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  • Macy's Thanksgiving Parade
    The Sesame Street Cast and Ashley Park sang “Best Christmas Ever” from Sesame Street The Nutcracker at the Macy's Parade.
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    Read our review of the long-awaited book, "Sam and Friends - The Story of Jim Henson's First Television Show" by Muppet Historian Craig Shemin.


Danielle (last name withheld because I don't wanna be stalked)

I am 20 years old and live near Long Island. I'm also non-binary. Creator of Sam Sawada and also a DC universe I've been toiling away at for 3 years. I also love YTPs.

I'm only into Sesame Street for the cartoons nowadays. Somehow, when the show began to rot in the '90s, the cartoons got better. AND THAT WAS THAT
somewhere near Long Island
Favorite Movie
The Muppets Take Manhattan (1984)
Favorite Show
Sesame Street (1969-Present)
Favorite Characters
Favorite Collectibles
several Sesame figurines from the '90s




"I think Grand Theft Auto 2 is sick" ~ Dr. Feel Phil
Brainiac simp, #1 Sam Spud fan, relates way too much to SGC2C Birdman.