The Muppets Episode 5 - Walk the Swine

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Sep 16, 2002
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We know that a hippy conspiracy theorist is common. But the thing is; that's not Floyd.
Well you know what the problem is, Floyd's thing on Muppet Show was that he was walking complaining to Kermit about how un-hip the show could be. But now with this new show, it's Kermit who acts like he doesn't want to be there.

Duke Remington

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Mar 18, 2010
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@Duke Remington, you should hear JD Hansel, Jarrod Fairclough, and Darrin Granter discuss Piggy crying and how it's reminiscent of the Piggy that you guys miss. Listen from 36:39 to 41:55, 44:47 to 46:02, and 57:15 to 1:03:16.
I sure did hear that. Loved it.

I just wish that certain other members on this forum would agree and see it that way, because Piggy's personality in the new series is indeed close to what it was in the old days and is slowly redeeming her as a character after over 15 years of her constantly getting Flanderized.

And even greater is the fact that we actually have a new weekly Muppet show that allows the characters to be deep and complex again and really close to how they used to be, especially Kermit and Piggy (unlike a lot of those stupid interviews and guest appearances that either Flanderized or derailed the characters). Another reason why we MUST continue supporting the show and saying more nice things about it, so it can increase its chances of getting more seasons for sure.

minor muppetz

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Jun 19, 2005
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While the Scooter and Rizzo subplot was one of the best things about this episode (along with the closing song), I must wonder what the deal with it is. So Rizzo talks Scooter out of getting his insurance involved by saying that he'll be labled an unsafe driver, and keeps scamming Scooter into getting relatives as clients.... What's the deal with this? Is Rizzo just trying to find work for his relatives? Is Rizzo uninsured and doesn't want to be caught?


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Feb 14, 2007
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I've been bumping up the thread posts...


I actually forgot to post my review for this episode yesterday (was caught up with some stuff), so I'm gonna do a double today.

My review:

I thought this was a pretty good episode. Not as good as the last two, but still enjoyable.

I thought Miss Piggy’s conflict with Resse Witherspoon was pretty funny, and Miss Piggy’s performance at the end was fire. The story with Fozzie and his girlfriend was also pretty funny, but the story on Rizzo hitting Scooter’s car was a little weak.

Overall though, minus that one meh story, pretty good episode.