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•12/18 - Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas Blu-ray

•11/06 - Sesame Street: The Magical Wand Chase DVD

•11/02 - Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas CD

•10/09 - Muppets Meet the Classics: Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm Book

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Lobby Cards and Press Kits
Muppet Collectibles

Muppet Show Pilot Postcard (1975)

Before it became a syndicated series, Jim Henson and his associates produced The Muppet Show Pilot: Sex and Violence for ABC.

This 4 x 6 postcard sent to the press and personal friends, featured Muppet Show characters Dr. Teeth, Janice, Animal, and, in the background, Jim Henson strumming a banjo, is a wonderful example of the artwork style used at Henson Associates during the 1970's. Jim mailed the card to announce the airdate of the pilot.

The text reads: "Jim Henson and The Infamous Dr. Teeth invite you to join George Washington, The San Francisco Earthquake, The Seven Deadly Sins and a host of others for an evening of nonsense on The Muppet Show, Wed. March 19, ABC TV.' (Janice's comment, in the balloon is, "Oh Yeah!".

Muppets From Space Lobby Cards (1999)

paper_mfslobby.jpg (17335 bytes)Lobby Cards, which are no longer made for distribution in the US, are still made here and shipped overseas and used as advertising tools for movies. These cards are 11x14 inches in size, and have a glossy look and feel and depict different scenes from the film.

The set includes eight different cards. The one featured in this picture is of Miss Piggy and Agent Barker.

paper_mfspress.gif (34405 bytes)Muppets From Space Press Kit (1999)

Columbia Pictures press kit for Muppets From Space contains a 29 page production information booklet, cast/production credits (10 page booklet) and 9 black and white glossies from the film. This press kit was also available on CD-ROM, video tape, and on 35 millimeter slides.

The pictures included are:

  1. Muppets From Space logo at the top in front of a starry sky and down below the logo stand (from left to right) Fozzie, Kermit, Piggy, Rizzo, Gonzo, and Animal. THE BOTTOM READS: In the Columbia Pictures/Jim Henson Pictures presentation, MUPPETS FROM SPACE, the entire zany Muppet cast embarks on a hilarious extraterrestrial adventure in hopes of finding Gonzo's long-lost family from a distant planet.

  2. Three pictures are on this photo. The top left one is of Kermit painting the Muppet boarding house. The bottom left one is where Gonzo is sitting at the kitchen table, and the one on the right is where Miss Piggy is leaning against the door frame in Bunson and Beakers "lab" (aka the basement). THE BOTTOM READS: (clockwise from top left) As usual, Kermit the Frog helps fix not only the Muppet boarding house, but the Muppets wacky problems. Roving reporter Miss Piggy dons a provocative ensemble to help her get a top secret story that may prove to be her big break. Over breakfast at the Muppet boarding house, Gonzo explains his desire to search for his family.

  3. This page has four pictures. The top left one has Fozzie, Robin, Rizzo, Clifford, Rowlf, and Pepe sitting on the couch watching UFOMania. The upper right one is of Rizzo and Gonzo in Singer's office. The lower right one is of Kermit sitting at the kitchen table and Pepe standing next to him (the classic "flapover" scene). The lower left one is of Gonzo and Rizzo sitting up on the roof of the boarding house. THE BOTTOM READS: (clockwise from top left) Fozzie Bear, Rizzo, Robin, Pepe, Clifford, and Rowlf watch Gonzo's TV appearance on "UFOMania". Rizzo the Rat and Gonzo the Great play buddies and roommates. Pepe la Prawn serves up breakfast for Kermit at the Muppet boarding house. With buddy Rizzo, Gonzo searches for the meaning of his life among the stars.

  4. This is one big picture. The backdrop is a dark, starry sky with a big full moon. In front of the moon stand Fozzie, Kermit Miss Piggy, Rizzo, Gonzo, and Animal. BOTTOM READS: Same as the first page.

  5. This page has four pictures. The top left one is of K. Edgar Singer and Gonzo in the scene where Singer is asking Gozno about his nose. The top right one is of "Rentro" and Hollywood Hogan in Singer's office. The lower right picture is of Piggy, Gonzo, and Rob Schneider at Miss Piggy's desk on the set of UFOMania. The lower left one is of David Arquette and all of the rats in the science lab. THE BOTTOM READS: (clockwise from left) K. Edgar Singer goes nose to nose with Gonzo. Bobo the Bear and Hollywood Hogan both work for Singer st his secret compound. On "UFOMania," Miss Piggy impresses her producer, Sandy Martin (Rob), when she interviews Gonzo, who claims he is living proof we are not alone in the universe. David Arquette plays a wacky scientist who enjoys tormenting Rizzo and the other lab rats.

  6. This also has four pictures. The upper left one is of Miss Piggy and Shelley Snipes at Cape Doom. The upper right one is where Miss Piggy is drilling Agent Barker for info. The lower right one is where Kathy Griffin is trying to get Animal to stay with her. The lower left one is Ray Liotta posing with Kermit, Pepe, and Piggy. THE BOTTOM READS: "UFOMania" host Shelley Snipes' (Andie MacDowell) feathers are ruffled when Miss Piggy tries to steal her job. Miss Piggy will do anything to get a story-even tie up Barker (Josh Charles), one of Singer's Men in Black. Kathy Griffin plays a security guard who gets chased by Animal, then falls in love with him. Actor Ray Liotta poses with Kermit, Pepe, and Miss Piggy during the filming of MFS.

  7. This is one big picture. It has Brian Henson and Tim Hill in the foreground. THE BOTTOM SAYS: (from left to right) Producer Brian Henson and director Tim Hill discuss a scene while filming Muppets From Space.

  8. This is one big picture. The backdrop is a starry sky with Kermit, Fozzie, Gonzo, Piggy, and Animal crammed into the lower right corner. THE BOTTOM READS: Same as first picture, only there's no Rizzo.

  9. This is one big picture. It is also the only Elmo in Grouchland one that I got. The background is the ever famous 123 stairs and a snowcone machine. In the foreground, Elmo is floating down from who knows where (Elmo's World??) using his blanket as a parachute. THE BOTTOM READS: When a tug-of-war with friend Zoe sends Elmo's beloved, fuzzy blue blanket into a faraway world known as Grouchland- full of grouchy creatures, stinky garbage and the villainous Huxley- Elmo summons all of his courage and determination to rescue her cherished keepsake in the Columbia Pictures presentation, "THE ADVENTURES OF ELMO IN GROUCHLAND".

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Section compiled by
Cindy Chapman and Phillip Chapman

With contributions from
Samantha Wallace (Muppets From Space Press Kit)


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