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WatchMojo's incompetent Sesame Street history video


Well-Known Member
Apr 18, 2006
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I'm just gonna copy/paste the comment I left on this incompetent "History of Sesame Street" video.

This is a disgrace. WatchMojo has outdone itself this time. About half the information in this short little history is either partially wrong or completely wrong.

I have never watched ONE video from these people, not ONE, that isn't riddled with glaring factual errors, terrible research, and careless mistakes. Not ONE. And this might be the very worst of them all. There are so many inaccuracies crammed into these four minutes that you have to wonder if they're doing it on purpose.

For those of you watching this who just casually clicked on it to find out a little about the show you fondly remembered, take me at my word that a great deal of the information in this video is bogus. The people who put this together completely misinterpreted some of what they read, got the order of events all out of whack, misrepresented some key pieces of information, fell for an easily debunked internet myth that they could have spent ten seconds looking up, and to top it all off took a wild left turn into irrelevant and nonexistent "scandals" that have nothing to do with anything.

WatchMojo, I don't know how you do it. No matter what your video is about, you ALWAYS get it wrong. In a million ways big and small, you always manage to mess it up. The most basic research errors, the most glaring mistakes, the most easily debunked misconceptions----somehow you manage to fit them all in. How do you do it every single time?! This information is NOT hard to get right. There are so many sources, both online and in print, that you could have utilized with just a few minutes' effort. Instead, you get your information from----well, honestly, I have no earthly idea WHERE you get it from.

Fail. Just fail.


Well-Known Member
Nov 13, 2012
Reaction score
I watched with audio OFF and even then, it was clear that they missed some huge milestones: Maria and Luis's wedding! Gabi's birth! Snuffy's first sighting! The death of Mr. Hooper! Slimey's trip to the moon! To me, it just looks like they took snippets from Old School 1 and 2 and some random clips, mostly leaving out the years between 1978-2008 (except for Healthy Food and SS Jam). What a shame. :stick_out_tongue: :frown:


Well-Known Member
Aug 8, 2003
Reaction score
WatchMojo should just stick with their lazy Top 10 videos that people are tired of anyway.

Pig's Laundry

Well-Known Member
Aug 12, 2015
Reaction score
Yeah, I never liked WatchMojo for the reasons you pointed out and because they only care about getting views/money. They clearly don't care about anything they talk about. They just make videos about everything they can in hopes that something sticks.
I mean seriously, none of their top 10 lists are original;They always go with the most popular opinion, all the time, which makes their lists extremely boring. They're always afraid to have any slightly controversial or original thoughts on anything. And you always know what's going to take their number one spot, no matter what the list is.

I hate them so much.

Old Thunder

Well-Known Member
Aug 13, 2015
Reaction score
I haven't watched the video, nor do I know much about Sesame Street history, but I do actually like WatchMojo. Not that they're perfect (who the f*** consider Death 'thrash metal'?!), but I'm a sucker for Top 10 lists and often times they have good ones. Far from perfect, but not as terrible as most people would say.