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    Puppet Special: Take 20% off your entire order

    A Killer Sale We couldn't think of a better way to commemorate these changes than to slash our puppet prices by 20% of All Puppets valid through September 20th. Just enter this coupon code ” allpuppets20off “ at Checkout. Click now to Check prices and availability.
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    "Mango" Bird Puppet by Allpropuppets

    Meet Mango, The tropical bird. This cute character puppet has a latex head that is carefully airbrush painted. We can customize the head and body colors for you at no additional charge. With a fabric lined body, Kiwi is extremely light weight and a joy to work. Kiwi has been in my shows for...
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    Participate and win a free professional latex puppet from Allpro puppets

    Hi everyone, Allpro puppets brings an exciting new contest. By following three simple steps you can win a professional latex puppet from allpro puppets. Please click on the link below(facebook link) and follow the three easy steps to win your free professional full body latex puppet...
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    Professional latex Chef puppet for sale

    Meet Sammy Souffle', the French Chef de Paris. This great latex puppet will make a great addition to your ventriloquist act. This wonderful character puppet could easily become an Italian, Indian or any other chef from around the world. We could customize this puppet for you at no additional...
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    3 little pig puppets for sale by Allpro puppets

    Three little pig puppets can help you throw an awesome stage performance, there is so much you can do with them and the kids would love them too. All three are made out of latex, very lightweight, easier to manipulate and maintain.
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    How to write scripts for your puppet shows

    In a ventriloquist act, a comedian uses a puppet, often referred to as a ventriloquist dummy, as a prop to perform a routine. Ventriloquism is all about creating an illusion, the more powerful the illusion, the better the show. A talented ventriloquist is able to control his lips while he talks...
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    Worldwide FREE shipping by Allpro puppets

    Allpro puppets is offering worldwide free shipping on all its professional latex puppets, this includes our newly inducted baby dragon puppet, the old man puppet, chef puppet, Ostrich puppet and the "patchy" bird puppet. Hurry up, the offer expired December 3rd.
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    Need ideas for a new puppet

    Hi everyone, I have added a new puppet to my inventory and need some great ideas for this new friend. Please go to the link below to see the puppet and its description. Giraffe latex puppet
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    Professional Latex Caveman puppet

    Hi everyone! meet Gurumbom, my new caveman latex puppet. Gurumbom is famous for his daring stories about encounters with dangerous animals and hunting. He even speaks his own language. For more photos and details about the latex caveman puppet please go to ...
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    Professional Baby Goat Latex Puppet for sale

    A professional Baby goat latex puppet from AllProPuppets is for sale. A really cute character, light weight and easy to manipulate. This baby goat latex puppet is especially loved by the kids. You can use it in your school assembly shows or library shows. Baby goat latex puppet Baby goat...
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    Meet Dragtot, the Professional latex dragon puppet

    Hi everyone! today I would like to introduce you to Dragtot, the baby dragon latex puppet. The baby dragon latex puppet is a great character for your shows, especially you would get a great feedback from the kids. Baby dragon latex puppet Baby Dragon latex puppet Baby dragon latex...
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    Professional Pig Latex Puppet

    Hi everyone, Today I would like to introduce you to my Pig latex puppet. Its another great puppet that can be used in a variety of props and skits, the pig latex puppet is also great for story telling. Pig mama has a latex face and hooves. This busy mom is either cooking a delicious meal or...
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    How to start making puppets?

    Hi, Great post, I would like to ask for permission to share this post on my blog along with your name. Please post any other details in your reply that you want included in the blog post. I can also post links to your websites if you have any. Waiting for your response. Thank you.
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    New Puppet Site for 2013

    Hi guys, check my professional latex puppets at : I also have a blog for ventriloquism and puppetry: Hope you would like them! :)