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The Great Adventure


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Jun 11, 2006
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I was just going to post and not say anything about being back but I feel that that isn't fair and would look too much like the last few times I've come back and then let time slip away until its been way to long between postings again.

The truth is I miss this. I miss being here and I've let too much chaos rule my life. It's been harder, surprisingly to write since going to all day shift (and a baby doesn't help either) but I am sick of wasting time with stupid drama in other places and it's meaningless. So the off time I do get is going to be back here, with my friends at Muppet Central. It's quality time and I do not wish to waste my time doing things that do not mean something to me anymore. And I want to write.

So, I'm sorry for coming and going so much, but I do genuinely like it here. I'm happy to see the fan fiction going strong (at least from here is looks like it) and I hope that you all are willing to read another.

I'm a little rusty, so bear with me as I get started, but here I go again. Enjoy.


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Jun 11, 2006
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"Wait for me!" Cried the tiny voice from the streak of blue following green as quickly as her feet could carry her across the yard to Robin. "You know I can't keep up with you, I'm too small!" Melanie continued as she gained on him, "I want to see it too! Janice said I could touch the strings on her guitar!"

"Don't worry Melanie, I wouldn't leave you." Robin gently patted Melanie on the head as she panted at his side. "Besides, you're not any smaller than me now."

Rizzo looked over from his hammock on the porch called out to them "Now don't do anything I wouldn't do," and then muttered to himself, "How did I get stuck here watching the kids?" With a heavy sigh Rizzo settled back in the hammock, letting the gentle sway of it ease the worry off his mind.

The sounds of the Electric Mayhem bus door opening and the discordant sounds of instruments reached his ears. The front porch door slammed as the band members continued to carry equipment from the house and load it into the back of the bus. Explosions could be heard coming from the basement as Bunsen and Beaker worked on their latest experiment.

The main residence of the house was unusually quiet as most of the remaining residents were out for the day, tending to the business of the upcoming season.

"Hey, Janice..." Rizzo heard Melanie say as he gave in and drifted off to sleep.

* * * *

"There you are, Rizzo" Gonzo said as he flipped him out of the hammock and onto the ground. "I didn't think Melanie and Robin would be that hard to watch."

"Hey, watch it! I'm not some weirdo who enjoys stunts. " Rizzo blinked up at Gonzo as he reoriented himself. "You guys weren't gone very long."

"Rizzo, where's Robin? His mother would really like to speak with him on the phone." Kermit poked his head out onto the porch as he waited for the answer.

"The little blue creature and the frog were just over there," Rizzo turned, pointing in the direction he had seen the pair last. Climbing up onto the rail, he rubbed his eyes and tried to scan the yard once more. "Umm, why is it dark?"

"Rizzo, how long were you sleeping?" Kermit stepped fully out onto the porch, a slight note of panic seeping into his voice.

"I didn't think I had fallen asleep."

"Sis, let me call you back..."

"What have you done with my daughter Rizzo? "

"Robin! Melanie!"

"Last time I saw the little fuzz ball she was chasing after Robin talking about Janice's guitar."

"Scooter, come out here please." Kermit took a few deep breaths to keep from yelling. There was no need to get worked up before they knew for sure.

"Yes boss?"

"When do the Electric Mayhem leave for their summer tour?"

"About three hours ago boss."

* * * *

Robin rolled over and stretched his arm out looking for his teddy bear. Feeling only the hard plastic of an amplifier he quickly sat up and rubbed his eyes.

In the passing street lights he could see Melanie on the floor beside him and the instruments of the Electric Mayhem rising above them.

"Oh, no" he whispered, "Now what do we do?"


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Jun 11, 2006
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Chapter 1

"Mommy?. . . Daddy?. . . " The tiny voice clicked out unable to see anything around her. "What happened to my light? Mommy? Daddy?" Panic was starting to seep into Melanie's voice as Robin landed beside her, quickly pulling her into his arms.

"Shhh, now," he whispered to her, "Don't be afraid. Robin's right here with you." He stroked the soft blue down feathers on her head as he felt her talons reach around him and squeeze as if she were holding onto the edge of a cliff.

"I want my Daddy," sniffed Melanie as her tears wet Robin's chest. "What happened to the light? Why is it so bumpy? Where's my stuffed puppy?"

"It's okay, it's okay," whispered Robin, reminding himself that even though they were practically the same size now, Melanie was only three years old. "I don't know what happened to the light but somehow we fell asleep while we were playing in the bus."

"Oh. Yeah. We were waiting for Dr. Teeth to come play us our melody."

"Well, we're still on the bus."

Melanie pulled back trying to see Robin's face. "So, let's go back inside."

"The bus is moving."

