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    The Fabulous Miss Piggy Show

    I saw it on video a couple years ago. It was ok. Piggy tries to seduce George Hamilton, and when she misses her curtain cue John Ritter has to do the number dressed as her (complete with fake pig-nose). I checked it out at the library. Try yours if you want to see it.
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    My private Labyrinth Screening

    This summer I've been teaching at a theatre-themed summer camp, and doing some of the technical stuff as well. The show the kids put on required a projection for a couple scenes, and so the camp owner (who is also a public school teacher) borrowed a big expensive projector from the school...
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    Creature Shop: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

    I finally saw it yesterday! I enjoyed it greatly. It did have some problems, but I give ULTIMATE PROPS to the filmmakers for relying so heavily on puppetry and animatronics. Computer generated Vogons would not have been half as effective, and a CGI Marvin would have been awful. CGI has come...
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    What Kind of Project Are You Working on Right Now?

    Have you played American Mcgee's surrealistic video game "Alice"?
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    How does a Muppet walk?

    I just wanted to add that this method is still used quite often today, only rather than black suits, they wear green or blue chromatic suits against a green or blue screen. They fill the background in with computers. It's a variation on the japanese Bunraku style. The Muppets are quite seldom...
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    What is your strangest habit?

    So it's true! People in Canada do call it "Kraft Dinner." I thought that was something they made up on South Park. My strangest habit is pointing out interesting things Canadian people say.
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    I wasn't disappointed to find out Gonzo's family were from space. But I was disappointed to find out they were a "Kool and the Gang" cover band.
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    Favorite stand up comics?

    Eddie Izzard George Carlin Billy Connolly Mitch Hedberg Ellen Degeneres George Lopez Emo Philips Maria Bamford Sean Cullen Russell Peters
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    H.R. Pufnstuf: The Movie in development

    They actually made a theatrical film in 1970 just after the show ended. Rather than continue the story, they started from scratch with Jimmy arriving on Living Island for the first time. I saw it on TV a couple years ago. So I don't really feel the need to see another one.
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    The Frog Prince record

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    Why is Steve Whitmire the voice of Kermit?

    It's weird this post got so far off topic, but its fun to see some voice actor discussion. I am a huge fanatic of cartoon voice actors. I just wanted to point out that for the past year or so the role of Bugs has been returned to Billy West, who is one of my idols. Strange to see a chracter...
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    What does your user name mean?

    My name means: HUGE LACK OF CREATIVITY!!! because everyone calls me Rowbes in real life.
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    IMDB: Internet Movie Database

    I adore imdb. It has always been my go-to source for movie and tv info. True, it has the occasional mistake, but it goes by user submission and there are so many entries to manage. If you know for a fact there is an error, just report it to them. (ME!)
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    Audrey II Puppet HELP!

    That's cool. The semi-bunraku format seemed to work pretty well! I love that show so much.
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    15 years - Where were you?

    You guys make me feel old. :sleep: Waldorf: "I wish I'd studied Shakespeare when I was a kid." Statler: "When you were a kid you could have TALKED to Shakespeare!"