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Recent content by Cookie3001

  1. Cookie3001

    The Monster at the End of This Book, the musical???

    This may sound strange but I found this while scrolling wikipedia I found something very interesting. The screenshot below explains it all..... Yeah, while it could just be false information I kinda believe it given how specific the details are. I want to know more about this and hopefully at...
  2. Cookie3001

    American Archive of Public Broadcasting to preserve nearly 4,500 Sesame Street episodes

    They're definitely not getting the entire series anytime soon given how many episodes there are
  3. Cookie3001

    Pa Gorg antagonistic towards the Fraggles

    I'm gonna be 100% honest here, I love the design of the puppet and the way Jerry Nelson played him but I never liked him as a character. he's just mean and self centered and thinks he's the boss of everything. Also he's a real jerk to Junior Gorg, there are plenty of kids who's parents are rude...
  4. Cookie3001

    Replica Miss Piggy Build

    That's awesome. I've wanted to build a Piggy for along time now
  5. Cookie3001

    The mysterious disappearance of Frogfan76

    Yeah, he talked about that show a lot. When he did his last video I assumed he just ran out of stuff to talk about since he appeared on the Toughpigs Fozzie Awards the following year. Then I wondered when he hadn't talked about any other major events after that like The Muppets at the Hollywood...
  6. Cookie3001

    The mysterious disappearance of Frogfan76

    In a Muppet Hub podcast they mentioned something about Frogfan being "out of the hospital" so I'm wondering if his performer was in some sort of accident which prevented him for performing the character 🤷
  7. Cookie3001

    What is your favorite Sid and Marty Krofft shows?

    He's been great when it comes to responding to the fans
  8. Cookie3001

    The mysterious disappearance of Frogfan76

    I just found out he was apparently performed by Sesame Street and Playhouse Disney Live puppeteer Andy Hayward. He was very secret about people finding out he performed Frogfan76. Someone found out and said so in the comments of a video and there was a whole bunch of drama
  9. Cookie3001

    The mysterious disappearance of Frogfan76

    Now most of you will probably remember the fictional Muppet fan Frogfan76. He was very active online for a while then mysteriously vanished in 2017. I understand that YouTube puppets just come and go without explanation all the time but this was very mysterious as we didn't know anything about...
  10. Cookie3001

    Muppets Now Episode 4 - Sleep Mode

    I personally dislike Joe so I'm glad we haven't been seeing much of him
  11. Cookie3001

    Do you ever feel ashamed for liking Sesame Street?

    Forget watching the show, I'm always more embarrassed when I'm buying Sesame Street toys for my collection at secondhand stores. Every time I do I get a weird look from the cashier or people waiting in line
  12. Cookie3001

    Muppets Now Episode 4 - Sleep Mode

    Even if people don't like his frog they need to understand that they can't just remove Kermit from the Muppets. He's the glue that holds them all together. Also I'm glad he's not the focus of this whole show, that's what makes it so different
  13. Cookie3001

    Muppets Now Episode 4 - Sleep Mode

    I'm starting to really worry about this show. We're only four episodes in and it's already getting plenty of criticism, this one looks like it was most hated out of them all. One thing that annoys me is the fact that people are still complaining about Matt's Kermit. It's been 3 years now for...
  14. Cookie3001

    Muppets Now Episode 4 - Sleep Mode

    Now I've heard plenty of people say they didn't like it but this was my personal favorite so far. I found it very funny and entertaining and also was glad to see Miss Poogy return even if she didn't do much.
  15. Cookie3001

    "Earth to Ned" coming to Disney+

    I think this might actually be better than Elmo's show. Because it's Sesame Street the guests just aren't themselves, they kinda dumb it all down since it's for kids. Also with Elmo's show we've known all these characters long enough to know what to expect but these characters are new so it'll...