"What does that mean?"

"That's why it's so bumpy. That means we are not at home anymore."

"But Daddy's going to take me to the zoo tomorrow."

"I'm sure that as soon as we stop Uncle Kermit will be there to get us. It's very late and I'm sure that Uncle Kermit is looking for us."

"And my mommy and daddy?" Melanie worried.

"Of course they are."

" I'm hungry."

"Well, if I can get to the top of the equipment I can let Floyd and Janice know that we are here and they'll give us a snack."

"Mommy Janice is here?"

"Of course, the whole band is here."

"Well, hurry up and tell Mommy Janice to get me out of here. I'm hungry!"

"Okay, be patient and wait right here until I get back." Quickly Robin started his climb again fighting hard against the random bumps and jolts that came along the way.

"Whew," breathed Robin as stopped to catch his breath perched on a trunk on top of the stack of equipment. It had taken awhile, but he had finally made it to the top. It didn't help that they seemed to have slowed in their movement considerably, even though there were still lots of bumps and jolts. At least there was enough light in front of him to make out the tops of the seats.

Robin peered out into the darkness searching for anyone to hop beside. "This would be a lot quicker if we were still in a place that had street lights," he muttered to himself as he began to hop from seat to seat.

Four seats up, on the right side of the bus, peering carefully over the edge, Robin looked down upon Animal. His mouth was wide open with the top of his head against the side of the bus. His feet dangled off the seat on against the pole of the seat in front of the other wrapped around the pole in the aisle. One arm was thrown over his head grasping the back of his seat while the other flopped over his chest, fingers tickling the edge. "I never knew he could lie still." Robin breathed in awe before carefully launching himself to the next seat.

The pair snuggled carefully together in each other's arms. Floyd's back against the window, one foot touching the ground and the other straight out. Nestled in his arms, completely sideways in the seat with her knees resting on the back of the seat was Janice, head gently on Floyd's shoulder as Floyd's head rested on hers.

"Hey, Janice?" Robin tapped her shoulder, careful not to disturb Floyd. "Janice?" Robin continued as his eyes followed the wire from Janice's pocket to her ears.

"Floyd," he turned hoping that maybe he had already been heard only to find that his ear buds were in as well. "Somebody's got to be awake." Robin resigned as he continued to make his way to the other band members.

Robin hopped past several other merrily dozing band members, including Zoot, to Dr. Teeth in the driver's seat. "But, wait a minute?" Robin quickly hopped onto the dash, trying to get close enough to see that Dr. Teeth's eyes were really closed as he slumped over the wheel, a slight snore escaping from his lips.

"But, how are we moving if the driver is asleep?" Robin gulped nervously.

Robin carefully started to make his way again to Floyd and Janice, the only two he was certain could explain this and would understand the severity of the situation. The only two he really felt comfortable waking up. Besides, he had been gone from the back a long time and surely Melanie was getting nervous.

"Because we're flyin' man." A low voice came to him as he hopped back up the aisle.
Caught off guard, Robin slid under a seat as he searched desperately for the voice of who had spoken to him.

"Up here, little green frog." Zoot patted the seat beside him. "We're flyin'."

"Oh," Robin hadn't been aware that he had spoken his question aloud but he hopped up beside the saxophone player. "Then why are you all still on the bus instead of in seats?"

"It's cheaper." Zoot said simply, as he was a man of few words. "What are you doing here my little green frog?"

"Melanie and I fell asleep in the back."

"Why didn't you bring the blue chicka with you?"

"She can't climb the equipment yet, it's dark and she's still too young."

"Wait right here."

Robin watched; bewildered because he had never heard so many words in a row come from his mouth before; as Zoot slowly lifted himself up from his seat and sauntered to the back of the bus. Perching on the seat in front of the equipment he watched him lean over the back and pick Melanie up, carrying her gently up to join them.

Setting Melanie down on the seat beside him he reached into the luggage rack above. He rifled around for several minutes the pulled out a basket, two blankets, and a box of goldfish crackers.

"It's not much, but it will tide you over 'til we get there," he said as he handed the box to Robin who took it gratefully, even though it wasn't his first choice. The munched quietly as they watched him lay down in the aisle and slide the basket under his seat and then carefully arrange the two blankets in the basket.

"Do you know if Uncle Kermit will be waiting for us when we land?" Robin mumbled out around the crackers as Zoot carefully transferred first Melanie and them him into the basket as well.

"Haven't heard, but we all put our phones turned off in that bucket when we started on the trip so we wouldn't forget to when we got on the plane." Zoot said, looking drowsy again.

"So, you're the only one who knows we're here?" Melanie asked, eyes wide.

