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SST 50th anniversary fan fic: Julia Learns the Past

minor muppetz

Well-Known Member
Jun 19, 2005
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Enjoy this fan fic for a 50th anniversary special.

act 1

a square is in the center, as an instrumental of the theme plays. Rectangular boxes show up around the square, one ar a time, showing a little bit of audible dialogue before the next clip box shows up, four on top and bottom columns, five on both side columns.


[*]first episode - “Sally, you’ve never seen A street like Sesame Street. Everything happens here. You’re gonna love it!”
[*]Ernie puts a pot on Bert’s head before explaining what he broke.
[*]Monsterpiece Theater: 39 Stairs - “my my, look at all these stairs. I wonder how many there are.”
[*]The Count watches the Honkers honk before he starts counting.
[*]I Just Adore Four - “I just adore four, the number for me....”
[*]ABC’s of the Swamp - “A is for alligator, B is for bayou....”
[*]Telephone Rock - the first instance of the Monotones popping up with “yeah”, the next clip image showing as they start “the telephone rock!”
[*]Count It Higher - “you told me you could count, you said there’s nothing to it...”
[*]Gimmie Five - first verse
[*]Kermit’s mystery box - switching after Cookie Monster asks if a cookie is inside the box
[*]Pinball Number Count - the classic counting song part, as it goes to the next clip we see #2.
[*]Josh Groban sings “Hey Friend”
[*]the opening singing of Pre-School Musical
[*]Little Richard sings “Rosita”
[*]milk film
[*]Snuffy and Barkley at the park
[*]Will.I.Am sings “What I am”.
[*]Solange sings “I Remember”.[/list]

(the title, “Julia Learns the Past: Sesame Street at 50”, appears in the box)

Welcome to “Julia Learns the Past: Sesame Street at 50”, starring all your friends from Sesame Street, including....

(the clip boxes all disappear while the title box flips, each character is represented with a clip within the main box)

...Elmo (clip is Happy Tapping)

....Abby Cadabby (I Like Words)

....Big Bird (Wheels on My Feet)

....Ernie and Bert (banana in ear)

....Cookie Monster (testing cookie shapes)

....Grover (I Am Special)

....Oscar the Grouch (Bill of Gripes)

....The Count (The Song of the Count)

....Rudy (a clip from his debut episode)

.....and all your other friends from Sesame Street (several small clipboxes are shown, showcasing Biff and Sully, Sherlock Hemlock, Don Music, Little Jerry and the Monotones, Roosevelt Franklin, Mr. Johnson, Simon Soundman, Preston Rabbit, Flo Bear, Martians, The Amazing Mumford, Bruno, Sam the Robot, Harvey Kneeslapper, Lefty the Salesman, Zoe, Rosita, Telly Monster, Baby Bear, Natasha, Frazzle, Snuffy, Alice, Two-Headed Monster, Kingston Livingston III, Rocky Marie, Stinky, and Hoots the Own - I’ll decide on what specific clips later).

...and of course, Julia!

(clip boxes go away as a big video box with Julia is shown, transitioning to the first real scene)

Julia: Sesame Street! Sesame Street!
(Abby and Rudy show up)
Rudy: yes, we’re on Sesame Street.
Abby: a fun place to live.
Rudy: I’ve only been living here for a few years.
Julia: me, too.
Abby: well, I have lived here a lot longer. Would you like to know more about the street from when I’ve been living here?
Rudy: oh, that would be terrific!
Julia: yes! Yes! Tell! Tell!
Abby: okay, I’ll tell you about when I moved here....

(transitions to scenes from Abby’s debut, including her meeting with Oscar, meeting Bug Bird and Snuffy, and getting her wand fixed)

Julia: fixed wand!
Abby: yeah. And I’ve had a lot of other fun experiences, like my first day of school...

  • Abby’s first day of school
  • Abby’s Flying Fairy School: Pinocchio Challenge
  • Abby’s Amazing Adventures (can’t decide which one... because I haven’t really seen those)
  • Kids with Wings
  • Because We’re Friends
  • Abby and Cookie play checkers
  • Just Like Magic

Abby: and of course, there’s when we met, Rudy.
Rudy: yeah!

