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    Lost Or Desperate Houswives?

    I sure do! I'm a regular on The Fuselage, I would post the link but I'm not allowed to yet.....not enough posts, it's a VBulletin board just like this one. On the home page there is a Liner Board, if you scroll down a bit. To get to the Threaded Board all you have to do is click on the Thread...
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    What is Your Race and Religion?

    Well, I guess I'm a mutt like most of us here. lol From what I remember, I'm a Caucasian American (not like those two things would be difficult to remember), English, Danish, and Irish, girl. I'm sure there is more to me but you get the idea. I'm also a fellow Latter Day Saint ,furshur and...
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    Last movie you watched

    "New York Doll" This movie/documentary is extremely good, I highly recommend it!
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    Are you a Boy or a Girl?

    I'm a yeah!
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    Lost Or Desperate Houswives?

    I would definitely choose LOST!!!!! Alias is totally awesome as well!!!! I LOVE THEM BOTH!