I am a HUGE Muppet fan and always will be. I love Kermit and Miss Piggy because they've always reminded me of my own parents. . . except better, sorry mom. As I was saying, I have a rare lung condition called Cystic Fibrosis so when I was kid I was in the hospital a lot and all I did was watch movies and one of them was the Muppets. I also love to write any kind of fanfiction. Now here I am turning 16 and I'm pretty much obsessed with them, especial Kermit and Miss Piggy. In fact, since I love them so much and wish them nothing but the best, I took the liberty of creating Sammy The Fig, or Fog, or what ever you want to call her, (they're love child) In fact Sammy's picture is my profile pic. My real Instagram is: helalokison
Sammy's Instagram: rainbowconnection16 N.C Jamison Natalie Jamison helalokison

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May 24, 1998 (Age: 24)
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