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    What song can you not get out of your head?

    Much MUCH worse than the Rickroll. I'll just leave you to find out for yourself. . .
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    Arthur - Where is the Show Going?

    Neil Gaiman (as a cat)! Definitely looking forward to this.
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    Muppet Film and TV References

    On Glee (re-run, did anyone spot this earlier?), after "Can't Touch This" Kurt says "We're as menacing as a pack of Muppet Babies."
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    You might be an obsessed Muppet fan if...

    That was intentional, though. It's an awesome musical.
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    The Best/Worst Song Covers Thread

    There's also the 80s techno version of "Puttin' On The Ritz"
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    I won't be posting anymore...

    I fear I've failed the Insult-U. I only ever got as far as third grade: "You're lame." "You're lamer." "Lamest." "Lamestest." "Lamest times infinity" "Am not." "Are too" "Your Mom" "Your FACE." "Your MOM'S FACE." *that weird siren sound every child under the age of boring will do...
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    The "Nostalgia Over Things You Didn't Even Live Through" Thread

    Aside from what other people've said (old sitcoms/music, any era), I've found this series of fairytale videos on Youtube--the gruesome, non-Disnefied fairytales, accompanied by Monty-Python-meets-Tim-Burton animation, also narrated by Rik Mayall, circa late 80s. Do you have any idea how many...
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    Underrated Movies

    Speaking of the old DCOMS (if that's what they're calling them now), I loved Smart House.
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    Underrated Movies

    I loved A Bug's Life, still do, wholeheartedly. And since we're mostly talking about kids' movies, Drop Dead Fred is awesome in my opinion (remake in development. . .*sigh*). The ending still makes me cry.
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    The Food Cravings Thread

    I needs some Chinese food. Specifically of the noodley variety.
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    The Best/Worst Song Covers Thread

    I love The Electric Mayhem's cover of "Blackbird" Muppets + Beatles = awesome, hands down. The Bowling For Soup (Disnefied) version f "1985" is good, as for the worst, I have only two words for y'all: KIDZ. BOP.
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    Disney Junior?

    You mean the one our parents probably saw as kids or the Britney Spears revival? Does Disney own the 80s-90s Winnie the Pooh cartoon? I would be glued to this hypothetical channel if they aired that + stuff that's been mentioned.
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    Underrated music

    I don't know how popular Katie Herzig is, but in my mind she should be more popular. Don't bother Googling her if you don't like girly pop/folk music. (Think Imogen Heap.)
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    Disney Junior?

    Agreed. That was one of my favorite cartoons. (ABC's Saturday Morning circa 2001=awesome. Whatever happened to Pepper Ann?) I wonder why they rearranged it? They start showing the Playhouse Disney shows at 3 in the morning now. :rolleyes:
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    Disney Junior?

    Do you mean the classic Disney films (Aladdin etc) or the mostly-horrible but older (from the 90s, maybe? I can barely remember when Disney wasn't 99% awful...) than what they currently show Disney Channel Original Movies?