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Recent content by minor muppetz

  1. M

    Dreams about Muppets...

    Last night I dreamt…. I guess I was back in school again, but they had the Sesame Street cast do a speech or something, and I got to hang out with Sonia Manzano for the day, with her coming with me to classes.
  2. M

    TV Tropes

    Was thinking about one trivia trope, The Danza, where an actor plays a character with the same first name. The trope namer is Tony Danza, who almost always plays a character named Tony on a television series (though he voiced a character named Mickey on Baby Talk). Shouldn't this be called The...
  3. M

    Little things we've noticed

    Oscar should like onions. They are disgusting, and grouches would like disgusting foods.
  4. M

    Little things we've noticed

    It seems like the end credits sequence for Sesame Street: 20 and Still Counting is rare. It was cut from the DVD release, and I don’t think it’s ever been online (and I have searched). Even before it came to DVD, the end credits were not included in YouTube uploads. There’s a few uploads of...
  5. M

    Nick at Nite Thread

    I don’t think talking about all the marathons of a different show would be that long or big a deal. Many of the shows did have multiple marathons (and I’m not counting shows that got a Block Party Summer night), but I don’t think they got a ton of marathons. Some examples I recall: Happy Days...
  6. M

    Little things we've noticed

    And after this, I remembered The Trading Game, which I had also thought was from the second season (for the same reasons). And I checked the season 3 segments page to see if either was a holdover segment from season 2 (neither are noted, I'm not sure if either shows up after season 16, when the...
  7. M

    Classic Sesame Clips on YouTube

    That is unfortunate, whatever is going on. I had gotten to see a lot to segments and street stories that I had really wanted to see thanks to you, and there are some that I was really hoping to see (maybe I should have tried asking). But there have been at least one or two others who have...
  8. M

    Nick at Nite Thread

    I just got through the Mister Ed episode and didn't notice anything about that beyond talking about when it came to Nick at Nite and was on Nickelodeon's Summer Fan Club. Then I started another and saw that it lists its Nickelodeon run in text (as opposed to announcement). Still, if I did these...
  9. M

    Nick at Nite Thread

    No I don't.
  10. M

    Nick at Nite Thread

    I first got Nickelodeon in 1992, surprised I don't remember Dixie. I remember being able to see Rugrats and Peanuts on Nick at Nite once (it was usually after my bedtime on Sundays), I recall seeing Snoopy's Getting Married Charlie Brown on Nick at Nite, can't remember which Rugrats episode I...
  11. M

    Little things we've noticed

    Jerry Nelson worked with Jim before Sesame Street, when there wasn't a lot of work for all of Jim's crew, and he had to let him go since he was the newest hire, but would occasionally let him perform when needed. I don't know why he didn't ask him to do Sesame Street until after the first season...
  12. M

    Richard's first vocal performance on SS

    His first performance with the Muppets was in The Great Santa Claus Switch, and Muppet Wiki says that he did voice a character.
  13. M

    Little things we've noticed

    Didn't really notice Jim doing a lack of Anything Muppets in season two. Though in season one, the main performers were Jim, Frank, and Caroll, and it seems Caroll didn't get a lot of lead AM roles. Season two brought on Jerry Nelson, so they likely wanted to utilize him a lot. There were...
  14. M

    Old Nickelodeon

    I found a series about the many shows that have aired on Nickelodeon. The web series is called Nick Knacks. This playlist shows that so far, there are 91 episodes (I've only watched the most recent one, on Looney Tunes). I'll have many hours to catch up (though I guess I don't care about every...
  15. M

    Anyone remember the "Join Us" song?

    I’ve been watching this a lot more in the last few months…. And I am really enjoying it a lot more than I did when it first surfaced online. As I keep listening, I feel like one of the backup vocals sounds a bit like the voice Kevin Clash tended to use for young characters (like Sam in Getting...