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Fraggle Collectibles

Fraggle Rock Sweatshirt (1982)

This sweatshirt features an early drawing of Gobo Fraggle by Michael Frith. This shirt was a gift to the cast and crew that worked on the Fraggle Rock series. It's not certain which year it was printed but the copyright says 1982, so it's possible this was made when the show first began taping.

Fraggle Rock Writer's Bible (1986)

Marvel Productions in association with Henson Associate produced this very rare item for the Fraggle Rock collector. It is an original copy of what was termed the "Fraggle Rock Writer's Bible" which was issued to the writers that worked on the animated Fraggle Rock series.

This "Bible" was bound with a simple school essay type of folder with a clear acetate cover. There were most likely more than one of these put together.

It explained everything one needed to know in order to function in the Fraggle Rock universe. It contains character biographies, landscape descriptions and the relationships between that universe's inhabitants therein. Almost every reoccurring character from the HBO series is included in these pages; from Gobo Fraggle to Mokey's Night-Blooming Deathwort, Lanford and the Ditzies. The Bible states that they will recommend which episodes of the original series the writers should watch to research the necessary characters a story may require. Curiously, the illustrations used in this book appear to be the early and unrevised Michael Frith designs when the original series was being created.

This book also gives the intention of the cartoon series. It has an added stapled together section with a few do's and do not's attached. Another bit of curiosity is that the final note on the addendum states that the characters of Doc and Sprocket would not appear in the cartoon series. Obviously this idea was changed.

This copy was purchased from the eBay auction site for over $120.00. It is not known who owned this particular copy or who took a fluorescent yellow highlighter to it, but it is fun to imagine (and entirely possible) that it was once held in the hands of Jim Henson himself.

Fraggle Paper Weight (1986)

This beautiful paper weight was a gift from Jim Henson to the cast and crew of Fraggle Rock when the show completed taping it's last season.

On the front is the signature Fraggle Rock logo with Sprocket underneath. The back reads "Thanks from the heart of Fraggle Rock. Jim, 1983-1986".

McDonald's Television Commercial Storyboards (1987)

These are the original storyboard drawings used for the production of the TV commercial for the Fraggle Rock Happy Meals.

They were drawn by McDonald's artist in residence Rich Seidelman who does much of their artwork. They are drawn on 8 1/2 by 11 inch paper in black marker. There were only eleven storyboards needed for this commercial. They were done in a rather simple quick fashion just getting the gist of what each Fraggle character looks like captured. Each one shows the intended dialogue captioned underneath the picture. These are truly one of a kind!

McDonald's Happy Meal Doozer Box (1987)

Here is the as rare as you can get Doozer Happy Meal box. It was on eBay in 1999.

Wembley Fraggle is on the front of the box eating a Doozer construction and there are lots of games featuring many Doozers including Cotterpin.

This box is one of only two known to exist. It is just a prototype for the test Fraggle Rock Doozer toys. It sold for well over $600.

Fraggle Rock Animated Series Storyboards (1987)

Another rare and awesome find for the Fraggle Rock collector is this set of Marvel Productions storyboards from the cartoon episode of Fraggle Rock titled: "Laundry Never Lies".

The storyboards consist of 51 pages and 139 illustrations for just one 15 minute episode (not counting commercials). The pages themselves are approximately 8 1/2 by 14 inches long. They were reproduced on a copy machine and were probably reduced in size as well.

The illustrations, drawn by Jim Shull, are a bit on the crude side but exact details for this sort of thing usually are not necessary. The panels are captioned with the dialogue for that scene. They also describe actions and camera angles. Some are blank to represent fade outs and possibly spaces for the commercials.

This particular episode is the one where Boober claims he can tell anything he wants about a Fraggle just by looking at their laundry. They find Red Fraggle's sweater and conclude that she was killed by something that's called a poison cackler but doesn't look like one. Wembley has an obnoxious catch phrase in the episode where he exclaims "That's Amazing! Amazing!". He says it several times.

The only thing that could make this item more intriguing would be if it were storyboards from the HBO series!

Original Fraggle Rock Lunchbox Art (1987)

This is a truly one of a kind Fraggle Rock find. It is the original artwork used for the plastic Fraggle Rock lunch box produced by Thermos to be released in conjunction with the animated series painted by artist was Victor A. Alongi.

This piece includes the original painting with a clear overlay covering it, a mat frame, a tracing paper overlay with needed corrections and a letter from Henson Associates explaining the corrections that were needed.

The letter from Henson Associates compliments the artist's work and makes suggestions to better portray the character's likeness' in the picture. They suggest to fix Gobo's eyelids and to make sure all of the Fraggles' pupils are the same size. They also mention corrections to the Doozers' helmets and construction vehicles to make them more accurate. They also let the artist know that they touched up the artwork for the thermos and added the little cave creature pet next to the Doozer (on the thermos). The letter is signed by Jim Mahon.

The tracing paper overlay has the characters traced in blue pencil with the needed corrections made along with a few written notes. On the final piece, you can see where the artist made the corrections around their eyes. This is a nice illustration but not the best. Mokey's pupils are too small and look like she got a whiff of the Trash Heap's Love Potion # 9. There is also something odd about the way Wembley's mouth connects to his face. He need more of a neck or something. His legs are pretty long also. It appears to have been painted in watercolor and perhaps gauche as well. It is signed by the artist and has had registration marks added as well. The top cover for the entire piece has a bit of information about the advertising company:

Harold Katz Advertising / Packaging, Inc.
150 Great Neck Road, Great Neck, NY 11021 & the phone number.

Fraggle Rock, Reflective Art and is dated 11/87.

Something this rare could have only come from that wonderful on-line auction site eBay. It sold for over $300.00.

McDonald's Crew Fraggle Rock Apparel (1988)

To promote the new Fraggle Rock Saturday morning cartoon, McDonald's had their Fraggle Rock based Happy Meals. Not only were there boxes and toys and advertising displays featuring the Fraggles, but the actual McDonald's crew had certain uniform related items.

Of of the clothing items seemed to have the same images of the Fraggle Rock logo along with a picture of Gobo and Red with two Doozers at their sides. One Doozer appears to actually be Cotterpin. Gobo's sleeves are also colored in instead of striped. This logo appeared on the crew hats, and aprons and possibly T-shirts. An odd item though would be the tote bag issued to McDonald's workers. It's conceivable that this was given to upper management staff.

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Section compiled by
Nick Bondra and Phillip Chapman


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