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Nov 15, 2011
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I went to see the movie tonight...IT WAS MORE AMAZING THAN I EVER COULD HAVE HOPED!!! I honestly don't see why this movie has been getting such bad reviews (then again, a Muppet fan might be a little biased).I was a little bummed, however, that they decided to cut Rowlf's line in "We're Doing A Sequel". But I still did enjoy the number. "I'm Number One" was a crowd pleaser at this showing. Lots of laughs when Ricky started dancing. I agree with pretty much everyone here by saying that Rizzo's line about last movie and how it should have focused on more established characters was possibly the greatest thing I have ever seen. Along with that, SO MANY OBSCURE MUPPETS. Bobby Benson and his baby band, Angel Marie, Blind Pew, Pops, Robin, Annie Sue got a line, Nigel was often seen in the orchestra pit, "You want a thingy-thing" *insert happy yellow creature*. Not even the writers know what its name is. I did tear up a little during "Something So Right". It is such a beautiful song. The same thing happened when I heard Jerry's voice. Such a great nod to him. Overall, this was the most I have ever enjoyed a Muppet Movie. Props to all the cast and crew who made this possible, and hopefully we will see a sequel to the sequel!


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Oct 26, 2011
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I just want to say that I LOVED the movie! It had a much happier tone than TM and great use of SO MANY minor Muppet characters (and brought back so many minor Muppets that haven't been seen since TMS!). Speaking of, Link had a few lines in the songs and even more lines in the dialogue...his scene with Usher had me squealing in my seat...LOL. Thanks to the writers who gave Link his biggest Muppet movie have made me happy beyond words to see my favorite Muppet as more than just a background character. Steve Whitmire has done an awesome job as Link (I also loved seeing Link in the QVC appearances this past Sunday). My only quibble is that Annie Sue had only a quickly spoken line after the waltz scene...I thought that she would have had more scenes...maybe this will be seen in deleted scenes when the movie is on DVD/Blu-ray? I am just dying to see this movie again...soon!!!


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Oct 27, 2011
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and now, another addition of, "Jaz's thoughts". Muppets Most Wanted edition!

I watched the movie today, and I gotta say, smiled the whole time.
Lets begin:

-"We're doin' a sequel, we're back by popular demand", BRILLIANT. Its just so catchy. Ever so catchy.
-Poor Kermit... I wish he weren't so underappreciated...
-Wow... we're barely into the movie, and the frog and pig are already at it...
-Constantine, you amuse me. You're hilarious. You have singing talent and that accent.
-Kermit! No! Not the big house!
-Poogy!!! I'm glad my favorite Moopet made a Cameo! :big_grin:
-Dat musical number makes me wanna book a room at the bighouse.
-Awww, he looked lovingly at that Piggy poster.
-Constantine? Stagefright? Uh oh.
-Oooh, Constantine, you got a mouth on, if you got nerve to talk smack to Piggy.
-"You are my lady, and I'm your man baby"
-"You wanna thingy thing, I'll give it to you!" (great song)
-Oh god these shows are terrible. Good terrible, but terrible.
-Naydia's got a thing for him... bleah.
-Did he just... Did Constantine just... And Piggy thinks that... I've dreamed of that, but its not Kermit...
-Piggy manages to sing my favorite song from a movie all the time.
-And one more round of applause for the pig!
-Kermit seems to take action when he hears Piggy getting married.
-Dang Kerm, you could be a criminal too.
-Whoa, Piggy almost said no, and she doesn't even know it's Constantine yet...
-Constantine... No, Kermit... Constantine! KERMIT! BOTH!?
-Awwww... She knew who her frog was... thats a cute moment <3
-Constantine kidnapped Piggy! Nooooooo!!!
-Muppet ladder, I knew it...
-Piggy's free, you're toast.
-It does my heart good to hear Kermit say, "Yeah, my woman" and then slap the crap outta Constantine.
-This has to be one of my favorite parts of the movie... Piggy sounds like she's tearing up just happy that she has the right frog... And then they kiss.
-Together again... Again!

Overall, I loved the movie, right after, I went out and bought the soundtrack and a blanket for the movie. Although part of me wishes that Constantine ended up with Poogy. It'd be cute considering that Constantine seemed a bit attracted to her after getting slammed against the helicopter windows. :big_grin:

But it was great. I'm even ok with the fact that they didnt get married. :smile:


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Sep 12, 2010
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I guess the person who thought he saw Brewster on the wall was wrong. He was clearly not in this.

Aheheh...that was me. To be fair, it did look quite a bit like Brewster. But, in reality, it was just a very scruffy looking Pops.

minor muppetz

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Jun 19, 2005
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When I saw the official credits listing, I was surprised to see that Pepe was billed first of Bill Baretta's characters. But while there's more of Rowlf and arguably more of Dr. Teeth and The Swedish Chef, it seems like none of Bill Baretta's characters are really that dominant (though Rowlf seems to have the most lines and such). Rowlf gets some dialogue at the beginning, and then he doesn't really seem to get any more lines until later in the movie.

And with Kermit in the gulag and away from the others, I would have thought that that would allow more time for some of Steve Whitmire's other characters, like Rizzo. But it seems like Foo-Foo is the second most-prominent of Whitmire's characters in this movie.

But then again, it seems like Dave Goelz's characters get more lines in this than in the last film (okay, so Zoot doesn't say anything again). There's a little bit more of Gonzo here than in the last one, and it seems Bunsen gets a bit of screentime without Beaker (while in the last one Beaker got quite a few things without Bunsen), and Beauregard has a fairly big role as a train conductor.