(transitions to a clip from Rudy’s debut)

abby: and when you moved to the street, Julia.
Julia: moved! Yeah!

(Transitions to Julia’s debut episode, showing Alan explaining Julia’s autism to Big Bird and the gang playing tag)

Abby: but of course there are a lot more people on the street than just us.
Rudy: you bet!

(leads to another clip montage)
  • Grover in Spider-Monster
  • Big Bird and Snuffy sing “We Worked It Out”
  • Ernie and Bert sing “Sleep”
  • Murray Has a Little Lamb: Soccer School
  • The Count’s Number of the Day Song
  • The Sesame Street Alphabet (first half)

(the gang laugh)

Rudy: Hey, here comes one of our friends.
Julia: Cookie Monster!
Abby: Hey, Cookie Monster!
Cookie: Hey! Me no have time right now - me going to the movies. Free cookie day at the movies!
Abby: oh.
Rudy: I wonder what’s playing.

(leads to a Cookie’s Crumby Pictures montage)
  • Biscotti Kid
  • Jurassic Cookie
  • Wizard of Cookies
  • Aveggies
  • Cookies of the Carribian
  • Star S’mores

Rudy: hmm, I wonder what’s on TV.
[*]Orange is the New Snack
[*]Upside-Downton Abby
[*]Grouch Eye for the Nice Guy
[*]Triangle Bob Triangle Pants
[*]The Leslie Mostly Show: Kermit
[*]Miami Mice: The Count
[*]Mysterious Theater: Case of the Missing Cat
[*]Spaceship Surprise: Planet TR
[*]N-TV (part of the introduction and a portion of the actual song)
[*]Kermit News montage - late-1980s title card followed by snippets of....
[*]Three Little Pigs emotions
[*]Cookie Monster’s first day in school
[*]Alice in Wonderland
[*]Humpty Dumpty
[*]Dr. Nobel Price’s slushabouts
[*]Monsterpiece Theater montage - including late-1990 title card
[*]Alistair Cookie introduction from The King and I followed by brief clip from The King and I (following clips include voice clips of Cookie Monster saying the name of the segment at the start of the accompanying clip)
[*]Guys and Dolls (first verse for both Herry and Ruby)
[*]Upstairs, Downtairs
[*]Chariots of Fur
[*]Dances with Wolves
[*]Little House on Prairie (just the “Little House on Prairie” portion)
[*]Cyranose de Bergerac/Allistair Cookie’s closing for that segment[/list]

end of act 1.

minor muppetz

Well-Known Member
Jun 19, 2005
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Act 2

Abby: and that’s what it’s been like since I moved to the street.
Rudy: WOW!
(Zoe enters)
Zoe: hey, what are you doing?
Abby: I’m telling Rudy and Julia about what Sesame Street has been like since I moved here.
Julia: fun! Fun!
Rudy: yeah, it’s been fun.
Zoe: but wait until I tell you what it’s been like since I moved here.
Abby: wait, what?
Zoe: yeah, i’ve lived here on the street a lot longer than you. One of the first things that happened on the street after I moved here is that a playground opened around the corner....

(transitions to the scene from episode 3136 where the gang goes to the playground but is stopped by Biff’s danger sign)

Zoe: It took a long time, but eventually, the park was ready!

(fades to “At the Playground” song)

Zoe: (voice-over as the clip transitions to the next) A lot more has happened since, including the time Oscar’s pet worm Slimey went to the moon...

(transitions to scenes from the “Slimey to the moon” arc - Snuffy letting out a lift so the rocket can blast off, Worms in Space: K, and Slimey landing on the moon)

Zoe: Slimey was the first worm to touch the moon.
Julia: wow!
Zoe: and that’s not all that has happened.
Abby: it’s not?
Zoe: Elmo once visited the fire station...

  • scenes from the season 33 premier
    Zoe: Cookie Monster learned that a cookie is a sometimes food...
  • A Cookie is a Sometimes Food
    Zoe: we had a fun karaoke night!
  • season 34 premier - showing clips of ABC-DEF-GHI, Let’s Go Riding, and The People in Your Neighborhood
    Zoe: Baby Bear’s younger sister Curley was born...
  • scenes from Curly’s birth arc are shown - not really sure which scenes to note
    Zoe: and Gina adopted Marco.
  • scenes from Gina adopting Marco arc - again, I’m not sure which scenes to note.

