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Recent content by RealBrettHansen

  1. RealBrettHansen

    How good is Creature Clones?

    My blue monster character is built by Mike and is a very high quality puppet. Really amazing! However, it took six months of nagging, reminding, asking, and even requesting a refund (he doesn't do refunds) before it finally made its way to me in Australia. Full payment is required up front. No...
  2. RealBrettHansen

    Sesame crossover characters

    TMS's Camilla the chicken (or a white chicken in that style) appears on Sesame Street's Spaceship Surprise, where the crew land on the planet "CH".
  3. RealBrettHansen

    Looking for a reference on a puppet maker!

    Really awesome to see that Toby FINALLY got his Ernie from Creature Clones! And I of course received my custom character (Troggg) too.
  4. RealBrettHansen

    TV Alert: "Count Tribute" Sesame Street episode in honor of Jerry Nelson airs October 31, 2013

    It was an amazing tribute. I've only seen the video of the combined street scenes, but did anybody see it on TV when it aired? Did they show old Jerry Nelson Muppet skits? Herry Monster? Sherlock Hemlock? :)
  5. RealBrettHansen

    Looking for a reference on a puppet maker!

    Ladies and gentlemen. I'd like to let you know that after I put a bit of pressure on and demanded a refund, I finally did receive the Creature Clones custom puppet, six months after I ordered it! I was emailed a photo the Friday before last, and then the puppet arrived last Friday. The quality...
  6. RealBrettHansen

    Looking for a reference on a puppet maker!

    Wow, I would imagine Russ Walko's prices would've gone up significantly in the last few years though. He did those Simpsons puppets, puppets for Peewee Herman, and the alternative Avenue Q ones too!
  7. RealBrettHansen

    Looking for a reference on a puppet maker!

    This is extremely disheartening to hear. I ordered my custom puppet in October 2012. I can't believe you're still waiting on yours from August! The last time I contacted him, he said that his latest job was a four puppet order of "The Golden Girls" which was due to ship on Feb 10. Mine is...
  8. RealBrettHansen

    Looking for a reference on a puppet maker!

    Thanks Phil. I'm glad you finally received them. This is the only time I've seen any resolution to any of the various stories about people's experiences with Mike. Most of what's written focuses more on his Muppet "renditions", and all the copyright infringement issues. But there really isn't...
  9. RealBrettHansen

    Looking for a reference on a puppet maker!

    pd0062 - It's been a few years now. Mike Lisa is now known as "Creature Clones". I too have recently designed and ordered (and stupidly paid for in full) a puppet to be custom made. I too have received similar contact. Emails to say that there are jobs ahead of mine and that I need to be...
  10. RealBrettHansen

    New Members: Please Post and Introduce Yourself

    Hi all, Brett here. I'm from Brisbane, Australia. Just here to introduce myself. Life long Henson fan, first time writer in the forum. Self taught puppeteer. I learnt simply by mirroring Sesame Street/Fraggle Rock/The Muppet Show/Movies. Grew up doing puppet shows for kids at school and at...