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Video: Kodachrome with The Electric Mayhem


Well-Known Member
Jan 2, 2011
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Fantastic video nice having another electric mayhem music video. Also loved seeing the pigs in space outfits make a return which makes me assume there now working on those videos. Also was that Gonzo & Camilla posing for a picture hmmm interesting.


Well-Known Member
Nov 18, 2014
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People who are excited about characters being "back" - remember this was made several months ago; Steve Whitmire talked about it at DragonCon in early September, before the new show started. (But it's still great to see them again!)


Well-Known Member
Oct 2, 2002
Reaction score
Three things that stand out:

1.)At 3:25, Floyd says "let's go Lips". First time someone has said his name.
2.) The Pigs in Space crew
3.) Last but not least, Rowlf and Kermit together. Whoever thought of that, nice touch!


Well-Known Member
Apr 24, 2012
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I thought it was great! I loved how the setting of a live concert was a great idea! Gave me the idea to mess with filters :smile:. A live concert with the Electric Mayhem I wanna go see it!!!!
I'm gonna have to re watch it to hear Floyd say Lips's name!

minor muppetz

Well-Known Member
Jun 19, 2005
Reaction score
When watching this at first, I thought it looked like it was made before the series, and then I saw info that it was made at the same time as Jungle Boogie (and to be fair, I had known that there'd be another Electric Mayhem video).

In addition to the Lips puppet looking different from the version used now (and the fact that it was wearing out made it look different from before as well), I noticed he was in his original shirt, which he hasn't worn on the current show. I wonder if that shirt can be used again. While the show has characters wear different outfits each day, the Mayhem does wear clothes they wore before from time to time. Dr. Teeth often wears his striped shirt (though usually without a vest), in addition to sometimes wearing his 2010's outfit. Floyd has worn his original outfit at least once (he's also been seen in outfits of the same basic style but different colors, including a blue one, I wonder if the Palisades repaint was the inspiration). Zoot has sometimes worn his early-1980s Zoot suit on the show.

Anyway, besides that and the fact that Walter shows up (though I don't doubt we'll see him again in something made after the show began production), Kermit and Miss Piggy pose for a picture, making it look like they are still together. This would have been made before Denise was built, but aside from Yolanda, it doesn't include any obscure characters who have been given a bigger role on the series (well, besides Yolanda and Lips, Chip would be the only other one).