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Recent content by I love puppets

  1. I love puppets

    Your Muppet mistakes

    This is a pretty weird one, but I thought Janice was a man that was a cross dresser. Yes, very odd.
  2. I love puppets

    Am I the only one who hates what they've done to the Fozzie puppet?

    Yes the thing that bothers me the most about Fozzie is the excess fur on the corner of his lips. It looks like they just forgot to cut it. Also Floyd has looked rough for a while. I haven't like the look of him since 2008. He use to look really cool and lanky, now his face is too circular. Matt...
  3. I love puppets

    The Muppets Episode 1 - Pig Girls Don't Cry (Pilot)

    At first I really liked it, but then I saw the Muppet Movie right after it and realized that the Muppets lost their magic. They are too mean and snarky. It feels too forced.
  4. I love puppets

    In Search of "Muppet Theatre" silk screen print by James Carroll

    Could be any color version, (preferably beige) :)
  5. I love puppets

    In Search of "Muppet Theatre" silk screen print by James Carroll

    Hey, I am very interested in purchasing a "Muppet Theatre" silk screen print by James Carroll. Does anyone on here have one? It looks like this: Thanks- Erik
  6. I love puppets

    Animal Puppet Replica

    I found this on eBay and it looks incredible! This is by far the best Animal replica I have seen. Super pricey though. The seller says the builder that built Muppet Replicas (Terry Angus) helped built this puppet...
  7. I love puppets

    Do not buy from Creature Clones!

    Hello everybody, This is just a warning not to by muppet replicas or any puppets from Oliver at 'Creature Clones'. He still owes me a prop that I paid for 6 years ago. He just simply doesn't respond anymore. I did receive my puppet after a year and a half, and it was just ok. Instead use...
  8. I love puppets

    Bert Replica made by I love puppets

    Hey there, Just wanted to show off this Bert replica made by the very talented Jarrod Bouture. He rarely ever sells Muppet replicas so I thought I would post some pics. Unfortunately the puppet is not with me right now so I have to use mediocre old images. Once I am with it, I will post better...
  9. I love puppets

    Gonzo and Pepe at Comic Con

    I thought I would post this picture of the inside of the "Tin Thing's" neck. Brian Chances (the Head of Acquisitions) sent me this.
  10. I love puppets

    Gonzo and Pepe at Comic Con

    Thanks! I am glad to be a part of a community that loves the Muppets as much as I do.
  11. I love puppets

    Gonzo and Pepe at Comic Con

    Yeah. I remember in Hollywood Auction 63 (or 64) their was an inter skeleton of one of the the Dino animatronic heads that passed as well.
  12. I love puppets

    Gonzo and Pepe at Comic Con

    Yes; I am a huge Muppet and Disney fan. The Muppets mean a whole lot to me.
  13. I love puppets

    Gonzo and Pepe at Comic Con

  14. I love puppets

    Gonzo and Pepe at Comic Con

    And Muppetperson, I was just looking at your collection of your other Henson memorabilia and it is beyond impressive! I especially love the "photo-op" Fozzie!!
  15. I love puppets

    Gonzo and Pepe at Comic Con

    Hey everyone! Just thought I would let you guys know that I fortunate to win the Pepe puppet and will post many pictures once it arrives. Muppetperson, congratulations on winning the "Tin Thing" Gonzo head (even though you outbid me haha). I would love to see more pictures of it once you obtain...