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The Muppet Christmas Carol Trivia

Below you will see a series of questions. Please click the appropriate button of the answer of your choice. When you are finished you can check your scores and find out your grade. Good luck (and you can always try it again)!

1. At the beginning of “The Muppet Christmas Carol”, what are Rizzo and Gonzo selling?
Wax fruit
Christmas apples
Belgium chocolates
Rubber chickens

2. In the song “Scrooge”, a Muppet gives a puppet show using a Punch puppet and a crocodile. Which puppet originally performed these puppets on the Senor Wences episode of “The Muppet Show”?
Marvin Suggs
Lew Zealand
Fozzie Bear

3. What wise lesson did Rizzo learn from his mother?
Never share the spotlight with a weirdo
Always keep some jelly beans in your pocket
Never listen to talking cereal
Never eat singing food

4. How many children does the Cratchit family have?

5. How many brothers and sisters did Rizzo say that he had?

6. Who performed Betina Cratchit?
Steve Whitmire
Dave Goelz
Jerry Nelson
David Rudman

7. Which Fraggle Rock character did not appear in this movie?

8. What song did the bookkeeper rats sing to show Mr. Scrooge that there was a heat wave after his refusal of extra coal?
California Dreaming
My Island in the Sun
Heat Wave
Hot, Hot, Hot

9. Bunsen and Beaker were asking for donations for which charity group?
Order of Victoria Charity Foundation
Foundation of Fumbling Scientists
Organization of Homeless Rodents
Order of Elizabethan Society of Children

10. What Christmas carol is Bean Bunny singing when Mr. Scrooge opens the door?
Good King Wenceslas
Let it Snow! Let it Snow!
O Holy Night
We Three Kings

11. What did Rizzo yell when Gonzo was lighting the street lamps?
Light the lamp, not the rat!
The British are coming!

12. What was Fozziwig's factory the manufacturer of?
Joke books
Squirting flowers
Rubber chickens
Joy buzzers

13. What was the Swedish Chef serving at Fozziwig's Christmas party?
Singing grapes
Dancing cabbage
A partridge in a pear tree
Singing fruitcake

14. Which instrument was Janice playing when The Electric Mayhem was performing at Fozziwig's party?

15. What does Beaker give to Mr. Scrooge in exchange for his generous donation?
His red scarf
A fruitcake
A handshake
Bean Bunny

16. What does Mr. Scrooge ask Bean Bunny to buy for him to take to Bob Cratchit?
A new cane for Tiny Tim
A roast pig
A turkey

17. For what would Scrooge win a prize?
For being unhappy
For being grumpy
For being mean
For working hard

18. Which spirit was absent minded?
Ghost of Christmas Present
Jacob and Robert Marley
Ghost of Christmas Past
Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come

19. What did Waldorf and Statler say it was good to be doing again?
Being selfish

20. Why did Gonzo say Rizzo had all the luck?
Because he fell down a chimney onto a flaming hot goose
Because he caught on fire
Because he fell from Scrooge's window
Because he had Jelly Beans

Score =
Correct answers:

Quiz Written by: Cindy Chapman, Jogchem Jalink, Hans Jensen, Neil Pattinson, Mar Quinn and Phillip Chapman


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