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    The World of Jim Henson Book

    hello there, I was at the London Book Fair recently and saw a book at a stand called 'the world of Jim Henson'. I've searched it but found nothing. The book itself was a dummy version which looked like it was being worked on but the thing was huge. Flicked through it and it had a load of old...
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    Douggy's Muppet Art

    cheers mate
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    My collection...

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    Douggy's Muppet Art

    Here's a reworked version of the electric mayhem i posted up here earlier on in the year
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    Douggy's Muppet Art

    Thanks, Will try and do a few more when I get round to it. Started a pigs in space one but never finished it.
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    Douggy's Muppet Art

    new one I did of Rowlf recently..Might do a few more if I have time.
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    Muppets Most Wanted official movie poster released

    Rotten poster. Shame on you Disney.
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    Electric Mayhem Cartoon

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    Rainbow Connection

    Thanks guys, Just done a new one, will chuck it up in a second..
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    Rainbow Connection

    better version here sorry..
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    Rainbow Connection

    Hello there, here's a drawing I did of Kermit recently...Thought I'd share it with like minded folks here... Cheers! Douggy
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    What Muppet Merchandise would you like to see come out this year

    The thing about Disney is their merchandise based on the muppets seems to have no care or much thought put into it. The plush toys are hideous and all their other stuff just seems to be things with the same overused stock muppet photos printed onto them. If they do any new things they really...
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    my front room

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    "The Muppets" Official US Poster and Standee

    Don'tappologise Stuart, the person who calls himself frog puppeteer was really rude in response to your comment. He says go ahead and do it then, but you don't have the photos that were taken, you weren't on set, etc etc etc. How are you supposed to better the poster with crappy jpegs from the...
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    NEW Muppet Poster

    I never read the cloudy book but i loved the film and I know a whole load of kids who love it too. It's funny and colourful. I don't know what you mean about stereotype black cop, what are you saying?