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Kristina Donnelly - November 7, 1999

Kristina Donnelly, an eleven-year old young lady who literally impacted lives around the world, ended her struggle with the rare bone cancer Ewing's Sarcoma on Sunday November 7, 1999.

Kristina’s one wish was to visit the set of Muppets From Space and perform in the film. Just like her sweet and inspiring spirit, she played Baab the Lamb in the movie. While every fan can relate with her dream of working with the Muppets, her gentle spirit and great courage inspired and challenged literally everyone she met.

Her father, Brian Donnelly, wanted everyone at Muppet Central to know how much the support from fans and performers have meant to the family. "Kristina is indeed a very special and giving child that seems to have had an effect on everyone. She is warm and caring with a sharp wit and a contagious sense of humor. When we first logged onto Muppet Central I think she got a real kick out of finding out that people had heard of her appearance in the Muppets From Space movie."

"You've given us a lot of support over the past several days and we can't thank you enough. She'll be forever in our hearts and please let everyone know that we're forever grateful for the magical moments created by everyone associated with the Muppets. Special memories can go a long way in easing the pain."

Indeed, no one can ever take away our memories of the true privilege of knowing Kristina. And as we watch Muppet From Space and hear her Muppet friends say "Good morning Baab", we’ll be reminded of the angels greeting her each day in heaven.

- Phillip Chapman, Muppet Central Webmaster

My Friend Kristina - Cindy Chapman

This is my friend Kristina
Also known as Baab to me and you
A gentle lamb so kind
Comforting and caring as only she could do

This is my friend Kristina
An honorary Muppeteer
She lived the dream I have always had
Which had brought us oh, so near

This is my friend Kristina
Proof of innocence and dreams
She touched my heart in so many ways
A tender reminder of what life means

This is my friend Kristina
Although now we are apart
A piece of her resides in me
There will always be a place for Kristina in my heart

This is my friend Kristina
A lively angel chatting with Jim
"I was in your movie!"
I can hear her say with a grin

This is my friend Kristina
She has no worries and suffers no pain
I believe that she walks with God now
And I know that Kristina and I will meet again

Kristina's Quilt

During the summer and fall of 1999, we had the privilege of getting to know Kristina and her father, Brian, personally in our chat room as they would stop by several times a week. Fans from all over the world, made patches for Kristina's Quilt which we gave to her family. We would like to especially thank Ken and Mary Anne Hyers for their gracious assistance and expertise with this project.

Halfway Down the Stairs - The Shepherds

Like so many of her friends at Muppet Central, when Icelandic native Bragi Thor Valsson heard about Kristina, he wanted to do something special for her.

Being a musician, Bragi and his group "The Shepherds" recorded Kristina a special version of "Halfway Down the Stairs". This song touched her family so much that it was part of her memorial service.

Download an MP3 of Kristina's special version of "Halfway Down the Stairs".



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