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Your Thoughts: The Muppets Season 1 Episode 14 - Little Green Lie

Discussion in 'Muppet Headlines' started by Phillip, Feb 23, 2016.


What did you think of "The Muppets" episode "Little Green Lie"?

  1. Absolutely positively! This episode was great!

  2. Bork bork! This episode was good.

  3. Mee mee. This episode was so-so.

  4. You're all weirdos! This episode was disappointing.

Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. rexcrk

    rexcrk Well-Known Member

    Gonzo, Rizzo, and Pepe continue to be my favorite part of the show.

    This was another fantastic episode all around. There hasn't been a single bad episode all season IMO.
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  2. MuppetSpot

    MuppetSpot Well-Known Member

    Poor Sweetums about his goldfish.
  3. Muppet Master

    Muppet Master Well-Known Member

    This is what we were promised, the muppets in their personal lives, Up Late with Miss Piggy is a nice backdrop and it's fun to see the show, but really this is the muppet show I wanted and I'm pretty sure most of us did.


    • Drunk Pepe :rolleyes:
    • Sam the Eagle, Chip, and Big Mean Carl were hilarious
    • Lara Spencer from GMA
    • Rowlf gets a couple of lines
    • Laser Tag
    • Scooter's Twitter
    • The few lines Fozzie got and some mention of Becky
    • Rizzo stuck to the Corn Flakes
    • The Family Feud Sketch, no real cows since 1972 :sing:
    • Robin was really great
    • More use of muppets we really haven't seen since the reboot.


    • Fozzie doesn't get a plot
    • They had to use the old cliche

    Though I do wonder why there aren't any big guest stars anymore, not that I really care but no A-listers, more C-listers since the reboot, it seems like they rushed through a list of famous names for the first three episodes and then had to go back a notch and do more of a guest star of the week, and now they're basically empty, again it doesn't really matter I'd rather watch the muppets than some big name guest star, but still kind of strange. Overall, great episode easily the best since the reboot began, and probably one of my favorites up there with "Going, Going, Gonzo", though really sad that this is basically it, we were just getting started and now we just have two more episodes and it's over, still I will continue to enjoy these episodes, and this one was one of the best of the season.
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  4. Whatnot1988

    Whatnot1988 Well-Known Member

    Don't know who's performing Robin (Vogel?) but it's pretty darn close to Nelson's Robin. Also loved hearing Rowlf sing again. Baretta nailed it!

    Also loved the gags with Gonzo, Pepe & Rizzo. I love ironic humor--Pepe and Rizzo think they're chick magnets :)cluck::cluck::cluck: Bawk! Bawk! LOL), but it's Sam Carl & Chip--the Muppet pantheon's least likely ladies men--that did successful pickups!
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  5. muppetlover123

    muppetlover123 Well-Known Member

    Loved this episode so much!
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  6. Big Bird Fan

    Big Bird Fan Well-Known Member

    A really enjoyable funny episode like others have said. My highlights:

    :):mad: Almost there! A few times I wondered if they might kiss or end up back together, but I was very glad they both didn't want that. That's something that should be saved for next week.

    It was so nice to finally see Robin again! Piggy being so close to him was a very pleasant surprise. I love how she seems to love him as much as Kermit does and tried her best to keep up the illusion. Aunt Miss Piggy indeed.

    Wish we could've seen Gonzo and Camilla get back together, but I've missed their relationship since the show started so since there isn't much time left I'm just happy to see them together again.

    I could see Camilla's friends being hot human women coming a mile away, but they managed to have fun with it at the end asking where those feathers came from. Poor Camilla. :cluck:

    I've never liked Pepe. I thought he was an annoying addition to the Muppet gang. However this show has slowly been changing my mind, and now I can't picture Rizzo and Gonzo without him. :concern::shifty::rolleyes: Drunk Pepe was especially hilarious. Something I love about this show is how muppets other than the main ones have been getting enough screen time where we really get to know them better. Which brings me to my last, but certainly not least muppet...

