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The Dark Crystal CD Soundtrack

Boo, get off the stage!

Phillip Chapman (May 7, 2003) - One of the most beautiful treats in entertainment is listening to a well-written and exceptional score. Sometimes without even realizing, a score can greatly enhance or detract the overall mood and emotions associated with a film.

Finally, for the first time ever, The Dark Crystal is available on CD in this limited-edition 2-disc set. The soundtrack was limited to a pressing of only 5,000. Jim Henson’s pioneering masterpiece can be envisioned and almost felt with each crescendo and fermata.

Order the limited-edition motion picture CD soundtrack from buysountrax.com.

This collector’s release is not a cheap or thoughtless duplication of the original album. This CD set is everything you would hope that a Dark Crystal set would include: a 12-page collector’s booklet, the full LP release re-mastered in original form (on disc 1) and the entire motion picture isolated score (on disc 2). Released on Numenorean Music, we can only hope that other Henson movies receive such a splendid treatment in the future.

Composer Trevor Jones and the London Symphony Orchestra take you on a breathtaking journey. Not unlike the film itself, the soundtrack is full of wonderful contrasts that make the music so unique. “The Dark Crystal Overture” sets up the dark-and-triumphant movie perfectly while “The Pod Dance” is joyous and fun-filled. The “Love Theme” is sweet and tender while the “The Landstrider Journey” is full, rich and always uplifting.

This soundtrack should be a hallmark in everyone's music collection. It's definitely worth picking up. Surely in the years to come, it's value will only increase on the second-hand market and on auction sites such as eBay.

As The Dark Crystal celebrates 20 years, the film garners more-and-more respect as new generations discover it for the first time. Thanks to this soundtrack and the re-issue of The World of the Dark Crystal book, the vision and legacy of the film will continue for much more than the next twenty years.

Catherine Drougas (May 10, 2003) - This is a wonderful 2-disc CD set for the film, The Dark Crystal.

For those who don't know, it is a limited edition (5,000 copies) 2-CD set: one CD is the original album and the second is a note-by-note score of the entire film.

There is a little color booklet that has a pre-published interview with Trevor Jones, a story synopsis, and film credits. This beautiful soundtrack is an auditory feast. The only drawback that I can see is that none of the Mystic chants are on either CD. Other than this, I absolutely enjoyed this album. I especially enjoyed the chant to bring Kira back to life on the second CD (Track 28). It was just as moving as when I first heard it during the movie.

Some of us have been waiting decades for this album to appear, and it is well worth the wait. If you don't have it, get it while it is still available. It is only $24.95 (from buysountrax.com). It is a small price to pay to own a great piece of Dark Crystal history.

DISC ONE - The Original Album

1. The Dark Crystal Overture (3:11)
2. The Power Ceremony (3:57)
3. The Storm (1:03)
4. The Mystical Master Dies (0:51)
5. The Funerals / Jen's Journey (5:25)
6. The Skeksis' Funeral (1:41)
7. The Pod Dance (3:14)
8. Love Theme (3:17)
9. Gelfling Song (1:11)
10. The Gelfling Ruins (1:43)
11. The Landstrider Journey (0:44)
12. The Great Conjunction (4:13)
13. Finale (7:14)

DISC TWO - The Complete Film Score

1. Opening Titles and Main Theme / Mystics' Sandpainting (4:54)
2. Jen Plays His Pipes (0:56)
3. Jen Goes To His Dying Master (0:39)
4. The Death of The Emperor / Death of the Mystic Master / Mystics Memorial Ceremony / Jen's Journey Through the New World (3:18)
5. Skeksis Debate Leadership / Skeksis Duel (Film Version) (3:10)
6. Chamberlain Is Attacked (1:10)
7. Skeksis Summoned By Alarm (0:50)
8. Garthim Are Dispatched / Jen On Aughra's Mountain (2:29)
9. Jen Enters Aughra's Observatory (1:11)
10. Jen Discovers Shard (0:22)
11. Observatory Destroyed / Mystics Set Out (1:18)
12. Gelflings Meet / Dreamfast (1:11)
13. Skeksis Feast - Part One (1:17)
14. Skeksis Feast - Part Two (0:30)
15. Batbirds Dispatched / Environmental Musical Sounds / Gelfling Song / Batbird Brought Down / Mystics Traveling #1 (1:15)
16. Pod Party / Destruction of Pod Village (4:10)
17. Jen and Kira Love Theme (1:36)
18. The Prophecy in the Ruins (2:09)
19. Escape from the Chamberlain / Kira Summons the Landstriders (1:47)
20. Jen and Kira Set Off On Landstriders / Pod Person Drained (2:37)
21. The Battle / Mystics Traveling #2 (4:20)
22. Jen and Kira in the Sewer (1:43)
23. Kira Brought Before the Skeksis (0:57)
24. Kira Drained in the Chamber of Life (1:12)
25. Kira Freed / Jen Goes in Search / Mystic Disintegrates / Mystics Traveling #3 (1:08)
26. Jen Trapped in Lair / Jen Reaches Chamber of Life (0:26)
27. Jen Discovers Crystal Chamber (3:40)
28. Gelfling Frightens the Skeksis / The Crystal Made Whole / Mystics and Skeksis Fuse / Finale / End Credits (16:10)


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