This might not be the right place to post this but...


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Jul 1, 2016
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I have many Disney Heroes cards from Sainsbury's, and several of them are duplicates, would anyone be interested in some of these? Perhaps traded with other (Muppet or non-Muppet) things, especially if you're not in the UK and/or don't have any Heroes cards to trade in return?

Here's all the cards I intend to give out/trade. Some I have two duplicates of, and some have unique gimmicks to them.

2. Remy
10. Porgs (shiny)
12. Banthas
18. Gamora (glow in the dark emblem)
28. Thor
46. Dante
49. Hector x2
58. Spider-Girl (thermal)
60. Rocket
63. Forky x2
77. Belle (shiny) x2
80. Wasp x2
88. Minnie
103. Mickey and Minnie
116. Mr. Incredible
124. Luke and R2-D2
131. Baymax and Hiro