The Mr. Men Show voice artists


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Mar 5, 2009
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I'd like for them to do a Christmas episode and maybe Mr. Christmas can make an appearance.
What about Mr Snow? I remember watching one day on video (this was years and years and years ago) some sort of Christmassy episode of the original Mr Men/and little misses show and all I remember is it involved snow everywhere, mr Snow and some little human kid, it was probably a delightful episode, I also once actually owned and saw a video when I was little aswell as that one and I can remember it featured Mr Happy but I can't remember anything else.:smile: I also remember I think watching it on a channel called Milkshake and some other programs, but I stopped whatching the channel because of the sugar puff monster.:eek: Now sometimes on school mornings I whatch the new Milkshake and the new Mr Men Show, occasionally Roary The Racing Car because Peter Kay is one of the voice artists.:big_grin: