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    Celebrating Jerry Juhl

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    Big Bird banned on a roof

    I thought that no news story would get any weirder than that but then I read the headlines beneath it.
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    Dave Goelz Banner

    maybe that elf from the Sesame Street News Flash he appeared in
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    It's time to answer that question again

    As I ask you all how is a Muppet made?
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    Dave Goelz Banner

    he's only done two memorable characters, all the other muppets he performed are those anything muppets. So I would say no
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    Signature Muppet songs

    Sesame Encyclopedia says Kermit's signature song is "It's Not Easy Bein' Green" But I'm pretty sure "Rainbow Connections" is a more recognised song of Kermit's than "It's Not Easy Bein' Green"
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    Jerry Nelson Banner

    I like it, when I first saw Frank Oz's banner for his birthday I thought he died and muppet central was celebrating his llife.
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    Funniest SS Moment

    Cookie Monster in the Bakery skit.
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    Classic Songs

    none of those songs are good comapred to "Do De Rubber Duck"
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    Who's this character

    oh dang well this picture is in the article in one of the Henson Tributes. The one about Kermit and Ernie continuing to be on Sesame Street even though Jim Henson is dead. There is a picture of Jim Henson standing in front of him is Kermit, standing on the right of him is Ernie, standing on...
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    Who's this character

    the blue one in front of Jim Henson
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    New Eminem Puppet Video

    the song's extremely bad, much confusing
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    Carroll Spinney's future

    What if (god forbid) Something happened to Carroll Spinney resulting in his death. Do you think Big Bird MUST go on?