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The Muppets started in Washington DC back in the 1950's on "Sam and Friends". They quickly became a Washington favorite and were featured in this Sunday Supplement to the Washington Star newspaper. In the article is a picture of a young Jim Henson, at 20 years old, working on one of his Muppets.

The magazine measures 11 by 14 inches.


The Washington Star (November 4, 1962)

King Goshposh is featured on this November 4, 1962 cover of The Washington Star for the premiere of "Tales of the Tinkerdee".

Originally shot as a pilot for a half-hour series, "Tales of the Tinkerdee" features Kermit as a lute-playing narrator in the fairy tale kingdom of Tinkerdee. Filled with rhymes and puns, the show featured the Muppet Taminella Grinderfall, who was later seen in "The Frog Prince".


TV Guide (December 12, 1970)

"Ed Sullivan and the Muppets." Cover features Ed Sullivan and the Muppet elves from the rarely seen special, "The Great Santa Claus Switch". The rights to the special are jointly owned by Ed Sullivan Productions and The Jim Henson Company.


TV Guide (August 6, 1977)

"Behind the Muppet Empire." Cover features Kermit and Fozzie emerging from Muppet Theater curtain. 3-page article on Jim Henson, "Behind every great Muppet."

People Weekly (November 7, 1977)

5-page article on Jim and Jane Henson, "Is this any way for grownups to make a living? Yes, for Muppet masters Jim & Jane Henson."


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Film Comment (May/June 1978)

"A Sow is Born." A 3-page article on Miss Piggy.

Time (December 25, 1978)

Here's a 6-page article on The Muppet Movie, "Those Marvelous Muppets".


Circus (March 19, 1979)

This is a cover with Cheryl Ladd hanging out with Miss Piggy. There is a very nice Muppet article inside with a centerfold poster of Miss Piggy. Cheryl Ladd was a guest on the third season of "The Muppet Show".

The New York Times Magazine (June 10, 1979)

"The Muppets in Movieland." Cover features Jim Henson, Miss Piggy and Kermit.

This mag features a great 8-page article behind-the-scenes on The Muppet Movie.

Maclean's (July 9, 1979)

A 2-page article on The Muppet Movie, "The sweet squeal of success."

People Weekly (September 3, 1979)

"Miss Piggy." Cover features Miss Piggy posing on trunk marked "Hollywood."

There's a 4-page article on Miss Piggy and her jump from television to the big screen in "The Muppet Movie".

Saturday Evening Post (November 1979)

"The Muppet Phenomenon." Cover features Muppet parody of Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving dinner painting, with Miss Piggy and Swedish Chef serving Muppet bird to the Muppet "family." 5-page article on the Muppets, "Muppets on His Hands."

Us (November 6, 1979)

"The Muppets." Cover features Raquel Welch and Kermit.

Saturday Evening Post (December, 1979)

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TV Guide (Dec 29, 1979 - Jan. 4, 1980)

"1980: Year of the Piggy."

Cover features Kermit and Miss Piggy celebrating New Year's. How true this magazine was in it's New Year's prediction. 1980 would definitely be the most unprecedented year for Miss Piggy ever with the release of her first calendar and widespread merchandise everywhere.


Life (August 1980)

"Miss Piggy for President." Cover features Miss Piggy at an election rally podium. Kermit and other frogs are behind her. A 7-page article on the Piggy phenomenon, "A Sweet Sow for All Seasons."

Harper's Bazaar (September 1980)

A 2-page interview with Miss Piggy, "Miss Piggy."

Redbook (September 1980)

A 5-page interview with Miss Piggy, "The Moi Nobody Knows."

Seventeen (November 1980)

"There's more to Miss Piggy than meets the eye!" A 3-page article on Miss Piggy.

McCall's (December 1980)

A 3-page interview with Miss Piggy, "The Star at the Top of My Tree is Moi."

Saturday Evening Post (December 1980)

"The Muppets in Hollywood." Cover features Kermit, Piggy, Robin, John Denver (photo from John Denver Christmas special). 5-page article on Muppets, "Muppets on the Move."


Dynamite (June 1981)

The cover features Fozzie, Kermit and Gonzo from The Great Muppet Caper. 4-page article on GMC, "Dynamite's Great Muppet Caper."

Saturday Evening Post (July/Aug 1981)

"Women's Careers by Miss Piggy."

The Saturday Evening Post cover features everyone's favorite, Miss Piggy as a judge. She has a big law book in her hand. Notice her signature purple glove.

TV Guide (August 1, 1981)

The cover showcases Miss Piggy on a raft in a swimming pool. A 2-page interview with Miss Piggy about the end of The Muppet Show, "Life at Le Top."


McCall's (June 1984)

A 2-page interview with Miss Piggy on the Muppets Take Manhattan wedding, "Miss Piggy's Secret Wedding Plans."

People (July 16, 1984)

A 2-page interview with Kermit and Piggy on their Muppets Take Manhattan wedding, "A Marriage Made in Hog Heaven Unites Miss Piggy and Her Reluctant Frog-Prince."


Daily News Magazine (January 19, 1986)

Kermit, Miss Piggy, Big Bird, and Jim Henson is on the front, and there is a one page article on Jim Henson and the Muppets.


Starlog (May 1989)

A 3-page article on The Jim Henson Hour, "Pulling Strings at Muppet Central."

American Film (November 1989)

A 3-page interview with Henson about the Disney deal, "Jim Henson: Miss Piggy went to market and $150 million came home."


Disney News (Summer 1990)

Jim Henson & Kermit at Disney/MGM studios are on the cover with a huge article focusing on the Muppets and Disney working together beginning with "The Muppets at Disneyworld" special and Muppet Vision 3-D. The magazine went to press before Jim Henson's untimely passing on May 16.

People Weekly (June 18, 1990)

The cover and feature story on Jim Henson called, "The Haunting Last Days of Jim Henson." Cover features Henson and Kermit.

The entire article on from this magazine can be read in our Jim Henson Tribute section.

Life (July 1990)

This Life cover and tribute feature the story on Jim Henson's death called, "The Muppets say goodbye to their best friend."

Cover features Kermit sadly hugging Jim Henson's director's chair. This also includes a 7-page article on Henson's death, "It's Not Easy Being Blue" which is in our Jim Henson Tribute section.

TV Guide (November 17-23, 1990)

"The Muppets at midlife: Life without their leader." Cover shows Kermit, Miss Piggy, Bert and Ernie gathered around a television set with a black and white photo of Jim Henson on it. Does include a nice 3 page article reviewing Jim Henson's career, and the future of the Muppets, along with some nice quotes from some of the Henson family.


Disney News (Summer 1991)

"Jim Henson's 'Muppet Vision 3D' Debuts at Walt Disney World." This magazine was only available at the Walt Disney World park in Florida.


On the cover is a very nice photo of Scooter, Rowlf, Miss Piggy, Fozzie, Gonzo, and Kermit, "busting" out of the page. Inside is 2 page article "Everything's Coming Up Muppets - Kermit and friends go 3D". This article gives some behind-the-scene information about Muppet Vision 3D. Also in the magazine is a nice 2 page article about the show "The Dinosaurs", a television production directed by Brian Henson.


Starlog (January 1993)

Cover features Patrick Stewart. A 3-page article behind-the-scenes on Muppet Christmas Carol, "The Muppet Christmas Carol."

Cinefantastique (February 1993)

Cover features Babylon 5. A 4-page article behind-the-scenes on Muppet Christmas Carol, "Those Little Dickens, The Muppets."


Variety (December 11-17, 1995)

"Variety Celebrating 40 Years of Jim Henson Productions." Cover features Rizzo, Gonzo, Kermit, Animal, Piggy, Rowlf, and Fozzie with sunglasses. 27-page special section on JHP's 40th anniversary.


TV Guide (March 16-22, 1996)

"Parents' Guide to Kids' TV." Cover features Animal, Kermit, Billy Crystal, Gonzo. 4-page article on Muppets Tonight, "The Return of Muppet Mania."


Muppets from Space Film Special (UK)

Includes the story from the film, lots of color photos especially nice ones of Beaker and Pepe, a free poster, some science experiments from Bunsen (invisible ink), and a big pull-out activity section. A plastic "free flying spinner" is on the front of the magazine as well.

Jim Henson's Playtime Issue #1 (UK)

Aimed at young kids, with coloring, dot-to-dot, and some nice photos too. Has features on Bear, Muppets and Muppet Babies, and Construction Site.

This is the first issue, and comes in a shiny silver bag with a big picture of Kermit dressed up as Santa on the front. The actual magazine seems heavily biased towards Bear and Construction Site, thought there's a Muppet Babies story, a Where's Waldo style of picture for the Muppet Christmas Carol, and a recipe for cookies from Piggy.


Jim Henson's Playtime Issue #2 (UK)

The second issue includes a Muppet Babies game, information on Jim Henson's new show Construction Site and Bear in the Big Blue House.

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