"It will all be okay." Zoot replied as his head began to nod.

"Zoot," Robin gently touched the saxophone player's hand that had fallen over the edge of the seat.

"Huh, what?" was the weary reply.

"Make sure that Janice and Floyd know that we are here when we land, just in case we're still asleep." Robin pleaded.

"Yeah, yeah, sure thing man." Zoot managed to get out before a snore escaped him.

Melanie sat, carefully staring wide eyed at Robin, silently asking what to do next.

"Go back to sleep," Robin replied. "Floyd and Janice will take care of everything when we land." Hopping over to her, Robin gently helped Melanie settle herself and then tucked her in before going back to his corner of the basket and making himself as comfortable as he could. Before long, the continued bumps and jolts had lulled them both to sleep.

* * * *

Slap. Sigh. Slap. Sigh. "Come on, pick up now." Kermit paced slowly around the floor as he dialed Dr. Teeth's cell phone for the eighth time in the past thirty minutes.In the corner the keys of the computer filled the air with their impatient clicks as Scooter worked the five windows he had open in search of the current tour schedule of the Electric Mayhem.

On the couch Camilla and Miss Piggy sat on either end burning a hole into the middle cushion. Gonzo stood behind the couch, also glaring down at the middle cushion. Rizzo slowly shifted from side to side as he wondered what fate the unlikely pair would inflict upon him for falling asleep while watching the kids.

"Little buddy? Are you out here hiding?" and "Come on out, little blue chicka-chicka," could be heard through the open window as Sweetums and Pepe searched high and low for Melanie and Robin just in case they were playing a very intense hide and go seek game.

High pitched, incessant beeps came from each room upstairs in turn as Bunsen and Beaker attempted to try out their foolproof child tracker that had been developed just that very afternoon.

"Rowlf... Rowlf... psst" Fozzie stage whispered to the dog.

"Yes, Fozzie?" He kept his head down as he continuously sent texts in rotation to each band member in hopes that someone would put down an instrument and answer the summons.

"Do you really think they're stuck in the bus?" Fozzie's whispers continued.

"It looks to be that way Fozzie."

"What do you think Kermit's going to do?"

"Find the Mayhem and bring them home, Fozzie."

"It's not that simple." Fozzie abandoned the whisper with this sentence, looking at Rowlf as if he should know this.

"What do you mean?" Rowlf glanced up, pausing in his rotation of messages to stare at the bear.

"Since when is anything the Muppets do ever that simple?" All eyes except Scooters turned to Fozzie, wondering why he would speak such a thing out loud at a time like this.

"He's right you know." Scooter turned to face the room as all eyes turned to question him. Scooter looked slowly at each face stopping on Kermit's. "The Electric Mayhem changed their itinerary."

Slowly looking up at the ceiling Kermit plopped onto his nephew's favorite step."Where have they gone Scooter?"

"Well, boss..." Scooter glanced back at the computer, scanning the screen once more.

"Scooter." Everyone in the room shuddered at the raw emotion that came through in Kermit's voice, even though he had not changed his tone at all.

"Well, boss, it seems that they are headed for Berlin."

The Count

Staff member
Jul 12, 2002
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Ditto... A seriously groovy beginning to the melifluous epic that is the Mayhem's globetrotting gig.
More please?


Well-Known Member
Jan 31, 2005
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Hey Melissa! Good to see you again and good to see you writing! I wish I had time for writing, but I still love reading and this is great! I especially love that you brought back Melanie from the Great Desire, I always loved that story! Can't wait to see where this goes!


Well-Known Member
Jun 11, 2006
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Thank you all for the support. New chapter tomorrow after editing.q


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Jun 11, 2006
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Chapter 2

"Now Piggy, you have to understand..." Kermit stood in the doorway to Miss Piggy's bedroom holding his hands up as if in defeat.

"Understand what? That vou is leaving moi to go gallivanting around Europe?"

"That's not what's happening Piggy."

"Oh, you can bet your flippers that is not what is happening!"

"Piggy, all Gonzo and I are doing is picking up Robin and Melanie from the band and coming back here."

"Likely story Frog Brain! The Mayhem will invite you to take in a show, you'll be exhausted after the flight and take time recovering in a beautiful luxury hotel, Gonzo will get lost with some desire to swing around by his nose from the top of the statue on the Brandenburg Gate all while Robin and Melanie beg to go to EuroDisney! "

"Now Piggy..."

"Do Not Now Piggy Me! If vou are taking a European vacation than moi should too and that's final!"

Rowlf, Rizzo, Fozzie, and the others sitting in the living room turned quickly back to the things in front of them as Miss Piggy karate chopped Kermit into the railing and slammed the door with a flounce that only a scorned pig could pull off.