After watching this, it makes sense that they would use a Sesame Street clip. It seems that scene is meant to show Constantine learning some of Kermit's best-remembered lines, and outside of Sesame Street it's not often Kermit says "Hi ho, Kermit the Frog here!"


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Sep 8, 2003
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I thought Gonzo was on fire this time around! I mean I and others have been worried that he was starting to be phased out, but no he was back to his very weird self.
I think it has been said that the 2011 movie was really made for the Muppet fans, but I disagree, I think this one was made for the Muppet fans!


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Aug 6, 2003
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I just got back from seeing it and I thought it was REALLY good! I can't decide if I like it more or less than the 2011 movie, but right now I think they're pretty much the same. I like how we got to see Gary and Mary at the beginning and I wonder if that was actual footage of Jason Segel and Amy Adams or just doubles lol.

Rizzo's line was awesome, as a "'90s Muppet fan" I'm still very accustomed to the idea of Gonzo and Rizzo being top players, I miss that duo.

I was so pleased that Gonzo and Bunsen had more screentime in this movie, if I had one true criticism of the 2011 movie was that I didn't like the way Gonzo was handled, they did it much better in this one. And while I miss seeing characters like Rizzo who were so prominent in the '90s, it's *fantastic* seeing characters like Rowlf, Scooter, and the band getting more screentime, so it's a pretty fair trade off. Though I feel like we were supposed to be getting some Lips screentime, I remember reading how Steve had found some good characteristics for Lips. Maybe his scenes got cut?

The human characters were good, I absolutely LOVED Tina Fey in this movie. I'm really not a big fan of Ricky Gervais, but he was good in this. And I'm not familiar with Ty Burrell at all lol but he was good in this too. The prison inmates were all funny and it was cool that Ray Liotta was one too. And I LOVED Josh Groban's cameo at the end! I was wondering who was in that box, and I'm really glad that they revealed it.

Speaking of the inmates, how cool was it seeing some of the pirate Muppets from Muppet Treasure Island? I thought that was great. And I loved that Bobo and Uncle Deadly were back as a duo. Bobo is definitely my favorite newer character and the way they've utilized him in the latest movies has been so good.

In my opinion, the songs were a little weaker this time. "We're Doing a Sequel" was definitely the best. Tina Fey's "The Big House" was a lot of fun. The "Interrogation Song" was also really good. And of course "Together Again" is a classic, I like how they referenced it in this one AND the previous movie.

I really like that Sam had a major part in this movie, he's one of my favorite characters, and Eric Jacobson's performance of the character is growing on me. I feel like Sam is one of the harder characters to recast, just because Frank Oz was *so* phenomenal with that character.


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Oct 2, 2002
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The movie itself was so so. I probably would give it 2 1/2 out 4 stars. I might have to see it again sometime to see if the movie is better the second time around.

The first half of the movie felt rushed. It felt like you'd see one scene, cut, then the next scene, cut. Maybe it was just me.

There's a funny bit that made me smile. When the muppets are going to go by train to Europe, Beauregard is driving the train and has trouble figuring out the controls. At one point the train is going backwards. It made me think of Beauregard's driving in the Great Muppet Caper.

Another nice bit was Link Hogthrob actually said some things. It was before the Piggy/Constantine(disguised as Kermit) wedding. He was walking down the aisle trying to find a seat and said he needed an usher. Of course Usher turned around and said "I'm the Usher".

Then there was the aforementioned Rizzo line where he talked about older more beloved characters didn't get any lines in the last film to make way for new characters. It's a real contrast now a days to how Rizzo was used throughout the 90's since Rizzo 20 years ago had big roles in the 90's films and also Muppets Tonight.

And there was Bobby Benson who did receive a line.

One thing that was kind of odd was everyone quickly moved on when they found Fozzie and Walter had quit although Rowlf, Rizzo, and Floyd mentioned about how the last movie was about Walter joining the group only to leave so quickly. Floyd did wonder where Animal was when he left with Walter and Fozzie, but none of the other band members seemed to care and moved on especially in the wedding scene. I guess that's a running gag with the rest of the band and how they deserted Animal or Animal deserted them like in the last movie and how they moved on.

Another thing that bugged me is Walter seems to be the only one who notices that Kermit isn't really Kermit at all early on after the switch while the other characters don't notice. So the new guy who doesn't know all that much compared to the others is able to notice Kermit is not Kermit compared to Rowlf, Fozzie, Gonzo, etc?

Sam Eagle had a pretty good size role in this films like in Muppet Treasure Island. He and Ty Burrell were probably the favorite thing I liked in the film. Ty's character always taking breaks while Sam wants to continue with this case. Sam also referred to the rest of the muppets as weirdos throughout the film echoing what he said in The Great Muppet Caper.

The credits with Sweetums, Fozzie, Rowlf, Bunsen Honeydew, Beaker, etc. reminded me of the 2011 Winnie the Pooh movie where the characters appeared with the ending credits.

Of course the Electric Mayhem didn't really do all that much in the film except for Animal going with Fozzie and Walter in trying to find Kermit. Floyd and Animal got the most lines, followed by Janice and Dr. Teeth who got a few lines, while Zoot and Lips got nothing.........I'm sorry, but give Zoot and Lips more lines and more to do in the next film.

I also want to see Johnny Fiama and Sal make an appearance somewhere.......I miss those two.