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Recent content by Rowlf's Roadie

  1. Rowlf's Roadie

    Frank Oz Interviewed in Chicago Tribune

    And remember, Yoda's meant to be realistic. If that's what the Muppets were going for, they would've gone CGI years ago.
  2. Rowlf's Roadie

    Emo's Art!

    I think the Fraggles look pretty cool in that manga style.
  3. Rowlf's Roadie

    7/8/05: Statler and Waldorf reviews at Movies.com

    Was that Bill as Rowlf? It was dead on.
  4. Rowlf's Roadie

    6/24/05: Statler and Waldorf reviews at Movies.com

    Steve or Bill, I guess.
  5. Rowlf's Roadie

    Statler & Waldorf on movies.com

    Heheheheh. Habitual. Bear swearing is just a joke, right?
  6. Rowlf's Roadie

    Statler & Waldorf on movies.com

    I didn't mind the somewhat raunchy content. As long as the Muppets are funny, I'm cool. The only voice that sounded off to me was Pepe's, but his bit was still great. If this is a weekly feature, hopefully they'll all be this great. :boo: :sleep: :rolleyes:
  7. Rowlf's Roadie

    Muppet reality pilot taped last summer

    This reality show sounds like a good idea. Paula-Kermit Randy-Gonzo Simon-Piggy Oh boy...
  8. Rowlf's Roadie

    Christmas Carol on TV

    (from toonzone.net) The Muppet Christmas Carol will air in the US... December 20 - 5:00pm on Toon Disney December 22 - 5:00pm on the Disney Channel December 24 - 2:00pm on ABC Family
  9. Rowlf's Roadie

    Any Cartoonists?

    Holy frog! Same here!
  10. Rowlf's Roadie

    The Muppets.com Countdown has begun

    Why not? It looks enough like Gonzo. I love the site. The new guys definetely know what they're doing. Beautiful graphics, subtle comedic details, and overall making a site that appeals to you superfans and to innocent little toddlers who've never heard of these characters before. The...
  11. Rowlf's Roadie

    Memory Lane

    I miss YL.
  12. Rowlf's Roadie

    Christopher Reeve: 1952-2004

    Too tragic. To think that Superman would be paralyzed from falling off a horse. RIP.
  13. Rowlf's Roadie

    Syon Studios: The Twisted World of Rowlf's Roadie

    I'm one of the "Bossmen" over at Syon Studios. We're currently working on a feature-length comedy called "The All-Important Christmas Special". Check it out along with our other good stuff at our forum, now located at http://syon.proboards7.com
  14. Rowlf's Roadie

    Today is the Eleventh of September...

    I was starting 6th grade and needed to get some ointment for my eczema. So I got a hall pass from Spanish class. I was a regular at the nurses' office, with my eczema, allergies, and asthma. The nurse was crying. They were listening to the news on the radio. "There's smoke everywhere..."...
  15. Rowlf's Roadie

    Today's SS episode

    Hmm...something for those Rolling Stone-reading hipsters watching the show...like...me. Well, I'm not a hipster. Just a nerd. But I'm proud.