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    Hello again.

    Nice to meet you all. Looks like none of the old guard visits here anymore.
  2. Aaron

    Hello again.

    I haven't logged in for a couple of years so i figured i would pop in and see if any of the people i used to know here are still around. if this thread gets replies I'll update about my life.
  3. Aaron

    Disney blocks Muppet Babies videos on YouTube

    Yes but not a single person involved gets any royalties when you view an illegally uploaded youtube video.
  4. Aaron

    Disney blocks Muppet Babies videos on YouTube

    Just speaking for myself as someone who writes and publishes, if i create something i wouldn't want someone else to take it and display it for free without my permission. Regardless of what my intentions with it might be.
  5. Aaron

    New Muppet Pilot in Development by Randall Einhorn (The Office, Modern Family) for ABC

    I'll bet anything it's just a working title for the presentation.
  6. Aaron

    If this isn't "Uh, WHAT" news, I don't know what is...

    A theatrical adaptation of Misery has been around for many years. It's a straight play, no songs.
  7. Aaron

    Favorite Seinfeld moments?

    Didn't want the lip sync to be off probably.
  8. Aaron

    Back To Square One?(The Muppets' 60th Anniversary)

    I think the TMS format would be welcomed by audiences today. it's familiar.
  9. Aaron

    Is Frozen overrated?

    I'm all for individual opinions, i just feel like calling something overrated is just a pretentious way of disagreeing with the majority.
  10. Aaron

    Is Frozen overrated?

    I hate the word overrated. It's just a word people use to give their minority opinion more weight. Nothing can be overrated only well loved. And i say that never having seen Frozen.
  11. Aaron

    Ten Years of The Moppet Family

    Wow we're getting old.
  12. Aaron

    Nick at Nite Thread

    TMS aired at 7:30 Nick at Nite begun at 8.
  13. Aaron

    Nick at Nite Thread

    TMs used to be the last show on before Nick at Nite
  14. Aaron

    Picking Up The Pieces

    I love this story and i promise it will be finished one day.