Kermit started turned to make his way down the stairs as the strains of the end of another fight caught all available Muppets ears.

"Bu, bu gawk!" The feathers flew around Gonzo's head as he too was chased out into the hallway.

"Chickens!" Gonzo looked at Kermit, eyes wide as he ran his hand over his head, "You can't live with them and you can't live without them!"

"I see Camilla is not in agreement with this plan either." Kermit put his arm around Gonzo's shoulder.

"She claims that if I go without her she'll spend more time worrying about me than Melanie as she's afraid I'll try to talk the pilot into letting me take the trip over the Atlantic hanging onto the wing with my nose. I don't understand what the problem with that would be. It would certainly take my mind off of the fact that Melanie has left the country without us."

"Let's see how Scooter's coming along with our tickets," Kermit shook his head as he guided the weirdo down the stairs to the kitchen.

"Rowlf?" Fozzie looked down at his hat as he sat next to the piano player who was gently twinkling the ivories.

"Fozzie, please don't have another prediction for us tonight. We don't need more difficulties."

"Oh, no. I couldn't do that Rowlf."

"Then how can I help you Foz?"

"I've always wanted to go back to Europe."

"It would be nice." the gravelly voice replied as he continued to play with the keys.

"But Scooter can't even find tickets for Kermit and Gonzo."

"Mmm," was the response as he cast a side eye at Fozzie, the wheels turning in his head he changed slowly to a different tune on the keyboard.

Fozzie drew in his breath in a long sigh as Scooter bounded through the kitchen door with Gonzo on his heels.

"Have them check for space in with the luggage, surly they have room for a weirdo and a frog there!" Kermit was pulling Gonzo back from following Scooter up the stairs.

"Give Scooter some space Gonzo. He'll work out a deal to get us on a plane." Kermit guided Gonzo to the couch, the strains of a very familiar song reaching his ears, or rather aural canals as frogs don't have ears.

"We'll hitch-hike, bus, or yellow cab it..." Fozzie sang under his breath, tapping in time with Rowlf.

The infectious melody travelled the room, toes tapping, voices added until the house shivered with the music as the time passed, taking troubled minds off of the worry. Scooter and Miss Piggy (who was chatting on her phone with the same zealousness that she had given male guest stars on The Muppet Show) appeared at the top of the steps at the same time. Rowlf took notice and quickly brought the song to an end so that Kermit and Gonzo would be able to hear when they were leaving.

Scooter slowly shook his head, "It's a no go Boss. At least not right now. I'll have to talk to some of the executives in the morning as right now all of the flights are booked for the next week."

"But, Scooter!" The electrified room cried in outrage. Miss Piggy held up her hand, demanding silence.

"Ahh, certainly, my dear Johnny... Yes, I will be sure to be ready and meet you there. Thank you darling," her voice oozed with honey as she gently closed her cell phone. Without a moment's notice her eyes changed to daggers as she stared Kermit down. "That was my dear friend John Travolta."

"Yes, Piggy."

" He says he's more than happy to fly me to Germany whenever I'd like to go."


"I'm not finished fly breath!" Always one to have her way, Miss Piggy paused for dramatic effect before continuing. "In fact, Johnny is such a gracious person that he's willing to fly whomever I want with us."

"Oh, wow," Gonzo breathed.

"What do you want Piggy?" Kermit knew that this was going to cost him.

"Three weeks in Europe, one of those in Paris..."

With a sigh Kermit conceded, "Okay PIggy."

"Can I go too?" Fozzie spoke up first as the rest began to chime in "Me too?"

"Oh, alright," Miss Piggy relented with a wink, "But what are you waiting for, go pack!"

* * * * *
"And what will you all be having today?" the waitress slowly looked at each band member as they tried to decipher the German on the menu. At least she could speak English. With help translating the choices it took over ten minutes for the band to place their order, Zoot having to be awakened twice.

"Will that be all?" she asked as the menus were passed over to her.

Zoot shook himself awake for the third time. "Oh, yea, bring another order of pancakes for the little frog man and his blue mate," he sputtered out before leaning back to sleep again.

Carefully the waitress looked from chair to chair at the table as the band members looked questioningly at each other. "Should I bring them out?" she asked, pen poised carefully over her pad.

"Like, it can't hurt." Janice spoke to the waitress, "just be sure to put it in a box."

"The transatlantic always makes him dream the strangest things," Floyd explained and the rest of the band nodded in agreement.

On the bus Robin and Melanie climbed out of the basket to find themselves alone again. Seeing that they were on land Robin took Melanie by the wing. "They must be inside one of these store here," he said and together they set out to join the Electric Mayhem for breakfast.