Hey there! I'm Kylie! I've loved the muppets since I was a little kid! Janice would have to be my favourite since I see a lot of myself in her haha! She seems to want to live a carefree life and is very laid back and a sweetheart which is a lot how i am. She & Floyd are the cutest muppet couple :smile:

Along with the Muppets I am also a Disney,Music and horror fan and love a good creepypasta. I am Devout Christian but am totally left brained and progressive. Identify as a Liberal,Pacifist,Equalitarian and LGBT Ally. I love meeting other people who are dedicated and share my passion for the muppets like myself. If you are a electric mayhem fan of your fav muppet is also janice or Floyd we are automatically besties so feel free to hit me up :smile: Also anyone who’s a muppet fan who wants to get to know me is welcome to you follow me I’ll follow back :smile:

I am Canadian and no I don't live in an igloo or travel by snowmobile and raise polar bears lol that is very common stereotype tho. It gets very cold and winters are quite long sometimes lasting till early April :/ and the snow can get ridiculous getting up to -50.

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Jun 11, 1996 (Age: 25)
Favorite Movie
The Muppets (2011)
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The Muppet Show (1976-1981)
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Janice and Floyd
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Stuffies/Dolls mainly
Costco Sample Lady




Goddaughter of Janice and Floyd❤ :sing: :flirt: ❤