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    DVD Screen Captures

    In the DVD Review Section of this site, most of the DVD Reviews have Screen Captures from the actual DVDs... My question is: how do you guys grab those images, I have tried PRINT SCREEN and some programs but none worked so far... Thank You!
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    The New Muppet Show Cast

    We will never know until we try, maybe they like the idea and choose to give me a job :D I will post here a script anyway... If you guys sound interested, then I will try to contact them...
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    Dreams about Muppets...

    Last week I had the same dream again... I was in a video store and suddenly I find myself looking at 2 new Muppet Movies I never knew they existed... It is always the same dream... I have been having this dream for about ten years, should I go and seek medical help?
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    The Rainbow Connection

    "One day we will find it" This song is one of the most powerfull things I have ever heard, in terms of music - the melody is amazing and the lyrics even better! In a time where society has turned people into consumers and desires/feelings/dreams have been turned into...
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    Cats the Musical

    I adore CATS! I have seen it when I was 13-14 in London and guess what is happening this year.... CATS is coming to Portugal! I already have the tickets! I love all the show but I like particulary the "Gus, The Theatre Cat and The Tale Of Growltiger" part...
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    The New Muppet Show Cast

    Hi! After several months of a troubled existence which I call life, I have managed to find a little time to come back. It's good to feel the thrill of comunicating with other Muppet Fans again. If you search Page 3 of this Thread you will find a Post I wrote TWO YEARS ago about an idea for a...
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    Muppet Family Christmas Question

    Well... Not necessarly... All of Dave's characteres have been listed because he does their voices, right? Maybe, he also did the photographer voice - you have to admit that it sounds muppety: - Give me the shoulder! Oh! Do that powdy (?) thing! I think that might be it - he did the voice...
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    Muppet Family Christmas Question

    Photographer? Hi! Maybe Gubber is the name of the photographer that appears next to Miss Piggy during her photo session... What do you think? Thank you!
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    Muppets MP3

    Hi! I have been watching the Carol Brunett Episode of The Muppet Show (The Dance Marathon Episode) and during the Pigs In Space segment, Dr. Julius Strangepork and Link dance together to the sound of a version of "Tie A Yellow Ribbon 'Round The Old Oak Tree"... I fell in love with that...
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    Ask Ken at Palisades

    Ken, I don't know if you are still accepting sugestions but I thought that it would bring more fun possibilities for the Pigs in Space Palyset if it included some deversified accessories from some episodes like: - a little card thingy to put on the window only with a bright white light drawn...
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    Jim Henson Hour

    Thank you all for the information you shared... I forgot: here in Portugal there were also brodcasted some episodes of Muppets Tonight (7 or 8) and Dinossaurs... It would be great to have a Henson Channel, but it would probably be pay-per-view like disney channel is (at least in Portugal...
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    Win a Basket of Muppet Mania!

    This is so unfair :( Bah... Just because we live outside USA we can't enter the competition... Well... I'll have to get over it... Good luck to all of you who can enter the contest :)
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    Jim Henson Hour

    Hi! Here where I live (Portugal) the only Henson shows that have been broadcasted were TMS, SS and Fraggle Rock, but I keep watching you guys talk about Jim Henson Hour... What show was this? How was it? Which Muppets appeared on it? Can you give me some information about that show...
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    Why Do We Love The Muppets?

    I must have been 8 years old when my uncle took his son and me to a Mall to buy each of us a videotape... My cousin chose "The Lion King" and I chose "The Muppets"... It was a tape with several sketches from the show: - Miss Piggy in a motorcycle ("Get Around") - Dr. Teeth and the...
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    A Very Merry Muppet DVD coming soon

    What about an .avi version available at kazaa? Has anyone heard about something like that?