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Fraggle Collectibles

Fraggle Rock Wall Calendar (1984)

Illustrations by Bruce McNally.

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Fraggle Rock Calendar (1989)

Published 1989 by Muppet Press. Written by Louise Gikow. Illustrated by Larry DiFiori.

This is probably the last Fraggle Rock calendar ever printed. It came out with the wave of merchandising following the animated series. This calendar was done by the same artist as the slew of Fraggle Rock learning type books released at the same time.

In 1985, the artist Larry DiFiori did the illustrations for the Fraggle Rock story book "Boober Fraggle's Ghosts". His technique of drawing Fraggles changed slightly since then, especially in the fashion he drew the Fraggle's clothing and their hair. The newer versions may have been geared to look more like the animated Fraggles.

The calendar features illustrations of Fraggle, Doozer and Gorg holidays loosely based on the "silly creature" holidays that fall during those months. The Fraggles dress in green in March, Fraggle Fools Day is celebrated in April and we can't forget about the Festival of the Bells in December. When closed, the calendar measures approximately 6 x 6 inches. It's relatively small for a calendar.

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