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    Your Thoughts: Sesame Street 40 Years DVD Box Set

    In my 38 years of watching and learning everything about SS, I never knew that Baker #1 ever existed prior to this DVD set.
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    Your Thoughts: Sesame Street 40 Years DVD Box Set

    The DVD box set is so well put-together. This isn't something they just threw together at the last minute. The production values are there! I love how they show the set being built. And all this other behind-the-scenes stuff I've wondered over the years was answered, like: "How does...
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    Did Bruno actually carry Oscar's Trashcan?

    Yes, I remember Carroll Spinney saying that Bruno's version of Oscar's can is different - one that's made of lighter material than the metal one, and one that can be sewn onto Bruno's puppet hands. Same thing with Oscar's waking trash-can - It's a different prop than the one that's resting on...
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    Your Thoughts: Sesame Street 40 Years Hardcover Book

    I just got my copy delivered from Wow. It took me 2 hours just to go through every page and just look at the photographs. No reading. Just photos. It'll take me days to pore over every sentence, cuz there's so much detail! But so many questions have been answered, such as...
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    Did the SST Muppets appear on Donahue?

    Hi: I have a copy of this Donahue episode on VHS. I know this for sure, cause it's the 25th anniversary celebration from 1994, and I've watched it MANY times! I don't have the tape on me...It's at my parents' home in Nashville. They had a mock-up of the Sesame Street set on the stage...
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    Does anybody think you're weird for watching Sesame Street?

    I can see people thinking that a grown man watching Sesame Street on a REGULAR BASIS would be frickin' weird. I've got kids, so at least I have an excuse. And plus, if you're interested in the craft of puppetry, then that's a good reason too. Look at Stephanie D'abruzzo....she watched in...
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    What is your greatest Sesame Street memory?

    Going to the Smithsonian Institute in 1979 and seeing a re-creation of the SESAME STREET set along an entire wall. They had the brownstone, Big Bird's nest, Oscar's trash can, the mailbox, the lamppost.... It was a 10th anniversary exhibit. I still have pics of me next to the lamppost.
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    Roscoe Orman on "Law & Order: SVU"

    You'll see a lot of Sesame Street actors on the various Law & Order incarnations, b/c the shows tape in New York and it's a good way to pick up an acting gig there. Besides Roscoe Orman, we've seen on L & O: Fran Brill Allison Bartlett O'Reilly
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    does anyone out there have episode 815?

    I remember these New Mexico episodes vividly, from 1975!
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    Classic Sesame Clips on YouTube

    That's funny, because I never ever heard Cookie Monster mention Bert's name. Frank Oz doesn't want any of his characters fraternizing with each other apparently.
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    Classic Sesame Clips on YouTube

    Ernie and Bert drowning OK, so Ernie and Bert don't really drown , but they DO flood the apartment. There goes their security deposit: From 1971:
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    Oscar acting out of Character?

    1970. You can tell from Oscar's fluffier face, his lighter-green tint.
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    Here's what Hal Miller "Gordon 1972-1974" looks like today!

    Ever wonder what happened to the long-lost Gordon from 1972-1974, here's a cool video I stumbled across on YouTube: Hal Miller talking about art and song:
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    Abby Cadabby Balloon in Macy's Thanksgiving parade

    Anyone notice that for the past 4-5 years they have NOT had an 100 % attendance record with the human cast appearing on the Thanksgiving float? This year, Gordon was missing. Last year, Maria was missing. The year before, I believe Susan was missing.
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    What puppeteers go through. As the long ladder moves from left to right behind Kermit, you can see it pause in mid-air (taking a few bounces up and down), probably to give Frank enough time to race from one end of the ladder to the other to do the second Grover line.