Abby: I hadn’t realized so much had happened before I moved here!
Rudy: me, neither!
Zoe: and there’s a lot more that has happened...

clip montage
  • Spanish Word of the Day: Si and No
  • Siesta/Fiesta
  • Ernie catches fish
  • Cookie Monster and Prairie Dawn - the first and last Cookie
  • Journey to Ernie: Rubber Duckie Land - Big Bird finds Ernie and they sing the ending song
  • scenes from the “adventures of Little Big Bird storyarc”
  • Gordon and Susan try to find a room at the Furry Arms Hotel
  • Biff and his wife Celeste sing about holding hands
  • Suzie Kabloozie hates the letter F
  • Meal or No Meal
  • Fay family people in your neighborhood: barber
  • Keb Mo and the cast sings “Ev’rybody Be Yo’Self”.

Zoe: and of course, I have a lot of my own memories...

clip montage:
  • My Name is Zoe
  • Little Miss Count-Along
  • first time Elmo argues with Zoe about Rocko being a rock
  • Grover and Zoe show long and short
  • Zoe sees G’s
  • Zoe shows her Zoe-Mobile to Oscar
  • Zoe wishes for a Genie to pop again
  • Cookie Monster tells Elmo and Zoe what toy is best
  • Zoe laughs despite her ice cream falling off it’s cone
  • Zoe and Wolfgang show the number 0
  • Girls of the World

Zoe: and of course, there has been a lot of dancing on the street!


  • final scene from episode 3851
  • Do De Rubber Duck
  • Doin’ the Pigeon
  • ABC Disco
  • The Barty Bat
  • Destiny’s Child sings “A New Way to Walk”
  • Trash Outta Heaven
  • Snuffy dances with the Hines brothers
  • Grover the singing and dancing waiter
  • Do Op Hop
  • Feel the Beat
  • Feijoo Sisters: Lamberella
  • Suzanne Farrell dances while The Count counts
  • The Elmo Slide
  • Change the Plan

(Elmo and Telly come in)
Elmo: Hey, Abby, Zoe, Julia, Rudy.
Telly: Hey, gang, what’s going on?
Julia: they’re talking about the street before I moved here.
Rudy: yeah!
Zoe: Abby talked about the street since she’s moved here, and then I talked about the street since i’ve moved here.
Elmo: oh, did you tell them about Elmo’s World?

clip montage
  • Elmo’s World Theme
  • drawing (Mr. Noodle and asking kids sequence)
  • frogs - where do frogs live?
  • food - who eats montage
  • ears - a pair of ears tell Elmo more about ears
  • transportation - the transportation song

Elmo: Eventually, Elmo got tired of Elmo’s World, and started to be more interested in musical theater...

clip montage
  • Elmo the Musical clips - the theme songs and select songs from Athlete the Musical, Pizza the Musical, President the Musical, and Birds the Musical
Elmo: but then Elmo became interested in Elmo’s World again...

(leads to a montage of clips from post-season 47 Elmo’s World)

End of act 2.

minor muppetz

Well-Known Member
Jun 19, 2005
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Act 3

Abby: that was so magic learning about the Sesame Street before I got here.
Julia: yeah!
Telly: but there’s more from before Zoe got here.
Zoe: wait, really?
Elmo: yeah, Elmo and Telly have been living on Sesame Street a lot longer.
Zoe: don’t joke me!
Telly: it’s true...,.

Clip montage:
  • Elmo and Telly sing “Heavy and Light”
  • Kermit and Elmo show happy and sad
  • Ask Oscar: X
  • scenes from Telly’s cast storyarc
  • Elmo’s Song
  • Elmo and Whoopi Goldberg show fur, skin, and hair
  • Shapes in My Room

Telly: I loved the shapes in my room, but eventually I decided to settle on one favorite shape - the triangle!

clip montage:
  • Telly and John Goodman show their triangles
  • Three Sides Now
  • Telly becomes Grand High Triangle Lover for the day
  • James Blunt sings “My Triangle”

Telly: of course, one day I visited the Grand High Triangle Lover, and learned that there is more to life than just triangle...

