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Games and Software
Muppet Collectibles

Parker Brothers (1977)

"The Muppet Show" Board Game

This game is for 2-4 players. Each person gets a two character set: Piggy & Rowlf (Vet's Hospital costumes), Fozzie & Scooter, Statler & Waldorf, or Dr. Teeth & Animal. Kermit is the director.

Each player spins two wheels to get an "act" and a "scene". You then follow the directions in the "script" to see how to move your set and characters. The object is to move  your character set from backstage to the footlights of the theater. Beautiful photos decorate the character pieces and the game box while illustrations are on the game board.

Palitoy (1977, UK)

"The Muppet Show" Shadow Theatre

This great Muppet Show theater is a lot of fun. It includes the playing characters Kermit, Piggy, Fozzie, and Animal. Zoot, Dr. Teeth, Rowlf, Floyd, and Gonzo (on the string bass!) are featured in the orchestra pit. Statler and Waldorf are in their box on the right, while Wayne, Wanda, and Janice are in the box on the left.

Milton Bradley (1978, UK)

Kermit's Game

This is an action game, full of fun and excitement for young people. The object is to keep Kermit balanced on his ball as you remove stick after stick. If you pull out the wrong one and Kermit falls over, you're out of the game.

Milton Bradley (1980)

Kermit the Frog Card Game

    1 score pad of 40 sheets
    1 deck of 36 cards

The game is for 2 to 4 players, ages 5 to 10 years old.

The Very Fashionable Miss Piggy Card Game

    1 score pad of 40 sheets
    1 deck of 24 cards

Win the game by accumulating the fewest points for the lowest score. The game is for 3 or 4 players, ages 8 to adult.

Hallmark (1980)

Kermit and Miss Piggy Playing Cards

Two sets of regular playing cards, one set featuring a photo of Kermit and another of Miss Piggy on the back. Kermit is saying "Who dealt this mess?". Miss Piggy is saying "Lucky in cards, lucky in love".

These cards were released in several different cases in order to accommodate different kinds of card games.

Kermit Playing Cards

Another single deck of cards were released featuring Kermit dressed in cowboy hat, vest and pants. He's even wearing a sheriff's badge.

Kermit says "Deal the cards, pardner!"

Milton Bradley (1981)

The Great Muppet Caper Card Game

"As much fun as the movie of the same name!" A somewhat confusing game in which you need to match cards that tell a version of the story of the movie. You also try to collect cards that reveal a picture of the famous Baseball Diamond.

The Great Muppet Caper 3-D Board Game

Join Kermit, Fozzie, Miss Piggy, and Gonzo on a wild trip through the streets of London. Your favorite Muppet friends are in search of four very hard-to-capture thieves who are trying to steal a legendary jewel called the "Baseball Diamond". This 3D game is a blast as you reenact all the best scenes from the movie driving Bo's taxi or the Muppets Bus. You can enter the Dubonnet Club and the Mallory Gallery.

Atari Pigs in Space (1982)

The game aimed to parody some of the most familiar space scenarios by using the famed Muppet Show characters, and offers three entirely different games.

The first game features Link Hogthrob in a Space Invaders-type setting. Link's task here is to take out row after row of advancing chickens while avoiding their deadly eggs. The second chapter is similar to Donkey Kong. As Miss Piggy, players attempt to get to the top of the screen while dodging spaghetti strings and meatballs. Finally, you get to control Dr. Strangepork in a very Vanguard-ish variation. As Dr. Strangepork flies through a cavern, he must dodge menacing Gonzoids using a boomerang-like weapon called the Boomeray.

Dragon Ball Z (1984)

Kermit's Electronic Story Maker

This software is for the Commodore 64. In this game, you can write stories from the words in the included book, and then watch as it is animated on the computer screen. You are in control of the story. Even if you want Miss Piggy to fly to the moon on a banana or Kermit bouncing on a hippo in the city, your stories can come to life before your very eyes.

Koala Technologies (1984)

Muppet Learning Keys

This keyboard was designed to be used with an Apple, Atari, or Commodore computer. The keyboard had a paintbox with eight touchable colors, a blackboard with the alphabet in order, and a ruler with numbers.

Using the software and the keyboard together a child could created pictures and play games featuring the Muppets right on their computer.

HiTech (1989)

Muppet Adventure: Chaos at the Carnival

This game was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System and for the PC.

A summary of the game is that the diabolical Dr. Grump has pignapped the Miss Piggy. Kermit and the other Muppets must master the dangerous carnival amusement rides in order to save her. The rides that will need to be mastered are: funhouse, tunnel of love, bumper cars, duck hunt, spaceride, and the mystery big top of doom.

Tiger Electronics (1992)

Street Surfin' Hand-Held Game

The player controls Kermit, skateboarding through a race. Kermit has to dodge his competitors, Fozzie and Gonzo, and jump over obstacles including holes and Foo-Foo. An engaging little game, if you turn off the irritating music.

Tiger Toys (1994)

Coach Kermit

This is an Electronic Learning Game for ages 3-5, it focuses on teaching matching and recognizing differences.

Softkey International / Jim Henson Interactive (1995)

The Muppet Calendar CD-Rom

A nice calendar program with a Muppet screen saver. The real gems on this disc, however, are the more than 200 hi-res Muppet photos and clip art. General photos of Kermit and Piggy are included, along with pictures from the first three movies, holiday photos, various puzzles, and the Muppet Babies picture books.

Starwave Corporation (1996)

The Muppet CD-ROM: Muppets Inside

This is a brilliant CD-ROM game for Windows 95 and Windows NT. When you start the game, it instantly freezes and crashes your computer. Inside your computer, Bunsen Honeydew tries to fix the program, but he accidentally "digitizes" all the Muppets and loses them in the computer. It's up to you, with the help of Kermit and Fozzie, to find the lost pieces of the game and the digitized Muppets.

The game includes clips from The Muppet Show as well as lots of new Muppet footage specifically recorded for the game. The game also included a Muppetizer that provides Muppet cursors, sounds and wallpaper for your computer.

In 1997, Jim Henson Interactive was awarded the "Codie Award" for "Best Overall Multimedia" for the Muppet CD-ROM: Muppets Inside.

Sega (1996)

"Muppets on the Go" is a title for Sega's Pico Storyware system. The Pico consists of a type of laptop computer that when opened provides a drawing pad with magic pen (mouse). Where the laptop screen would be, the storyware cartridge is inserted. The storyware cartridge is a book, with a series of 6 pages. As the child turns the page of the book, the image on the television screen changes as well. Interaction with the image on the screen is through the magic pen and the drawing pad.

In this game, children can choose easy or hard modes to solve puzzles, match shapes or play dexterity games. Using Muppet fish and original art, children can create and animate their own aquarium scenes.

Some of the highlights of this game are:

  1. A-Mazing - Race through a maze with Gonzo and collect eggs!
  2. Toy Store - Help Fozzie match toy shapes.
  3. Repair the wall - Guide Rizzo in matching brick shapes.
  4. Look before you Leap - Help Kermit cross the river.
  5. Let's Have a Picnic - save the picnic from invading insects!
  6. Snowboard Stunts - perform mid-air feats with Gonzo.
  7. Memory Match-up - Can you remember which shells washed up on the beach?
  8. Magic Shell Game - Find the pearl.
  9. Create your own aquarium - design backgrounds and add fish.

Activision (1996)

The Muppet Treasure Island CD-ROM

This 3-disc CD-ROM game is a tie-in with Muppet Treasure Island. The game follows a simplified version of the movie, with four major areas: the Benbow Inn, Bristol, The Hispaniola and Treasure Island. Along the way, you click on objects to find hidden treasures. A new Muppet that was originally planned for the film, Stevenson the parrot, guides your trip. The game includes clips from the movie as well as new segments specially recorded for the game.

Price Stern Sloan (1996)

These puzzle games are two different versions of the same puzzle which include nine square cardboard pieces that have half-photos of Muppet characters on each side of the square. The object of the game is to arrange the puzzle pieces into a square, with all of the photos lining up.

The Crazy Kermit Game

Kermit's game is a fun card game.

It includes photos of Kermit, Animal, Clifford and Sam.

The Crazy Miss Piggy Game

Miss Piggy's game is another good card game.

It includes photos of Miss Piggy, Rizzo, Gonzo, and Andy & Randy.

la carte AG (1999, Germany)

Muppet 3-D Chess Set

This German chess set is an incredible collectible with fine detail given to all the various pieces. The set comes with all the pieces, the chess board, and a special collector's box. Game rules are in German and English.

The pieces:

  1. Pawn (Rizzo)
  2. Knight (Gonzo and Animal)
  3. Bishop (Swedish Chef and Fozzie)
  4. Castle (Waldorf and Statler)
  5. King (Kermit)
  6. Queen (Miss Piggy)

Applause (2000)

Muppet 3-D Chess Set

A similar chess set as the original German one was released in the United States. While the pieces are nearly identical, Applause's board has a totally different look. You'll notice the edges feature a Muppet Show curtain with a picture of Fozzie in each of the corners.

Take2 Interactive Software (2000)

Muppets GameBoy Color

The Muppets find themselves once again at the mercy of one of Dr. Bunsen Honeydew experiments. Bunsen and Beaker develop a time machine that sends Miss Piggy, Rowlf, Fozzie, Gonzo, Sam the Eagle, and the Swedish Chef to different periods in history and it is up to Kermit and Animal (who somehow got left behind) to save them.

Within each level either Kermit or Animal must take the clues that Statler and Waldorf give them and look for a particular item as well as each Muppet. Kermit has special powers for jumping extra high and throws paper airplanes to defeat enemies. Animal has special powers of stomping and throws drumsticks at his enemies. Levels consist of mazes and trails in which the player must collect fruit and complete each level to save the Muppet trapped in that time period.

Midway (2000)

Muppet RaceMania

This fantastic Muppet kart-racing game for the Sony PlayStation features over 25 Muppet characters with 25 distinct vehicles. There are 24 tracks representing each of the six Muppet Movies.

Along with racing tracks, there are battle tracks and stunt tracks. A battle course allows you to hit other Muppets in their vehicles, and a stunt course tests your skills by jumping, shooting, turning, and collecting. Wacky weapons include shooting chickens, bommerang fish, and exploding penquins. There are lots of hidden features and secret bonuses in this game. With all the different race combinations and video clips, a Muppet fan will be hard pressed to get bored with this game.

Read a review of this game, including tips, tricks and secret codes.

Muppet Monster Adventure

Long-overdo yong Robin gets his time in the spotlight in this role-playing game. Robin is in charge of saving Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie, Gonzo, and Clifford as they have all been turned into monsters. Pepe guides Robin in each of the levels and gives him tips on how to defeat other monsters and gain special powers such as swimming, flying, karate chopping, climbing and pushing. Rizzo, Bunsen, Beaker, and the Swedish Chef also make notable appearances.

Read a review of this game, including tips, tricks, and secret codes.

New Kid Co. (2002)

Muppet Pinball Mayhem

The first Muppet title for the Gameboy Advance is also the first pinball title of any kind for Nintendo's hand-held console. Four character tables are included on this fast-and-furious game including Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, and Animal. Original Muppet voices and characterizations are used to complement the pinball arcade action.

Read a review of this game, including tips and tricks.

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