    Uncle Deadly. Nothing more needs to be said other than he needs lots of screen time in whatever the next muppet project is.
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  7. dwayne1115

    dwayne1115 Well-Known Member

    Now please someone tell me this show was watched???
  8. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    I'll admit. When I heard about the show's only guest star being a Good Morning America anchor, and only because of synergy, I was a little worried. Seeing the episode, they could have written her part as anyone, and that's the only tiny complaint I have. This episode really didn't need a guest star and she was shoehorned in. I'm glad the plots revolved around the characters, whether it's out of necessity or not.

    I really like how, no matter how awkward at best and nasty at worst Piggy's relationships with the characters have (and usually have) been, she has a very positive relationship with Robin. It would be cruel to make her diva-ish to a child, especially one related to Kermit. Tap dancing around their break up while making a sort of subliminal meta joke about how the casual fans were turned off by Kermit and Piggy not being lovey dovey together the entire series so far. Scooter blabbing it to the media while Kermit and Piggy try very hard not just to say that they're a couple, but trying to deny the fact that they should be. Robin even stops to point it out. His parents grew apart, but Piggy and Kermit was his constant and role model for a relationship.

    The bit at the end where Rowlf was singing the song from Casablanca (clearly an intended homage), and Kermit and Piggy yell "not helping!"

    Even since MFS, I really think that Pepe, Rizzo, and Gonzo are a winning combination. Those three (and the new characters from MT) were the best part of that film, and the sign that it is indeed a good film at least in part. They're really rocking this series, and they're segments are much more fun than they need to be. Love how Camilla is back in the mix and how she's used as an awkward 4th wheel, throwing the balance off for the group. Loved how they assumed she wanted to watch Chicken Run when she really said Logan's Run. Also loved seeing a depressed, drunk Pepe pretty much realizing his woman hopping wasn't satisfying him, missing Gonzo, and the sad single friend of a couple dilemma, having one of their friends grow up around them while nothing changes. At least, that's what I'm taking out of it.

    I also like how they showed just enough of the show to give the audience a small taste, but not big enough that it cuts too deep into the story, Thirty Rock style. Anyone else think Janice's line about keeping cows in a freezer is an unintentional reference to the comic strip where she was talking about an Avocado (or some vegetation) Ranch ("Having to brand those poor Avocados" or something like that)? Great to see Carl eat FooFoo, only for him to cough him up several scenes later. The show needs more of that.

    Anyway, this is the thing about the show that frustrates me. The show has a lot of potential and I'll admit the first part of the season sort of used it. They really sped up the Denise and Kermit eventually breaking up bit, and it really seems this kind of story was what the love triangle needed. There was a lot of drama to be tapped and while they certainly could have done a lot more with it before the break up happened, they certainly are getting mileage out of it now. But what makes it doubly frustrating is the lack of an audience almost guaranteeing the show's end. These last few episodes really showed that something was there and if it went onto another season they could have found a better balance between the Muppet characters and the docudramacomedy format, free of first season jitters. There's a lot more that can be done with the show and the characters, but unless ABC digs its heels in and refuses to treat this as a failure, we're not going to see that.
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  9. Daffyfan4ever

    Daffyfan4ever Well-Known Member

    Yeah. I'm pretty sure that was Matt and Robin seemed to sound a lot better here than he did on the Disney Park's Christmas Parade. Like I said, the more Matt works with Robin, the better he'll be come.

    I noticed Deadly's role was relatively small in this one, but I guess it's okay, because it gave the other characters more airtime.

    Of course, we have seen that on Good Luck Charlie. But they do seem to be making amends for that and now showing her soft side around children.

    I always thought Foo Foo was a girl actually.

