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Recent content by bandit

  1. bandit

    "Sometimes even frogs have rainy days"-It's good to be Back

    Its okay D'Snowth. Nobody cares that much how you phrase it anyway. Yeah! The show will go on and welcome back Julio! ^_-
  2. bandit

    Music Video: "All I Need is Love" with CeeLo Green and The Muppets

    HAH! This is so catchy! *_* I love it!
  3. bandit

    Behind the Scenes Fraggle Rock Videos

    Oh I've been tangled up in RL, that's all. Good to be back. Though we definitely disagree on eyeless Mokey! She looks like a naked mole rat.
  4. bandit

    Worst... Elmo product...EVER

    Oh wow....These are all....really....pretty terrible.....*gawks* That book was an awful design and the Chinese handpuppet looks like a statement on why not to clone.
  5. bandit

    Fraggle-Selves Fan Art

    Bwahahahaha! These are great! You guys are pretty handy with the art supplies. Any attempt at my part would look like some kind of Fraggle birth defect, I'm afraid. Still, keep em coming! I'd love to see the rest of you guys Fraggle-lized.
  6. bandit

    Behind the Scenes Fraggle Rock Videos

    Back at ya guys! It's good to be home. Hey, did anyone else find it kind of creepy to see an eyeless Mokey....or was that just me?
  7. bandit

    Finally an official DARK CRYSTAL PREQUEL !!!

    Nope! Sounds like the perfect Tarbaby of movies. Hmmm well I would describe the original Dark Crystal as a moody, fantasy adventure story with rather dire undertones. The prequel sound like it has the makings of a tragic paint by numbers. How did we get from point A to point Doomsday!? ^_^...
  8. bandit

    RIP Muppet/Fraggle Producer Diana Birenfield

    Even though I was completely ignorant of who this woman was before I read this, anytime I hear about a loss it makes me sad for the people who knew and cared for that person. I'm sorry to hear of yet another great mind snatched out from under us. Here's to her and hers.
  9. bandit

    Finally an official DARK CRYSTAL PREQUEL !!!

    Hahaha! You'd be surprised. I don't mind slow build up....so long as it's building to something. Even if it's kind of cerebral, I can handle something like that if I can sink my teeth into it. For some reason, though, I just couldn't with this movie. But I do think the technology used for this...
  10. bandit

    Behind the Scenes Fraggle Rock Videos

    Aww! Hey, thanks guys. Good to be back! ^_^
  11. bandit

    Finally an official DARK CRYSTAL PREQUEL !!!

    You know, believe it or not it's not one of my favorites. It's definitely impressive and the puppeteering is tremendous. Still, it's not one I could get really into. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I didn't care for the main character. It's a slow moving plot, which is good for...
  12. bandit

    Finally an official DARK CRYSTAL PREQUEL !!!

    Ooooo! They really did dredge this up from the land of the nearly precariously close to being written off and forgotten! Love it. Thanks for sharing. Insightful stuff!
  13. bandit

    New Glass Muppet Ornaments at Target

    Yeah! There's definitely something off about the ornaments. They look like bad Happy Meal toys or something. *shakes head* Darn you, sheen! Stop getting in my eyes. You're a hazard, I tell you!
  14. bandit

    New FAO Fraggle Rock Doozer Plush!

    Ohhh these are really great! In fact, that is a really fantastic Cotterpin. Look! They even gave her Rogaine for her hair. Oh come on! Like you guys didn't notice her weird Doozer patterned baldness she tried to comb over and hide behind a visor. I DID! She seems to have improved. ^_- Guess...
  15. bandit

    Stupidity Strikes Again (Revisited)

    Hahahahahahah! I'm sorry but going back to the 'MAY CAUSE DROWSINESS' warning....That sure doesn't build a lot of confidence for their product if it's a sleeping pill, does it? That's like saying 'This might taste good.' It could work. It might not, though so gamble your money away.