(transitions to episode scene where Telly has dinner with the Grand High Triangle Lover)

Abby: that was so fascinating to hear about.
Julia: yeah.
(Big Bird enters)
Big Bird: Hey, what’s everybody going.
Julia: they’re talking. Yeah.
Abby: I was telling Julia about what Sesame Street has been like since I moved here...
Zoe: and I’ve been telling them about the street since I moved here...
Telly: and Elmo and I have been telling them about the street since we’ve moved here.
Elmo: yeah.
Big Bird: well, what about me? I’ve been living here the longest.

The Others: (all amazed) No!

end of act 3.

minor muppetz

Well-Known Member
Jun 19, 2005
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Act 4

Big Bird: it’s true. I have been here the longest.
(Ernie and Bert are listening in the background)
Ernie: gee, Bert, I thought we lived here the longest.
Bert: I can’t really remember.
(back to Big Bird)
Big Bird: we’ve had so many great visitors....

clip montage
  • Mr.Rogers helps Big Bird decide if he’s real or imaginary.
  • Mike Meyers, as Wayne, delivers something for Telly’s Town.
  • Telly and Itzak Perlman play music.
  • James Taylor and Oscar sing “That Grouchy Face”.
  • Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop sing “How Do You Do?”
  • Johnny Cash sings “You Don’t Bring Your Ones to Town”
  • Jamie Foxx meets Jamie Fox.
  • Adam Sandler sings “Song About Elmo”
  • Feist sings “1234”
  • C-3PO and R2D2 deliver a message to Oscar
  • Geri Jewel meets Big Bird
  • Buzz Aldren tells Cookie Monster that the moon is not a cookie
  • Thomas Rhett sings “This is My Street”.
Julia: Wow, so many visitors!
Big Bird: yeah. We have all kinds of people on the street....

clips(a quick clip montage, clips shown as Big Bird is heard listing off their friends).
[*]Ernie (Duckie)
[*]Bert (I’m Square)
[*]Cookie Monster (Cookie)
[*]The Count (Number of the Day: 3)
[*]Oscar (Bein Green)
[*]Rosita (No Matter What Your Language)
[*]Grover (Fuzzy and Blue)
[*]Guy Smiley (The Weather Game)
[*]Snuffy (Bubbleholic)
[*]Prairie Dawn (playing the piano in A Flower Grows)
[*]Baby Bear (one of the Hero Guy segments)[/list]
Big Bird:....and so many more. There’s also many we used to know more in the past who we don’t see as often anymore...

clip montage

  • (we hear as well as see parts of the clips)
  • Roosevelt Franklin’s Days of the Week
  • Biff and Sully get angry over being unable to go bowling
  • Mad with Little Jerry and the Monotones
  • Forgetful Jones: brushing teeth
  • Aristotle meets Oscar
  • Simon’s Song
  • Sam the Robot plays a sorting song with small machines
  • The Amazing Mumford’s empty and full trick
  • Placedo Flamingo sings “Peligro”
  • Just Happy to Be Me
  • Look What our Baby Can Do

Big Bird: and there’s a lot of adults living on the street...

clip montage:
  • Maria and Luis sing “Hola”
  • Gina sings “Near to You”
  • Gordon rides his bicycle
  • Willy and Mr. Macintosh cooperate
  • Bob sings “On the Indiana Farm Where I Was Born”
  • Susan sings “Swinging on a Star”
  • Gordon talks about rain
  • Bob finds Kermit the Hermit
  • Savion rhymes and dances
  • Luis looks for agua
  • Nina helps Snuffy find a dance to do
  • the cast finds rhymes for Mando
  • Hiroshi presents a trash art sculpture of Oscar
  • The Word is No

Big Bird: of course, there is one special adult who used to live here, Mr. Hooper, who ran Hooper’s Store.

clip montage:
  • Mr. Hooper has Cookie Monster make one plate of cookies look like the other
  • Big Bird rhymes Hooper
  • Mr. Hooper tells Big Bird about a weird ice cream Sunday Oscar ordered
  • Mr. Hooper subtracts chairs
  • Mr. Hooper gets his night school diploma
  • Mr. Hooper has Telly and Max play a “guess the number” game to decide which one will get to buy a set of jacks
  • Mr. Hooper lets director Richard Altman use the store as a filming location

Julia: Hooper! Hooper!
Big Bird: yeah, he’s always say that when I got his name wrong.
Rudy: what happened to him?
(Big Bird gives a sad look on his face before transitioning to the clip where Big Bird learns of his death)

(all of them are a bit sad now)

Abby: So did Alan own the store after that?
Big Bird: well, it was after, but not right after. First, the store went to his assistant, David...

clip montage:
  • David lets Aristotle make lunch
    Big Bird: Then the store went to Mr. Handford...
  • Mr. Handford tells Gina about his job history
    Big Bird: for some reason, I feel like he started looking different a year later...
  • Big Bird and Mr. Handford play dentist
    Big Bird: and then Alan bought the store.
  • The cast sings to Alan on his first day

end of act 4

minor muppetz

Well-Known Member
Jun 19, 2005
Reaction score
act 5.

more characters have shown up on the street - including Ernie, Bert, Grover, Herry, Two-Headed Monster, Biff, Sully, Rosita, Baby Bear, Murray, and Forgetful Jones.

Big Bird: We have a lot of adult friends, but what about all our kid friends?
All: yeah!

  • Grover and John-John Count one penny
  • Cookie Monster asks David to read a school sign
  • Ernie’s Show and Tell: Zachary’s trumpet
  • The Count asks a kid to count until The Count’s hair turns blue
  • Kermit and Joey sing the alphabet
  • Grover and Polly say the alphabet
  • Big Bird and Crystal show big and little
  • Ernie and Jason look at a mirror
  • Ernie, Bert, and Shola count fingers
  • Herry and Christopher play a same and different game
  • Kermit and Marlin
  • one of Murray Monster’s early appearances with a kid

Baby Bear: there are so many kids in our lives.
Big Bird: I remember when Gordon and Susan adopted Miles.

(transitions to clip of everybody meeting Miles)

Big Bird:...and when Luis and Maria has Gabbi.

(transitions to the cast meeting Gabi)

Big Bird: there was also the time I was jealous of Buffy’s kid, Cody.

(transitions to “Different People, Different Ways”, followed by clip of Buffy explaining breastfeeding to Big Bird)

Ernie: those are such great memories.
Bert: yes, they are.
Rosita: so much has happened on the street.
Big Bird: so much has also happened away from the street. We have gone on so many great trips.

(everyone talks in agreement)

clip montage:
  • scenes from the New Mexico arc - including Oscar in the oven
  • scenes from the Hawaii arc - including Mr. Hooper surfing, Big Bird and Snuffy finding Mt. Snuffleupagus, and some scenes with Buffy’s family
  • Bert and Ernie look at statues in Egypt
  • Bert and Ernie find Dr. Livingston in the jungle
  • Global Grover: Australia
  • scenes from the Puerto Rico arc
  • Video Postcard: fishing trip
  • Global Grover: France
  • Big Bird on the Great Wall of China (Big Bird in China)

Big Bird: of course, Sesame Street is a street where anything can happen.
(Ernie pulls off Bert’s nose and laughs, while Bert makes an annoyed face)

clip montage:
  • Oscar sings “I Love Trash” in a giant trash can
  • Mumford makes the street disappear
  • Telly and Leela help Jack grow a beanstalk
  • Oscar gets visited by Lothar the Grouch
  • nobody believes that Telly has seen a weird letter X
  • Alan sings “We Have Zero Bananas” to a zero

Big Bird: Anything can happen.... so you’ll be surprised to know that for a long time, everybody thought Mr. Snuffleupagus was my imaginary friend.
Oscar: (popping out of his trash can) I miss those days (chuckles).