    Yeah, I can picture an Archie/Betty/Veronica-type love triangle with Kermit, Denise and Piggy, but I guess with only one episode left, it would be hard to work that out. Still it would be good to have her return in the finale.
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2016
    LouisTheOtter likes this.
  10. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    I chose to pretend that didn't happen. You all know my stances on Disney's Tweencoms (though, I can't lie. If I was much younger, maybe I'd enjoy the family of spies one).

    I have the feeling the writers aren't taking any chances about the show getting a second season and not wanting to "Neighbors" or "My Name is Earl" themselves into a corner that doesn't get resolved. Ideally, I'd love to see an arc where Denise and Kermit make amends faster than Kermit and Piggy, and Kermit has to juggle them through a series of misunderstandings, leading him to lose both, only for Piggy to come back around again. That's certainly what a season 2 storyline would be to me. Perhaps cliche ridden, but I could see it working out.
  11. LouisTheOtter

    LouisTheOtter Well-Known Member

    Loved this episode. Already one of my Top Five for the entire season, right up there with "Going, Going, Gonzo," "Pig's In A Blackout," "Bear Left Then Bear Write" and "Single All The Way." (I haven't found a streaming service that will let us lowly Canadians watch "A Tail of Two Piggies" yet, so that list might change. But we'll see.)

    What an incredible tightrope walk the writers pulled off - balancing the cuteness of a character like Robin with the pathos of his family situation, pushing the Kermit-Piggy will-they-or-won't-they storyline just a shade forward, making the most of classic character relationships (Gonzo-Camilla, Gonzo-Pepe-Rizzo), and yet, still delivering the laughs. As I've said elsewhere on this forum and on social media, I laughed harder at this episode of The Muppets than I have at 80 per cent of the TV I've seen on any network over the last six months.

    Among the reasons I loved this episode so much is that two elements with the potential for disaster instead worked like a charm. Here's Robin, with the most dialogue and screen time he's had in years (decades!), having to win us over with Matt Vogel's characterization instead of Jerry Nelson's - yes, I know Matt played (and sang) him on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, and very well I might add, but this was the first time many people had seen or heard Robin in years. It felt like Facebook and Twitter blew up in an avalanche of joy when he appeared on last night's episode. And his story was so well-written, I really felt for the little guy (and was willing to suspend my disbelief that there was absolutely no way he didn't know Kermit and Piggy weren't together anymore).

    The second element that exceeded my expectations: Lara Spencer's cameo. I know how much it LOOKS like an ABC corporate-synergy shoehorning. I'm here to tell you that, not only did it make perfect sense (as Rizzo noted, Pepe HAS been "flirting with her for years"), it was an absolute hoot to see her getting the last laugh and putting one over on Pepe with his "you have to ask a girl on a date" line. Laughed hard at that, and at the concept of Pepe sending her "yacht photos."

    So many other things to like here. Rowlf singing (I think I gasped when I saw him at a microphone as that scene opened) and Kermit and Piggy hollering, "NOT HELPING!" The puppetry in Gonzo and Camilla's calisthenics scene, a sharp contrast to the late-episode shot of the two of them on their smartphones at the dinner table. Absolute killer lines from Deadly ("the third least-important secret") and Scooter ("You made me the first person to ever lie on Twitter!"). The Electric Mayhem spacing out in the "Friendly Feud" sketch (which in itself had a nice Kimmel/Fallon modern-late-night feel to it). Big Mean Carl eating Foo-Foo and her later re-emergence from his mouth. The fact that Carl didn't even bother to defend his abilities as a wingman and just wolfed down a bowl of snacks at the bar after Sam and Chip made their respective cases.

