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•10/1 - Supersize Count von Count

•10/01 - Sesame Street Action Figures Wave 1: Ernie with Rubber Duckie, Bert with Bernice, Count von Count, Yip Yip Martians

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Clothes and Accessories
Fraggle Collectibles

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Fraggle Rock Blanket Sleeper and Robe (1984)

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Kid's were more fortunate back in the mid-eighties. They could have Fraggle Rock in school, on TV, on their eating utensils and they could even wear Fraggle Rock to bed.

Probably available through regular department store outlets, the Fraggle Rock children's blanket sleepers and robes were also offered in an ad in Muppet Magazine focusing on several different Fraggle Rock items. There are probably other clothing items like these with different graphics in on them in existence, yet since things such as children's clothing are not seen by many as collectible they are difficult to come by. If they can be found, their condition can be quite questionable.

Fraggle Rock Wallet (1984)

This vinyl wallet by Imaginings features an image Gobo Fraggle printed on the front. It appears to be made by Imaginings, the manufacturer that produced the Red Fraggle tote bag and purse. Gobo's name is labeled under the picture in the same way Red's name is on the tote bag and purse, plus the artwork appears to be the same as well.

The wallet is no high quality item but works fine for a child's first, however, these tend to rip easily. It has a couple pockets on the inside to store goodies and the back side sports a printed Fraggle Rock logo.

Fraggle Rock Tote Bag (1984)

Red Fraggle seemed to be the Fraggle geared towards little girls even more so than her room mate Mokey Fraggle. She appears on at least three tote bag or purse related items.

This one is measures about 9 by 10 (not counting the handle) and 3 inches wide. It has a simple yet decent graphic of Red Fraggle with her maracas that she's commonly seen with on a lot of Fraggle merchandising. The Fraggle Rock logo can be found on the opposite side of the bag as well as on the card board tag the item was originally sold with.

Fraggle Rock "Bits & Bobs" Purse (1984)

Frankel & Roth Limited produced this Fraggle Rock purse or tote bag. It features a small illustration of Red Fraggle playing a gigantic tambourine. The phrase "bits & bobs" is surrounded by musical notes. Bit's & Bobs most likely refers to the little items that can be stored within the 6 by 6 by 3 inch confines of this bag.

Fraggle Rock Purse (1984)

Another bag featuring Red Fraggle, this one from Imaginings has more interesting graphics and features. The illustration on the flap that make up the front of the purse shows Red finishing up a self-portrait that has been drawn with four gigantic colored pencils (probably another case of the misconception by the artist of the Fraggles being Smurf-sized).

The purse also features a window where the child can place a photograph of themselves or whatever else they choose to stash in their purse. The reverse side shows the Fraggle Rock logo. The purse measures approximately 6 by 6 inches and 2 inches wide. Items like these are always a little nicer for the collector when they haven't been preowned unless they were extremely well kept or unused. It's never too certain how many radish sandwiches were stored and forgotten about in items like this purse.

Fraggle Rock Weekly Reader Tote Bag (1985)

One of the free gifts offered to subscribers to Weekly Readers' Fraggle Rock book series was a tote bag featuring all five Fraggles. It's a great illustration however it appears that some of the colors used on it did not reproduce very well during production, but this does not detract from the bag's over all appearance.

Nowadays, this tote bag is among the more easily obtained Fraggle Rock items especially through eBay. One can often be acquired for under $10.00.

Fraggle Rock Halloween Costumes (1985)

Produced by Ben Cooper, Inc., there are 3 known children's Fraggle Rock Halloween costumes made by Ben Cooper, Inc. These were the ones sold in the window boxes but possibly could have been sold also on the cardboard hangers.

They consist of a vinyl face mask with a rubber band to hold it on and a 2 piece vinyl costume with an illustration of the character on the front. The Fraggle Rock characters known so far are Gobo, Red and a Doozer.

Fraggle Rock Girl's Winter Gloves (1988)

Made by G & S Originals, these pinks knit gloves fit children ages 4 to 7. Each glove has a picture of Red Fraggle holding one of her big toes and calling out to someone (most likely it's a part of a Fraggle game). She is printed on the leather stitched onto the top side of each glove.

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Section compiled by
Nick Bondra, Cindy Chapman and Phillip Chapman


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