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    Professional live arm female "dinosaur style" puppet

    Professional quality live arm female dinosaur puppet for sale. 100% designed and fabricated by puppeteer/builder Ryan Moore.
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    Professional "Sleazy Mouse" Puppet

    Professional quality, handmade puppet. 100% designed, hand-stitched, and fabricated by Ryan Moore.
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    Professional Monster Puppet

    Handmade professional monster puppet. 100% designed, hand-stitched, and fabricated by puppet builder, Ryan Moore. The puppet includes Ryan Moore's "floating mouthplate grip" to decrease "head flapping" while performing. This is a one-of-a-kind puppet...
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    Professional "generic boy" puppet

    Generic professional puppet 100% designed and fabricated by puppeteer Ryan Moore. Not for puppeteers with large hands.
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    Taking Orders Again...

    mow lawns lol
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    Round / Sphere eyes question

    I buy doll joints and attach the pegs to a small strip of wood, put it inside the head and through to the outside then attach the eyeballs onto the pegs.
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    Elmo Replica

    thank you!
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    My Elmo Replica

    Tom, I just made my own pattern. It is a very simple pattern. I have heard that people have used patterns for him though.
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    Snelvis Pestley

    Be sure to check out the media on the facebook page for the full experience ****!
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    Snelvis Pestley

    The FIRST EVER exclusive Elvis impersonating hand puppet (not like Terry Fator's Elvis), Snelvis Pestley is now booking in the Cincinnati area. Be sure to check out his Facebook page.