Wanted: Classic Tim Burton DVD

The Count

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Jul 12, 2002
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Hi guys, was wondering if anyone can help me with a DVD request. I'm searching to get Vincent (1982), Hansel & Gretel (1982/1983), and the live-action version of Frankenweenie (1984) on one single disc. Yes, I know both Vincent and Frankenweenie (1984) are available on the second disc from the various 2-disc sets of The Nightmare Before Christmas, but I want them with Hansel & Gretel in between them in order. And I know they're also available on youtube or Disney+, but I want all three on an actual disc to prevent not having them should they be pulled like what happened with other content on Disney+ earlier this year. So if anyone can help or knows of a reputable disc trader, please LMK ASAP, thanks. :batty: :scary: :fanatic: