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Teenage Mayhem S1 E5


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May 7, 2012
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Finally after so long I will be continuing my teenage electric mayhem fanfics. Thanks for begging me to continue on guys! :rolleyes: But right now let's continue on with

Sweet tooth Mayhem.

Beaker was in the warehouse's lab munching on a chocolate bar while sitting on a pile of wrappers. Just when he was about to take a bite of a new bar his hand started shaking, soon his whole body started shaking. He got up and tried to walk, but his vision was getting blurry and he soon collapsed. Scooter came walking in holding a journal.
"Hey beaker, here's your story back. Wah!" Scooter was staring at his out cold body.
"Guys! Help!" Scooter ran into the kitchen where bunsen was making coffee.
"Bunsen, beaker's hurt!"
"Oh scooter, beaker's always getting hurt, it'll all pass."
"Yeah, but he's knocked out in front of a lot of wrappers!" Bunsen paused for a second.
"Wait, those weren't candy wrappers were they?"
"Yeah why?"
"Oh no. Oh no, this is not good at all!"
"Why? what's wrong?"
"Gather everyone in the main lobby, quickly!" Bunsen ran off, as did scooter, yelling through the intercom gathering everyone down.
"Hey bro, is beaker alright?" Skeeter asked.
"I don't know sis, bunsen just rolled him in here like that." Being mentioned, bunsen walked into the room pulling in a covered invention.
"I'm glad your all here. As you may not know, my partner beaker has passed out in a sugar induced coma." Everyone was exchanging some, what's and oh no's.
"Well, whadda we do doc?" Dr. teeth asked his scientist friend.
"I'm glad you asked. See I've found a way to enter a person's mind with this new invention. The mind hook." He took off the sheet to reveal a large computer with helmets attached to them.
"And uh, what's the point of goin in tall stuff's mind?" Zoot asked.
"Well zoot, if I can find beaker inside his mind than I'll find out where all the chocolate is and safely get it out of him."
"So whadda need us for?" Floyd asked.
"The human mind can be too big for one person to handle. So I'll need all of you to venture with me to find him." The gang was exchanging looks.
"Let us deliberate." Floyd said before getting in a huddle. while everyone was whispering, animal was repeatedly saying loudly,
"Oh pretty please with sugar on top?" The doctor pleaded.
"Okay, we'll do it."
"OKAY!" Animal agreed.
"Oh goodie! Everyone, attach your heads to the helmets."
"OKAY! OKAY!" After everyone did what the doctor told them to do he set the computer for beaker's mind. Soon enough they were all knocked out and transported into beaker's mind.