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    Any requests for art?

    Hello everyone! I'm really bored and I'm in an artsy mood. Do any of you want me to draw some muppety stuff? (p.s. I specialize in electric mayhem stuff ;))
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    Crack Ships

    jelsa. jelsa. jelsa.
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    Confessing Crushes...

    Kinda sorta really have a crush on Boq from Wicked.
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    Terrible Rumor: Muppet*Vision 3D to close in DisneyLand California

    We shouldn't be sad about Muppet Vision in Cali closing!! Like Duke Remington said, The Disney people DID say that it would return sometime in the future. When it returns maybe it'll be better than it was before!
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    The Random Call Out Thread!

    Another thing that's interesting about me is that I am one of the girliest girls you'll ever meet but when football's on I go full blown tomboy XD I call out: @dwayne1115 @lady piggy and @KissesToKermie
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    The Random Call Out Thread!

    Something interesting about me is that I am absolutely terrified of my History teacher.... um i callout @LeahXZoot4Evur and @ShanaynayXD
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    The "I Did Something Stupid Today" Thread

    So I'm in my schools production of the jungle book and i have to climb down from a rock in one of my scenes. the doofus in front of me knocked down the ladder and then I had to jump off (given that I have a sprained ankle) and BOY did that hurt.
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    What made you roll your eyes today thread?

    standardized testing. :rolleyes:
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    Well...its about time!
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    Prairie Dawn Build.

    That looks literally IDENTICAL to Prairie Dawn! Good job on this one! I can't wait to see what you do in the future.
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    Songs You Can't Stand

    I am sorry. But, Fancy by Iggy Azalea annoys the life out of me.
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    How's the weather where you are?

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    My First Big Performance....Ever.

    yep! troye wrote the song based off of the book. sorry about it bein sideways though. my mom secretly videoed it because we weren't allowed to.
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    The Muppet Movement: 50 States 50 calls to Disney

    It may not be the way to go but we're gonna try anyways. In case you're new, us muppet fans are absolutely downright CRAZY. When we call Disney we're most likely going to be connected to different people. All it's gonna take is someone with the power and the guts to bring it up and get the two...
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    The Muppet Movement: 50 States 50 calls to Disney

    I could help with the facebook page if you want.