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    PBS launches first-ever national 24/7 PBS Kids Channel via broadcast OTA and on-line

    Just called my cable company; Charter's not carrying PBS Kids. *sigh*
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    PBS launches first-ever national 24/7 PBS Kids Channel via broadcast OTA and on-line

    I'd define classic Sesame Street as "Season 1 until Henson's death"; the show took its first dive after that. But yes, a general "vintage CTW" block that covered many shows would draw a lot of nostalgic adults in. Imagine TEC Mondays, 3-2-1 Contact Tuesdays, and so on...
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    PBS launches first-ever national 24/7 PBS Kids Channel via broadcast OTA and on-line

    Please, I hope Wisconsin public TV carries the new channel...
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    Muppets Tarot Deck

    My cleaned-up list of ideas...
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    Muppets Tarot Deck

    Hmmm. Wonder what a more Sesame-specific deck might look like? I did a Google search for "Sesame Street Tarot" but didn't find more than a few individual fan-drawn cards. So far, these ideas come to mind -- Fool: Ernie (crazy logic, always off on his own adventures) with a laundry basket...
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    Major Changes in store for Sesame Street Season 46

    Amen. The new set design made a lot of needless changes IMO (Elmo having to squish into Susan and Gordon's place -- what the [bleep]?!) But those doors were there (1) to give the street an inner-city look, and (2) to hint at the symbolism behind the show's name. (Learning is like a magic...
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    The "White Dot" Skits

    Whoever it was may have seen the "crumpled napkin" variant in #355 (Noggin kept that in) and thought the napkin was an iceberg.
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    Episodes that Have Stuck with You

    A few memories from the early 90s: Rosita (who still had wings back then) is upset that she can't fly; the adults on the street comfort her, showing Rosita other things her wings were good for. The show ended with Rosita giving Maria a big wing-hug... (Where's an "awww" smiley when you need...
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    Belated anniversary filk: "40 Years on the Air"

    In the words of Grover, "I am so embarrassed!" Setting the history of Sesame Street to music (especially someone else's music) was a lot harder than I thought; unfortunately, the rhythm and rhyme in the original song made it impossible to fit the Around the Corner reference where it belonged.
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    Classic Sesame Clips on Youtube

    DrTooth: I agree that Sesame Workshop should be trying to protect profits, considering their budget problems. Penalizing us for posting full episodes is fine, up to a point. If the Workshop hasn't already offered a show for sale, and if some third-party distributor doesn't object to certain...
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    Classic Sesame Clips on Youtube

    Because of a copyright complaint from Sesame Workshop, I have voluntarily closed both of my old accounts (which deletes all former uploads in the process). I did create a new account (justlooking12313) to continue watching/commenting on other clips; however, I apologize for any problems that the...
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    International skits on Youtube...

    The Norwegian user who contributed so many Sesam Stasjon clips to YouTube is back with a new account-- If you understand any Scandinavian language and you're a Sesame Street old-schooler, most of the uploads on that list are a major...
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    Elmo Muppeteer Kevin Clash resigns from Sesame Street

    As often as I've joked about Elmo hogging Sesame Street, I realize that Muppet characters who grow that popular are unlikely to get dropped from the show forever. Whether Kevin Clash is a misunderstood victim or a heinous criminal, the target audience for Sesame Street doesn't equate "Clash the...
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    Elmo Muppeteer Kevin Clash resigns from Sesame Street

    Most of the long-time members here know I'm not a major fan of Elmo; despite that, I still worry about whether Sesame Street will survive so much negative press. The Workshop has had to face Jerry Nelson's death, Romney's "I love Big Bird" disclaimer, Hurricane Sandy hitting New York--and now...
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    Funniest SST Moments

    And a hand can YANK, as poor Kermit discovered the hard way at the end!