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    Your Thoughts: Muppets Live at the Hollywood Bowl September 8-10, 2017

    I wasn’t there in person but saw videos and it was absolutely amazing I had a friend who had the amazing opportunity to go backstage and meet some of the puppeteers afterwards cuz of me :)
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    Video: Muppet Valentines with Floyd and Janice

    In the words of Janice from the clip 'So cute!!' lol
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    Sesame Street Season 47 Episode 4715 - Meet Julia

    As someone who is on the spectrum and a fan since I was very little (those curious I have PDDNOS and anxiety) i am just loving Julia she's a gorgeous puppet very well put together and just a ray of sunshine
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    Your Thoughts: Electric Mayhem at Outside Lands Music Festival Sunday August 7, 2016

    Loved Janice and Floyd singing home way too precious and that titanic remake Hahaha I was dying of cuteness and laughter at the refrence
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    Muppet FanFic: The Offer

    Okay suggestion Kristine :) I think you should like do a scene where Janice and the band do charity at the hospital it would be so sweet. She seems like the type to just love kids and could like bond with one little girl who has cancer and looks up to her and it breaks janice heart hearing from...
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    Top Annoying Misnaming People Do

    Well It's mispronounciation but a lot of people spell Janices name Janis after Janis Joplin and being that she's my fav it makes me crazy like I constantly correct people with *Janice
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    Muppet FanFic: The Offer

    When you're supposed to be sleeping but Kristine updated her fanfics and it's just so fluffy being the sappy person I am! Ahhhhhhhhhggh keep on writing I just love your fics you should get wattpad or fanfiction
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    Anyone get responses from Muppets Q&A's on Twitter?

    Yup! One thing to check off my list (x) Get Janices attention Still to come.. () More then once () Follows you () online relationship () Meet her
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    The Muppets SPOILER Thread

    Especially me she's my lesbian crush ahaha I bet she'll look great
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    The Muppets SPOILER Thread

    I also really hope we figure out what the heck happened to Camilla and what Janice and floyds relationship is and see if Floyd finds out about Sams obsession for her.
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    The Muppets SPOILER Thread

    Janice and floyds cuddle xD extremely cute !!! All I got to say and Janice trying to pierce Scooters ear was priceless! I was dying laughing
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    The Muppets SPOILER Thread

    Hmm so Sam trying to achieve a kiss haha wonder if there will be drama between him and Floyd what an epic triangle xD
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    The Muppets SPOILER Thread

    Right?! Like he's one of those people who are quiet at first sight but then you get to know him and he's so funny!! Janices character I noticed is such a sweetheart haha 'it wouldn't change a thing he's still a beautiful soul' , 'I'm running away but I still love you!!'
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    You might be an obsessed Muppet fan if...

    Haven't yet it's my life goals to meet my fav muppets and their puppeteers
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    You might be an obsessed Muppet fan if...

    Or you get into a celebrity after you had seen them on the muppets