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Jerry Nelson Trivia

Below you will see a series of questions. Please click the appropriate button of the answer of your choice. When you are finished you can check your scores and find out your grade. Good luck (and you can always try it again)!

1. Where was Jerry Nelson born?

2. With what famous puppeteer did Jerry get his first taste of puppetry?
Jim Henson
Sherry Lewis
Bil Baird
Bruce Schwartz

3. Jerry Nelson appeared in Jim Henson's surrealistic fantasy "The Cube", as what?
A Prisoner
A Guitarist
A Monk
An Accountant

4. Which "Sesame Street" character did Jerry perform between 1971 and 1977?
Forgetful Jones
Captain Vegetable
Sinister Sam
Mr. Snuffle-upagus

5. Jerry Nelson performs the Amazing Mumford. What are his trademark magic words?
A - la - chocolate - pudding - cake!
A - la - super - cotton - candy!
A - la - peanut - butter - sandwiches!
A - la - Big Mac - and - Fries!

6. Which Muppet monster did Jerry originally perform?
Big Mama

7. In which special did this monster first appear?
The Great Santa Claus Switch
The Frog Prince
The Muppets Valentine Show
The Muppet Show: Sex and Violence

8. Which of these short-lived Muppet Show characters did Jerry Nelson perform?
Fleet Scribbler
George the Janitor

9. Which song performed by Jerry had massive record sales around the world?
New York State of Mind
Manha Manha
The Song of the Count
Halfway Down the Stairs

10. Which Muppet did Jerry say he could identify with most?
The Count
Gobo Fraggle

11. Which of these Dark Crystal Skeksis did Jerry provide the voice for?
High Priest
Slave Master

12. Which of these Fraggle characters did Jerry not perform?
Pa Gorg
Feenie Fraggle
Architect Doozer
The Mean Genie

13. In “The Christmas Toy” Jerry performed Balthazar. What toy was he?
A Plush Tiger
A Teddy Bear
A Wind-up Robot
A Rocking Horse

14. Which of these "Jim Henson Hour" characters did Jerry Perform?

15. Which one of the "Jim Henson Hour" shows did Jerry actually appear?
Dog City
Miss Piggy's Hollywood
Lighthouse Island
Song of the Cloud Forest

16. Which ghost did Jerry Nelson perform in “The Muppet Christmas Carol”?
Christmas Yet to Come
Christmas Past
Christmas Present
Christmas Dinner

17. Which of these Muppet pirates did Jerry Nelson perform in "Muppet Treasure Island"?
Clueless Morgan
Black Eyed Pea
Mad Monty
Short Stack Stevens

18. In fact, Jerry himself appeared as who in "Muppet Treasure Island"?
He was a pirate on the Hispaniola
He was Squire Trelawney’s doorman
He was a customer in the Admiral Benbow Inn
He was on Captain Smollet’s horse drawn carriage

19. Who is not a Jerry Nelson Sesame character?
Sherlock Hemlock
Sam the Robot
Herbert Birdsfoot
Don Music

20. In what year did Jerry become a full-time member of the Henson crew?

Score =
Correct answers:

Quiz Written by: Michael Dixon, Cindy Chapman, Samantha Wallace, Mar Quinn and Phillip Chapman


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