Clip montage:
  • Big Bird meets Snuffy, followed by him telling the adults about him
  • Snuffy sings “Nobody” (the music continues as an underscore after the clip ends and the next clips are shown)
  • Big Bird tells the cast “anybody who can’t believe in a Snuffleupagus certainly can’t believe in an 8 foot 2 yellow bird”
  • Big Bird meets Snuffy’s mommy, who thought he was Snuffy’s imaginary friend
  • Bert tells Ernie that Snuffy is imaginary before seeing Snuffy himself
  • Luis, holding a stack of boxes that block his vision, bumps into Snuffy
  • Snuffy tries to talk to Mr. Hooper as he listens to headphones and reads a newspaper
  • Big Bird tells The Count he counted things relating to Snuffy, to which The Count says he has one wonderful imagination
  • Maria and Olivia discuss whether Snuffy dropped off a toaster before Big Bird picks it up for him
  • Snuffy, standing behind Linda, tries to talk to her
  • David hears Snuffy leave before getting out of a voting booth, and tells Big Bird that to vote, you have to be real
  • Big Bird gives a speech about knowing the difference between real and imaginary, leading Gordon, Maria, and Linda to start believing
  • the adults all finally see Snuffy

Elmo: Elmo remembers that. Elmo helped!
(Snuffy shows up behind everybody)
Big Bird: and Snuffy is here now!
(Everybody turns in directions other than where Snuffy is)
Big Bird: uh, he’s behind you all.
(They all turn and see Snuffy)
All: oh!
End of act 5

minor muppetz

Well-Known Member
Jun 19, 2005
Reaction score
Maybe I should have given this a better title. I had planned to have it be more about Julia learning about the shows past (which came from me wondering if the real 50th anniversary special would star Julia in a way - particularly since the special will air on PBS shortly after its HBO premier, and the last few seasons have had a Julia-focused episode premier on PBS simultaneously with its HBO airing as opposed to waiting nine months like all the other episodes).

But part of the problem can be that I’m not writing it elsewhere and then copying and pasting what I wrote onto here. I’ve thought up what I want in my head, but my writing this is all in the forum first. And part of the problem can be chalked up to the fact that Julia doesn’t talk in full sentences very often and I haven’t seen too many Julia episodes/scenes, and as more characters enter the linking footage, Julia gets less to do.

But as I keep having different characters talk about what Sesame Street had been like before the last character had moved, maybe i should have titles it “A Sort-of Backwards Look at the History of Sesame Street”. Actually, I thought I’d be done by now - my plan was for the final act or two to be Big Bird talking about the early days, which has been two acts now, and I still have a lot I want to include.

minor muppetz

Well-Known Member
Jun 19, 2005
Reaction score
Act 6

Big Bird: A lot has happened on Sesame Street.
Oscar: (annoyed) You said that already!
Big Bird: Oh. Well, a lot has....
(Oscar groans)

(transitions to clips, with Big Bird's voice over occasionally heard at the transitions/start of clips)
Clip Montage:

  • Big Bird: We've occasionally done shows...
  • scenes from Big Bird's Amateur Show (opening song)
  • scenes from Big Bird's Number Show (The Count scene and Bert scene)
    Ernie: Hey Bert, remember when we had that sing-along in the bathroom?
    Bert: Don't remind me.
  • Scenes from Bert and Ernie's bathroom sing-along (the cast shows up and sing "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt")
    Big Bird: Luis and Maria got married....
  • Luis and Maria's wedding
    Big Bird: The Count got a noble prize for counting, and we all dressed as the Count
  • The Count's noble prize - everyone says they are The Count
    Big Bird: There was also a hurricane on the street.
  • Kermit and Al Roker report on the hurricane.
    Big Bird: My nest got destroyed in the hurricane....
  • Quick clip of Big Bird finding his nest damaged
    Big Bird: But we eventually got it fixed.
  • Clip of the nest being completed

Julia: Wow.
Zoe: A lot of stuff has happened on the street.
Snuffy: It sure has.
Grover: And we all have our own memories.
All: Yeah.

