Want to buy: the Random House Home Video song/activity books


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Feb 14, 2007
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So, I’m looking to find the Random House Home Video activity/songbooks. I went ahead and ordered many of the Random House tapes from the 80s brand new under the assumption that they would contain the activity books. It doesn’t seem like that’s always the case with the re-release covers under the label “My Sesame Street Home Video” in spite of me having luck with that with the Count It Higher and Learning to Add and Subtract tapes.

I unfortunately learned that the hard way with my Learning about Letters tape that just came in the mail today. With that being said, would anyone happen to have the following activity books from these tapes that they’re willing to sell?

Bedtime Stories and Songs
Getting Ready for School
I’m Glad I’m Me
Big Bird’s Story Time
Getting Ready to Read
Learning About Letters
Learning About Numbers

At the risk that they don’t end up coming in the mail within the next days (these are from tapes I recently ordered, but honestly don’t know if they actually have the books or not):

The Best of Ernie and Bert
Play Along Games and Songs
Big Bird’s Favorite Party Games
Sing Along
The Aphabet Game

Any offers would be greatly appreciated, and I’m willing to work out any type of deal to pay for them. Thanks everyone for taking the time to read this.
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Dec 30, 2016
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Have you tried looking into Ebay for those activity books? I'm pretty sure they might have some of the books you're looking for.