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•10/24 - The Muppets Take Manhattan 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray with Frank Oz Commentary

•10/1 - Supersize Count von Count

•10/01 - Sesame Street Action Figures Wave 1: Ernie with Rubber Duckie, Bert with Bernice, Count von Count, Yip Yip Martians

•9/1 - Fraggle Rock Action Figures Wave 1: Gobo, Red, Traveling Matt, Architect and Cotterpin, Flange



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Fraggle Collectibles

Fraggle Rock Wooden Tray Puzzles (1983)

Playskool added Fraggle Rock to their series of wooden tray puzzles geared toward the younger kids around the time the show first aired on HBO. There are at least 5 different puzzles in this line each with about 10 pieces fro puzzles. They measure about 11 1/2 by 9 1/2 inches. The images are simple yet pleasing to the eye. The series includes: Gobo, Red, Uncle Traveling Matt, the Doozers, and Sprocket.

Hestair Puzzles (1983, UK)

Hestair Puzzles made several different Fraggle Rock puzzles geared towards slightly different age groups. They were only available in the United Kingdom. One nice feature to the Hestair Fraggle Rock puzzles is that each have a title printed on the top of the box.

100 Piece Puzzles (Ages 6 and up)

The artwork appears to be from the same artist and is for the most part, very well executed. Occasionally, with some of the puzzles' illustrations, there's a bit of perspective and scale issues but for the most part they are very detailed and accurate. The completed puzzle size is 10 1/2 x 10 1/2 inches.

"The Band of Five" is a typical group shot with the Fraggles playing instruments, similar to many of the publicity photos.

"Doozers at Work" features a Fraggle that is surrounded by Doozer constructions. It could be Gobo, but he's not wearing his usual striped shirt.

"The Radish Run" looks as if the artist had fun with this one. It also appears that the only picture of Junior Gorg they had for reference was of him wearing armor because, in the "Wembley and the Gorgs" 50 piece puzzle below, he's dressed the same.

"Marjory the Trash Heap" is a wonderful picture of the trash heap that is drawn to scale with her and the Fraggles visiting.

50 Piece Puzzles (Ages 4 and up)

Hestair's 50 piece Fraggle Rock puzzles are geared to a slightly younger age group. They also form a 10 1/2 inch circle when completed. Possibly they were designed this way to keep the younger age group's attention longer or as a difference in style. There are 4 known puzzles in this set:

"Down at Fraggle Rock" is a group shot that looks as if the artist was loosing interest with this one, however, Mokey's face has a nice lighting.

"Sprocket Spies the Fraggles" is the only puzzle in the set that shows Uncle Traveling Matt (who has lost his shorts). This is an odd image. For one thing, it's a little out of character to see Gobo running in terror from from Sprocket while Wembley just stands aloof by Traveling Matt's side. Also, the Fraggles are annoyingly out of scale compared to Sprocket's head. They'd be smaller than Smurfs (less than 3 apples tall) if this illustration's scale was true to life. Wembley's fingers are a little awkward as well.

"Wembley and the Gorgs" is a scene based on the second episode of the first season. Over analytical viewers of this puzzle's illustration will note that the outfit's of some of the characters are inaccurate. By this point in that particular episode, the Gorgs are dressed in judicial robes, Pa Gorg has a bandage on his nose and Gobo should be wearing his red jacket as opposed to his vest. Also, this picture includes the redesigned version of Ma Gorg.

"Gobo & Wembley's Room" is a nice images that's not entirely accurate to what is on the show, but it could be from an angle never captured on tape. Notice the gigantic pencil in the shelf over Gobo's head and the Fraggle bicycle wheel by his bed. Still, one of the nicer puzzles in the Hestair series.

80 Piece Puzzles

This set includes two separate puzzles packaged together. They are the "Doozers At Work " and the " The Band of Five " puzzles from the 100 piece sets only these versions have 80 pieces per puzzle.

Victory Puzzles (1983, UK)

The Fraggle Rock puzzles produced by the English toy company Victory came in several varieties and sizes. All of their puzzles are "handcrafted in wood". Most of the images used were photographs but they made a few "play trays" which were painted illustrations. The graphics on the boxes are fun because they used illustrations of the Fraggles as opposed to using file photos from the archives. Each type of puzzle had a different design used on the box.

100 Piece Puzzles (Ages 4 and up)

The 100 piece jigsaw puzzles by Victory are very much like the 30 piece puzzles. They use photographs for the images and have at least one piece that is shaped likes a character from that images. These measure 10 1/2 by 8 1/2 inches when completed. The box graphics show the five Fraggles. There seems to be two in this set.

