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    Henson Company NY

    Kaufman-Astoria? Sounds familiar, but refresh my memory what that has to do with the Muppets. The office building may be only a building now, but still I would like to see the outside of it.
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    Jim's Memorial in London

    Was the Henson Memorial Service in London similar to the one in New York?
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    would a Jim Henson version of In Search of Dr. Seuss work?

    Kermit tyring to kick someone out of the Muppet Boarding House doesn't fit into his personality. Maybe the movie could be like The Muppets Tribute to Jim Henson or did I get that name wrong?
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    Henson Company NY

    I was planning on going to see the Muppet Mansion next month when I went to New York. So much for seeing if the new company would let me in to see the lobby. Is there anywhere else in New York that should be seen by a muppet fan?
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    Henson Company NY

    I'm curious, who bought he old Jim Henson Company building on 117 E 69th Street in NY, after it was put up for sale?
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    Return to Labyrinth: Volume 2

    Where exactly did the comparison between the two comic pages Lazlo linked to come in with Return to the Labyrinth Vol. 2? I can't get that player at Tokyopop to work.
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    Sesame Street Character Test

    I'm Elmo, very unexpected and I have seizures when I am tickled.
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    Question about character in "Follow that Bird"

    His sister's name was Ruthie.
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    Jack Pumpkinhead Doll

    It's gorgeous. I wonder if Tim Burton was inspired by Jack Pumpkinhead when he created Jack Skelelington (sp?). I can imagine those two meeting.
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    Return to Labyrinth: Volume 2

    Has anyone read Vol 2 yet? How does it measure up and a more detailed plot synopsis would be great!
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    Visiting Sesame Workshop

    I'm curious, is it possible to visit Sesame Workshop? I know that it is a business office, but perhaps they would let a visitor take a picture in the lobby.
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    Your Thoughts: Dark Crystal and Labyrinth Anniversary DVD's

    I keep waiting for them to release the Labyrinth deleted scenes onto one of these DVDs. Will that day ever come?
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    Electric Mayhem Bus visit

    I'm surprised that they didn't keep the bus after using it in Muppets From Space. I guess the Muppet archives aren't that big.
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    Return to Labyrinth: Volume 2

    The style really isn't all the anime-ish. The cover is, but the comic itself is more independent American comic.
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    Return to Labyrinth: Volume 2

    Hehe! Toby has a haircut like Jareth now! Other than the hair, the cover is gorgeous. Why couldn't those in charge have hired a better writer and artist? Many of us on this board could have written a story that was more true to the Labyrinth world and illustrated as well.