Clip Montage:
  • Bert and Ernie: Jellybeans
  • Kermit and Grover: Earmuff salesman
  • Kermit and Cookie Monster: Mystery box
  • Alone in the Swamp with You
  • Bert and Ernie: Cookies in bed
  • Grover sings "Proud of Me"
  • Buster and Gladys sing "Different, Yet the Same"
  • Bellhop #8
  • Rainy Day Song
  • Harvey Kneeslapper tells people he's glad to Z them
  • Ruthie tries to sell Prairie Dawn Little Boy Blue's horn
  • REM sings "Furry Happy Monsters"
  • Bruno roller skates (Big Bird's Birthday)
  • Kermit the Frog: Smart Person - feelings
  • Buddy and Jim move an ironing board
  • Grover serves a burger
  • Super Grover: Computer
  • Roosevelt Franklin's class spells "poison"
  • Sherlock Hemlock solves the mystery of who owns the apple Ernie found
  • Teeny Little Superguy: Pets
  • Monster in the Mirror
  • Put Down the Duckie

Big Bird: There's a lot that we like.
Rosita: We like to recite the alphabet.

Clip Montage
  • Madrigal Alphabet - segment starts through D, then continues playing as brief clips of other letters are shown
  • E - sawing in the shape of an E
  • F - F cheerleaders
  • G - G candles
  • H, I, J - footage from Jazz Alphabet
  • K - Super K Cereal
  • L - Rebel L
  • M - never invite an M to dinner
  • N - scene from City Alphabet
  • O - everybody say O
  • P - Typewriter: P-pencil
  • Q - fish form the shape of a Q
  • R - R is for Roosevelt (episode 406 opening scene)
  • S - Typewriter: S-spring
  • T, U, V - another clip from Madrigal Alphabet
  • W - a W from the end of Wanda the Witch is drawn
  • X - X Marks the Spot
  • Y, Z - more footage from Madrigal Alphabet

The Count: Of course, we also like to count! One, two, three, four....
Bert: Uh, Count?
The Count: Yeah?
Bert: Let's just think about counting?
(The Count gives a disappointed look)

Clip Montage
  • 1 - Henson #1 opening
  • 2 - Two Toucan Two-Steps, Harvey Kneeslapper slaps a 2 on somebody
  • 3 - Elmo, Herry, and Prairie sing "Three", intercut with Jim Henson juggling three balls
  • 4 - Mad Painter paints a 4
  • 5 - Five People in My Family, intercut with scenes from Jazz #5
  • 6 - Bert sings "Six", intercut with a few clips from Pinball #6, Queen of Six, and African Masks #6
  • 7 - The Count counts flowers
  • 8 - jack-in-the-box number of the day #8 and parts of King of 8
  • 9 - The Count sings "Count Up to Nine", intercut with clips from Henson #9 (yes, the Rowlf scene), Martian Beauty, and Grover's number nine special of the day
  • 10 - The Ten Commandments of Health

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Jun 19, 2005
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Act 7

Big Bird: Of course, one thing we all like to do is sing.
Julia: Sing!
Elmo: Yeah!

Clip Montage:
  • Big Bird sings "Sing" (from the Hurricane episodes)
  • Maria and Luis sing "Hola"
  • C is for Cookie (original)
  • J Friends
  • ]This is My J
  • Street Garden Cooperation
  • Elmo's Ducks
  • Rubber Duckie (season two)
  • Pigeons and Cookies and Trash
  • Bein' Green (with Lena Horne)
  • Me Gotta Be Blue
  • Fuzzy and Blue (and Orange)
  • Red and Blue
  • I Love My Hair
  • Everybody's Song (original)
  • Imagination (season 30)
  • Two Princes
  • Don't Touch Me
  • The Alligator King
  • The National Association of W Lovers
  • Write It Down (vaudeville)
  • I'm Your Friend
  • What's It Like to Be in School?
  • Drive, Drive, Drive Your Car
  • This Frog
  • Believe in Yourself (with N*Sync)
  • Broccoli Song
  • Belly Breathe
  • Try a Little Kindness
  • Song About Songs
  • So Much Alike

Big Bird: And now, let's sing!

The whole cast sings Sing.

The End.


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Feb 18, 2006
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Great frame story (I especially love the way you recap the show's history in reverse chronological order, and try your hardest to include every recurring character). Even the geography of the set felt like a character in its own right. My only serious complaint is that you crammed in so many glimpses of clips that no one moment has a chance to sink in. Fifty years' run is a huge amount of footage, true enough; but I'd trim out maybe a third of each memory montage to tighten up the pacimg without ignoring the biggest moments on the show.