relationship with Zoot could never be out in the open. As far as the public, friends, but especially a certain company were concerned, his only relationship was with Janice.

He heaved a great sigh. "Man," he said in a horse whisper, "pretending to be monogamous all the time is exhausting."

Janice hummed in sad agreement, adjusting her head so it rested a little on top of Floyd's head. "I know, hon," she said, her own voice hushed. "I know."
good story!!!