    I know the show has struggled in the ratings since the re-launch (and, arguably, prior to the re-launch) but I hope the undeniable quality of episodes like this one, and others, will combine with the enthusiasm of those who ARE tuning in to convince ABC to look seriously at a second season.
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2016
  12. LinkLady77

    LinkLady77 Well-Known Member

    I cracked up at the Robin/Kermit/Piggy vacation photos...especially Piggy's angry crumpled snout expression in the last 2 pics...ha ha!
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  13. ploobis

    ploobis Well-Known Member

    They should release either a Single or an Internet Video of Rowlf singing the whole song "As Time Goes By"! :sympathy:
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  14. Grovette

    Grovette Member

    The show was fun!! Really enjoyed it! :)

    Loved Friendly Feud! Uncle Deadly is awesome!! Iced cream. :zany:
    Finally someone said my fave line "No! That is not a good answer!"
    Hate watching Feud when a really dumb answer is said and everyone says "good answer".
    Electric Mayhem gets a pass cos it was so funny!!
    Schmanilla, Schpistachio, and Animal yells woman!
    Vanilla? The capital of the Philippines? :halo:

    *Rizzo and Rowlf!! Can't ever get enough of them!!! :shifty:

    I'm starting to warm up to Pepe. He's still a newer character for me, not one I grew up with, but he's been really funny lately.

    Not sure about Robin. Couldn't they have used the same puppet and give him another name? He could've been another nephew, twin?
    Really drastic voice change there. :cry:

    Where's Becky? :o
    LouisTheOtter likes this.
  15. LouisTheOtter

    LouisTheOtter Well-Known Member

    Ratings are in and we've got some good news, gang - "Little Green Lie" rose 5.28 per cent from last week's "Got Silk?" to finish at 2.57 million viewers:

    Now, obviously those aren't NCIS numbers but at this stage of the game, any increase is a good increase. Worth noting that this is only the third time this season that an episode boosted its ratings over the previous week instead of dropping again.

    Also, TV By The Numbers' chart points out a few encouraging signs: The Muppets pulled in higher ratings than Marvel's Agent Carter (again) and outdid pretty much all of the much-ballyhooed FOX comedy line-up, even coming close to New Girl's numbers:

    Somewhat relieving, as well, to see that the drop-off from Fresh Off The Boat isn't quite as steep as it was over the past few weeks.

    I'm curious to see how Hollywood Game Night has emerged as a bit of an unexpected success for NBC on Tuesdays. I'll admit that it's a favourite of Mrs. Otter and myself. Last night's episode was probably helped by the presence of Ke$ha, given the amount of media coverage she's received for her unfortunate battle with her producer over the past week.

    Here's hoping that last night's ratings boost, however mild, will combine with the enthusiasm for "Little Green Lie" on social media, solid reviews from the likes of The AV Club and Tough Pigs, and maybe even some decent promotion of the season finale by ABC (dare to dream, eh?) to bring in another ratings boost for next Tuesday night.
  16. Big Bird Fan

    Big Bird Fan Well-Known Member

    The amazing thing about Deadly is how he steals every scene he's in. Him randomly jumping into Kermit's interview about the number of secrets he keeps was amazing.
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  17. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Yeah, but then The Muppets are never going to get that "old person keeping the TV on for background noise" audience. :)
    LouisTheOtter likes this.
  18. Ladywarrior

    Ladywarrior Well-Known Member

    Of course he does! he's the best character in that show IMO. PLEASe MODS give him an emoji!
  19. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    Are these truly desperate times? It seems like every new show on TV now the viewers obsess over the numbers almost as much (maybe even moreso) as the network suits.
  20. Daffyfan4ever

    Daffyfan4ever Well-Known Member

    Well, it's not impossible. Some shows due tend to get renewed a few years after cancellations. Look what happened with Family Guy.

    But I guess that would be hard to do with this series. If this is the last season and :) and :mad: do get back together in the finale then, what more could happen? If not, then that may create a premise for a second season or even a TV movie or something.

    I don't think it would have been the same if they had used a different frog or a different name. I didn't think Matt's Robin was that bad. It's like I keep saying, Robin's had limited airtime since Jerry's passing. We just have to keep giving Matt a chance to improve with him.
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2016
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