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Recent content by Vincent L

  1. Vincent L

    The Funny Picture Thread

    Meta-meme (btw, yes I did return from a year long hiatus just to post this)
  2. Vincent L

    Questions about anything

    You can get them in bulk on Amazon
  3. Vincent L

    Old School MC Reunion - Just Because

    Am I old enough for this?
  4. Vincent L

    Happy Birthday Casey!

    Happy birthday! How I miss the time when we used to fool around on the forums.
  5. Vincent L

    Your Thoughts: "Muppets Most Wanted" Theatrical Film

    Ohay it's Robin!
  6. Vincent L

    Where's The Muppet Central Dictionary?

    There's also this, but I'm not sure if anyone uses the wiki anymore...
  7. Vincent L

    Chances For Another Muppet Movie

    Considering that Disney just made two Muppet movies in a row, I don't think we'll have any more films for the time being, regardless of box office. That said, I still voted "yes", because sometime in the future, there will be one. Disney didn't hype all this up for nothing. I do think they will...
  8. Vincent L

    Get ready for some Muppet nightmare fuel

    Maybe it should get the Best-Drawn Muppet Nightmare award?
  9. Vincent L

    Get ready for some Muppet nightmare fuel

    Found at a Berlin carnival:
  10. Vincent L

    Looking for Coming of Age Books/Movies for a Gift

    I find the books by John Green to be good candidates, especially The Fault in Our Stars (I think that counts). Boy, you do have a lot of time to think about it.
  11. Vincent L

    I bet you can't guess what Muppet song is stuck in my head...

    Shot in the dark, but good one. I also find that song stuck-in-the-head-able. *puts on invisible badge on invisible avatar* BTW, it only took us 13 guesses.
  12. Vincent L

    Favorite Minor Muppet?

    Not sure if this counts, but in addition to Robin, I really like the background plain frogs, like the ones in I'm in Love with a Big Blue Frog.
  13. Vincent L

    I bet you can't guess what Muppet song is stuck in my head...

    Who do you think you're fooling?
  14. Vincent L

    I bet you can't guess what Muppet song is stuck in my head...

    I was going to say something from Tales from Muppetland, but they weren't released on DVD, so I would have to go with Muppet Classic Theater.