  1. One shows a photo of Boober doing the laundry as the Doozers appear to be "helping " him. Mokey watches from around a cave formation.
  2. The other shows the five Fraggles in a group shot with Marjory the Trash Heap along with Philo & Gunge.

30 Piece Puzzles (Ages 6 and up)

When completed, the 30 piece puzzles measure approximately 7 1/2 by 9 inches. They are relatively small for a puzzle. Most of these puzzles have at least one piece that is a cutout of one of the characters. The puzzles are not titled and most of them are from common Fraggle Rock production photographs. The boxes for these puzzles have a spot illustration of Gobo in the corner and Doozers building the puzzle. There seems to only be 4 puzzles in the 30 piece set.

  1. A common group photo of the Fraggles. This is the same image used on the front of the metal Fraggle Rock lunch box.
  2. A scene of the Fraggles playing music with the minstrels (who aren't very prominent in the picture).
  3. Gobo amongst the Doozers and their constructions. This is the same image from the back of the metal Fraggle Rock lunch box.
  4. A picture of Gobo with a postcard in Doc's Workshop with Sprocket standing behind him as Wembley peers through the Fraggle Hole.

Play Tray Sets (Ages 4 and up)

Victory's Fraggle Rock play trays seem to vary in sizes. They appear to be illustrated by the same person that did all of the box graphics for all of the Victory Fraggle Rock puzzles. They are all "handcrafted from wood " but most of the pieces have a plastic peg grip to make lifting easy for younger fingers.

The larger of the two is a little more complex because it has regular puzzle pieces along with the pieces you pull out with the plastic peg grip. The larger one measures 13 by 11 inches. It is probably the nicest of all of the Victory brand puzzles due to the wonderful illustration of the Gorg's garden. When the pieces are in place, the puzzles shows Junior Gorg readying a trap for Mokey, Gobo, Wembley and Red. When the pieces are removed, other images are revealed from underneath them. Behind Junior is the Trash Heap with Philo and Gunge. Behind the Gorg Castle are Ma and Pa Gorg. Under Mokey and the Fraggle hole lies Boober waiting for his friends to return. Finally, under Gobo, Wembley, Red and the radish patch shows the Doozers in the radish mines.

The second Fraggle Rock play tray puzzle is smaller and does not reveal any hidden pictures when the pieces are removed. This one is another nice illustration though of the Fraggles running through the caves. It has only has 10 removable pieces. One for each of the five Fraggles, some Doozers along with their equipment, a few cave creatures and some background Fraggles. This puzzle measures approximately 9 x 12 inches.

Frolicking Fun In Fraggle Rock (1984)

This puzzle was only sold at Hallmark card stores in the US. It is the only one known at this time to have been made by this company.

The box side reads "A young people's jigsaw puzzle, 100 interlocking pieces". The puzzle image shows the five main Fraggles along with a few Doozers but we get a few background or secondary Fraggle Rock characters as well not commonly seen on Fraggle Rock merchandise. The Storyteller makes and appearance as well as some of the Fraggle puppets used as the "pipe bangers" in one of the earlier first season episodes. When completed, the puzzle measures 13 1/2 by 18 7/8 inches.

Fraggle Rock 60 Piece Puzzles (1985)

Milton Bradley made at least four Fraggle Rock puzzles. They were the typical waxed cardboard puzzles each consisting of 60 pieces. The completed versions measured 16 by 11 inches.

In this series they gave us the typical group shot that is seen on a lot of Fraggle merchandise, but the other three puzzle styles were of less commonly seen Fraggle Rock photo stills. There's a nice one with the five playing ring-around-the-rosie or at least something similar, a very busy and colorful birthday party scene and a particularly interesting one with a shot of Red Fraggle pulling up a radish while unaware of the Doozer clinging to the other end. Wembley is seen peaking into the hole the radish left and you can see a glimpse of the Doozer radish mines.

Fraggle Rock 10 Piece Puzzles (1986)

Durham Industries released a set of 3, 10 pieces plastic tray puzzles for very young children ages 1 1/2 and up. These featured a single Fraggle Rock character as a plastic relief sculpture puzzle that fit into a thin plastic tray with that character's name molded onto it. The character's facial features were just stickers. Available were Gobo, Red and a Doozer.

One of the draws to the buyer according to the back of the box is that the puzzles are non toxic probably so infants can safely put each piece into their mouths. The puzzles measure at 14 by 12 inches. The illustrations on the box look very similar to those of the Hasbro Softies Fraggle Rock dolls and look even more like the artwork on the Empire brand school pencils packages.

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Section compiled by
Nick Bondra, Cindy Chapman and Phillip Chapman


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